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  1. Excellent post, I feel sorry for both parties, no dogs should be condemned here! Dogs are just that Dogs, I think sometimes we forget that... Welcome to GT by the way
  2. Im so sorry this happened How horrible. Sending prayers
  3. Pat I am so sorry for your loss
  4. Its too tall, it needs to be 150 or less in height and it's currently 188
  5. You may want to send Dana this link, she will be leaving out of town soon and may not see this until shes back
  6. Wendy I have absolutely no words.... Im so so sorry. You know if you need anything just let me know.... My thoughts are with you and Kevin
  7. Id call your vet and tell them the issue has not been resolved... You can also try giving her some Live culture acidophilous
  8. Rapid weight loss is definitely a sign of something very serious. Please get her to an E-Vet or call your vet and tell them this is an emergency and she can't wait, often times they will squeeze you in
  9. That is a good sign! Prayers Wally feels better in the AM Poor guy
  10. Im so sorry Jennifer Run Free Scooter
  11. Im so sorry Mary.... That was just beautiful, Im sitting here crying with you.... Run Free Freddie
  12. Jennifer Im so sorry to hear this, if theres anything I can do let me know
  13. StridersSis

    My Quinnie

    Im so sorry for your loss
  14. Patti I will keep you all in my prayers
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