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Found 24 results

  1. I'll figure out how to add recent pictures to my gallery later but didn't want to miss my girl's birthday - she's 14!! Happy happy birthday pretty girl. A couple of weeks ago, I was sure we wouldn't get here and now you're doing just fine. Currently snoozing on the sofa, life is good. Beautiful... Costume contest - patient girl! On our Manhattan rooftop, not long after adoption. Fun in a field Yes, she rode in NYC taxis, when we could get them to take us (we tipped generously).
  2. I'm not sure how it happened, since I'm pretty sure she just turned 5 last year, but Sweep is 9 years old today. She celebrated by being uncooperative for her birthday photo shoot, but we managed a couple pics. Let's hope she finds that missing ear today. Happy birthday, Silly Sweep, we love you!
  3. As many of you know, Allie recently was co-adopted by us, 3DogNite, and Nevada's Mom, (Thread here if you haven't seen it.) Allie turned 13 today. She doesn't seem too concerned. Presents and more pics tomorrow! Happy Birthday, feisty girl. You are keeping us all on our toes. UPDATE - PARTY PICS! Snickers Rocket Left to right - Trolley, Allie, Snickers, Rocket
  4. Happy Birthday to my boy who turns 11 today! Hard to believe he's been with us now for almost 8 years (gotcha day next month.) We took a long walk this morning. Temps were in the mid-60's with a warm wind blowing. He fooled me and kept walking at the point where he usually turns around to head home, so we took about an hour to take a 20 minute walk, Some pics from this morning: "And the bartender says to the greyhound, Why the long face? Ha Ha Ha!" The grassy area near the house was tall and especially sniffable today. We may wait until tomorrow to go for Birthday Fries since he has a few other treats here. He also has a box from Lexie which we will open in a little while and will post those pics later. Happy Birthday to my buddy, my sidekick, my shadow !
  5. My handsome old guy is 14 years old today, he says, " Pfhtttbbbt, age is just a number and I'm young at heart!"
  6. So today mark the 1 year anniversary of meeting Jack! It was a cold December day, we got a call the week before that the houndies had arrived and that they would be available soon. As soon as we could, we drove the 4 hours that separated us from our new houndie! We already had our favorite, my husband liked a cow-doggie brindle while I liked the cow-doggie. As soon as we got to the kennel, they let the cow-doggie out and he immediately leaned on me. My husband was the next. Then he proceeded to zoomies and a poop. He had chosen us Of course we didn't know yet if HE was the one for us, so we decided to put him back in his crate and look at other houndies. Boy that was an error! He barked barked barked and howled until we let him out again! That poor thing just didn't want to pass on his chance to get home with us! Because he wanted us so much, we decided to let him out of the crate, where he proceeded to some more leans. And we adopted him. His racing name was Check my Spots, his name was Cap'n Jack. Perfect! I had always wanted an animal named Jack! We were expecting to only CHOOSE our hound, but Jack was already neutered, so we could leave with him already. Boy weren't we ready! We only had one dog bed and a crate! (Who has only one dog bed really?) The heater of the car broke down so we drove the 4 hours back home with only blankets and our warm hearts! And thus started our journey into greyhound ownership. Little did we know that we had step right into a cult In one year so much has happened! We got through his SA, he learned many many tricks, he got us wrapped around his paw, whether it is to go for a walk or have a cookie. He is the sweetest, funniest, quirkiest and most patient friend. He is always there, always following me around like a little shadow. I would not exchange this fellow for the world! It was tough at first, not really knowing what we were getting into, but I am glad we went through this together and would do it again He likes to follow us in all our activities and will NEVER rest somewhere hard, thus he has gotten the habit of taking me as a nice sitting spot when a bed isn't available! Also since his birthday is on the 29th, I figure I might as well celebrate it at the same time! He will be turning 4, but he is so well-mannered, you would think he was turning 7! See how much white around his face he got in only 1 year? 1 year ago Today Happy gotcha day and happy birthday to my best friend! You will have broccolili on your kibble today! (his favorite treat!)
  7. My angel Misty turned 14 today - despite arthritis, nerve degeneration, kidney problems and others, she has battled on in her usual stubborn way. I don't think I ever thought she would get this old, she never stops impressing me! I won't go into depressing detail but her health has taken a turn for the worse recently and at 1am today we had to take her to emergency vets as it looks like she's now got a heart problem on top of everything else. It may well be very soon that we have to make a decision about whether she really has quality of life. But - today it's time to be grateful and be positive - my beautiful angel has been celebrating with loads of 'junk food' and a little sunbathe in the garden. Any birthday is to be celebrated especially when one gets into old age Here she is at her 'pre' birthday party on Friday with her new friend (not our dog) Ollie who is 9 months old (she thought he was pesky!): Here she is with me today (Billy photobombing in the background): And here she is just being her beautiful self: Happy birthday my baby girl!xx
  8. Jack, the smartest dog I have ever owned*, turns 7 today. He had a rough start in life with abusive handlers, but is now enjoying his new start as being 1) a working dog/medical alert dog, and 2) absolutely spoiled rotten. The second one, as I have informed the vet, is his beauty secret, since he looks pretty darn good for his age! Happy birthday, you clever, silly, ridiculously empathetic creature. *Who am I kidding, I'm his pet human.
