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Found 9 results

  1. Hello! Apologies for the long message! We are super keen on taking in a second greyhound full time, and decided on a stint of fostering so we could decide if it was the right thing for us and our 7 yr old greyhound boy. We've had him almost 5 years - he's a nervous chap and when I bought him home he was terrified of everything. He didn't understand affection, was petrified of stairs, of walks, aeroplanes etc. Just about everything you could imagine! Our challenge with him was to build his confidence and make sure he felt safe. He's now a very happy lad but very def
  2. I'm hoping to hear from some owners who've managed/treated/"beat" separation anxiety and can give us some perspective. I've read a lot about it, but have not really had first hand experience until this foster dog. I'd like to get my head wrapped around it a bit better, so we can do a better job at letting our adoption group and potential adopters know what this pup will likely need. We've had this 5yo hound for about a month now, he was surrendered by his owner (she'd had him for about a year) because he had developed separation anxiety - which manifested as howling/crying and chewing the
  3. We just picked up a returned 3yo girl to foster and I was wondering if people had some 'best practice' tips for having a foster/new hound with your perma-hound (ours is a 4yo boy). We've fostered before but it was before we had our guy. Neither can be crated - she pees blood it's so stressful and we just never did with him - and our house is too open concept for separation with gates. Since this is day 1 we have them both muzzled but hanging out together with limited freedom in the house and I can keep an eye/ear on them with a nanny cam while I'm at work. Does that seem like a good id
  4. Hi all, We just got our new foster last week and he's a little sweetheart. The biggest difficulty we have is he gets either very scared, distracted, or overwhelmed by traffic and freezes. He's totally fine while walking in the woods. Its just the traffic that gets him. He's not treat oriented at all so I can't get him moving with a treat. Most of the time I'll stop and he'll move on his own in a minute or two. A few times we've been frozen while crossing a street and I've had to pull him more than I'd like to get out of the traffic? Any thoughts or recommendations. We live in a busy area so I
  5. We just got Comet last week. He was a hemopet in Texas. comet (1 of 1) by Dom, on Flickr comet (2 of 3) by Dom, on Flickr comet (1 of 3) by Dom, on Flickr
  6. Hello all, New poster here! Also I am about to be a new greyhound dad. So I am adopting a greyhound that I've been told is NOT an ex-racer...I was a bit perplexed as to his history because if he didn't come from the track who is breeding Greyhounds? Again, I don't know very much of him, they said he was a pet but then got to a kill shelter in Kentucky and now is in Indiana and I stumbled upon him... They want me to take him ASAP, and that is this Sunday. He is a senior and will be 9 in January - I don't mean to be weird...but is this too old? I mean will he die in my care within
  7. First off just wanted to say hi as this is my first posting. My wife and I got our first greyhound 2 weeks ago. She also our first foster. For the first few weeks I just let her get use to the house and our rules, stuff like I go through doors first, this is the other dogs bed, ect..She's very polite so there wasn't much correction needed. last week I started some basic training. I began with sit...just wasn't happening. I used the treat over her head method and she refused to sit. I read that sitting is not a natural position for greys so I tried down instead. That works better and we a
  8. Hi folks - I'm in the process of creating a guidance document for our foster families that have agreed to take on puppies! Does anyone have this already in their files? Would you be willing to share so I don't have to completely reinvent the wheel? Thanks in advance, leigh
  9. We picked up our foster boy, Ryan, this past Friday. He is a super handsome boy! He has amazing ears and lovely brindle patterns. He is a bit of a shy boy right now who loves his kennel and hoarding stuffies in there with him. I think it will take time for him to come out of his shell and when he does he is going to be an amazing companion. He has such a sweet and calm personality. Here he is!
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