  9. Today is our wonderful black Greyhound, Master’s 11th Birthday. He came to us as a multiple bounce at age 6, at first as a foster, but it was soon apparent that this gentleman of a hound was now in his forever home. It took him about 8 months to realize this, and when he did, his mood, which I’ve described as ‘sombre’ changed to what it is today- a happy, gentlemanly, lovable hound. Once this happened he passed his testing and became a Pet Therapy dog, coming with me to the Children’s Hospital here to visit the sick kids. In the last half year Master has physically slowed down a bit, so I’ve retired him from Pet Therapy. Happy 11th Birthday dear Master! We love you to bits. Mama, Daddiman and your brothers and sister. ~~ Just arrived, with his tripod 'brother' Jamey Age 8 Age 9.5 Age 10.5
  10. Hai everyone! Echo here, I just wanted to let all my friends know it's my birthday! I turned 6 today and rumor around the house is there is a cheezburger in my future!
  11. Today is Biggie's second birthday and the BF and I decided to splurge and order a nice bolster bed for him. He'd previously commandeered the bolster bed of a tiny little lap dog and loved it- so we figured a normal sized one would be the perfect present . We measured his current beds and based our order of a "large bed" on those numbers. We even sprung to get his name monogrammed on it! Lo and behold - the bed arrives yesterday and we completely didn't factor in the bolsters taking up actual "bed space" in the measurements So he's got less bed space and more bolster - it doesn't look comfy to me. The kicker is that since his name is monogrammed on the bed we can't return it Spending around $100 on a dog bed was a big budget splurge for us - I can't spend more for a while. I know greyhounds are famous for curling up in little spaces - but I feel a little bad "forcing" him to curl up. He's sort of gotten used to laying in it today - this seems to be his main pose.....
  12. Today, my boy Jack turns six. I adopted him just over two years ago from Greyhound Rescue Fife. Jack had raced in Ireland, and was sold to some Scottish scumbag who then handed him over to the greyhound rescue when he was done using Jack for whatever sketchy activities. He was skinny and hairless and scarred. Because of his background, Jack was very shy and phobic about everything (picking up a stick or sticklike object would send him scampering off in terror). He had been cautiously cordial to the lovely people at GRF, but when he saw me, he went into full on happy wriggle dance mode-- I was going to be his human, no if's, and's or but's. Jack has not only managed to get past his intense fears, but become a very friendly dog. He now volunteers with Pets as Therapy. Also, he now acts as though he's never known hardship-- the other day he had a whiny strop because both his humans had their hands full, which meant he had to scratch his own back itch rather than have one of his servants get it with a brush But I figure he deserves it. Happy 6th Birthday Mr. Jack!
  13. Today is my special wizard's 9th birthday! I can't believe it! I adopted him when he was 2... how far we've come together, sweetie. Those of you who know Merlin and have shared some of the worry and stress I've experienced over his numerous medical problems won't be surprised to know that the wizard is till goofy, opinionated and the hands-down the most impertinent dog I have ever met Despite having been slowed down by his arthritis, despite being plagued by his IBD, and despite the fact that he has suffered three seizures, his spirit remains indomitable - as is fitting for a wizard of his stature, of course These days his favorite pastime is sleeping. He could sleep virtually 95% of the time and he'd be happy. His all-time favorite thing to do is nap in the sun and today we are going to break all the strict diet rules and give him some peanut butter spread over ice, which he absolutely adores (both the ice and the peanut butter). The one thing that seems to have changed more than any other over the years - in addition to his beautiful white face, of course - is his affection for his brother Sagan. He loves to be around him these days. He is always cuddling with him, makes a huge fuss and statues if DH is walking him and I go elsewhere with Sagan (Sagan is younger and in better health and needs longer walks); and when Sagan had a dental last week, we were so touched to watch him greet his brother at the door. Merlin was beside himself with joy at the sight of him. Who would have thought that he would have become so fond of the brother he used to view with a certain disdain Happy Birthday my sweet Merlin! I love you so much!
  14. Happy Twelfth Birthday, Doc! Your back may not be what it once was, but you don't let that stop you enjoying life - long may that continue! Looking for squirrels this morning in the park: Relaxing in the garden after our walk: Closeup of my handsome birthday boy:
  15. Today it is 2 years ago that an abandoned highly pregnant galga found shelter in a sewer pipe. A few days later the volunteers from BaasGalgo rescued her and her puppies. One of these puppies made a long journey, from Spain, to the Netherlands where he was fostered once he was old enough and on the day he turned 12 weeks, he came into our home. We love our crazy boy, he keeps us on our toes and is a wonderful ambassador for the galgos through his pictures and a perfect example of how silly and active they can be. Let me take you through the first 2 years of his life… With mama Noe (Lehto is the darkest in the litter Ready for his trip to the Netherlands In his foster home My friend Henny who flew him to the US on the day he was 12 weeks old In the car on our way home Meeting the rest. More after someone posts.
  16. Jack (Mellison Impact) is 5 today! This is apparently how he feels about it I got him right before his 4th birthday, and he was a mess (he was born and raced in Ireland, where greyhounds are exempt from animal welfare laws). He'd been sold to some sketchy person in Scotland to do some sketchy non-racing activities, and then was handed off to the rescue all skinny and hairless. The greyhound rescue folks were lovely with him, but I was just cordial and cooperative with them. Then he saw me, and decided I was going to be his person-- he just mashed himself into my legs, and I couldn't say no. For the first couple months, he was phobic about everything that wasn't me or my flat. It took a LOT of work (I actually showed him things on the TV, particularly Dr. House, since that addressed his biggest fear, which was loud men with sticks/brooms/shovels). We're still working on his last fear (men carrying umbrellas) but other than that we've come a long way, and I can confidently say he's a very happy hound.
  17. If you spend much time in H&M, you might know my Kebo. This month is a big month for our sweet boy. February 4 is his 7th gotcha day - hip hip hooray! He has moved with us three times, been through two cancers (fibrosarcoma and hemangioperiocytoma), and has added one brother (Lucas) since then. February 5 he gets bloodwork and chest x-rays in preparation for his upcoming dental. Prayers for good values and no mets please. February 11 is his 11th birthday! Yes, there will be cake February 20 he has a trip to the veterinary dentist to have his lower canines removed. We will miss his "tusks" but they hurt and he isn't eating well so it is time for them to go. I'm worried about anesthesia this time because the last time he had anesthesia he had some bradycardia (slow heart beat) which he hasn't had before. It is an experienced dentist who is familiar with greyhounds but I worry just the same. So many of you have kept him in your prayers before that I hate to ask again but if you can spare a good word or some white light it would be gratefully appreciated.
  18. Magic is 12 today. He is my best buddy. We've been through a lot in the 7 1/2 years we've been together. I love him as much now as the day we were brought together. Here's a picture I took of him last night. Happy 12th Birthday Baby Boy. I love you.
  19. Sir Elton, born 12/2/1998, celebrated his 14th birthday with his Greyhound buddies and their peeps this morning. Here are some of the photos from his special birthday party his hu-mom and dad hosted... Sir Elton is third from the right. Others pictured, from left: Shadow, Ricky (obscured), Abby, Heisman, Gus, Sir Elton, Alex and Mindy. All the doggies enjoyed their ice cream and cookies. Here, Alex was inhaling his! Gus, resting after eating ice cream and cookies. Sir Elton's adopted sis, Mindy, also needed a rest after her ice cream treat. Alex was still ready to party, er well, as long as it involved another bowl of ice cream! Sir Elton says "Thanks for celebrating my special day! I'm ready for my nap now." (One day, I'll learn to reduce the size of the pics on Photobucket! Sorry they are so big!)
  20. 11 years ago, my goofy boy came into this world. 2-ish years later, he came home to me. Fast forward to today, and my "old" man constantly proves that you're only as young as you feel, and most days, he seems to "feel" about 5! Just last weekend, he tore up the field doing zoomies. All the people in the area stopped to watch him and comment on his beauty. He blew them away.... and the joy on his face was priceless. Tonight he got a special birthday treat. Tomorrow we will go out together, maybe to the store for a present and more cookies. Robin, you are my best friend, and I hope to have many more birthdays with you! Pictures to follow........
  21. Happy birthday little girl the sun was out, just for you! Birthday girl by Peet64, on Flickr Birthday girl by Peet64, on Flickr
  22. Oh Em Gee! It's ma burfdey!! I yam dubble digits today. I only no dis onaccounta MA FRIENDS habs sent me prezzies. KNOT ma hooman. No. Did she get me ennything? No! Butt boy HOWDY whot a haul from ma friends! Juss look! (Juss ignore dat piddle pad on da floor--I keep dat der cause Chikken Arms is KNOT getting enny yunger and it is frustamating cleening da caaaaaapet wiffout thumbs iffen she habs an accident). These are from ma friend Riley (da chikken stuffie) and Molleigh (da chooey bones) and everything else is from pretty Daphne! Does dat mean she is sweet on me???? Here I am deciding witch thing I want to have for ma after brekkie burfdey treet And the chooey bones won out!! And juss for fun, Chikken Arms thot it wood be, and I kwote, kewt, to do THIS to me! Et tu, Chikken Arms? All yur fansy tawk about not putting party hats on houndies and embarassing them. And yu do THIS to me? Somebuddy halp me! Happy burfdey to ma brudders and sissies, if enny of yu are reading this from litter #15005. Ah no dat won of my 9 littermates (ten of us total) habs gone to hebben, butt I do KNOT no ennything about the rest. Miss yu guys! Happy burfdey to me!!! George
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