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    I'm so sorry for your loss :
  2. Wendy- I am so very sorry.
  3. Lizzie had something similar years ago (maybe 5+ years ago) and we finally did the ultrasound and the found that she had Kidney Disease. This was many years ago and she is doing fine and is currently hogging my couch. It is treated with a Rx diet. Might be worth a shot if they vet is out of ideas. Hope he's feeling better soon.
  4. Kari, I am so sorry You did not fail her. You loved her. I know you must be so broken. Run Free sweet Hana
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    I'm so sorry Trudy. I feel like I knew him. Sending comforting thoughts.
  6. I don't know how to write another one of these.... I was just here two months ago writing about BeBe. We lost Dallas in an unexpected fashion last night. He broke his back Right Femur and the diagnosis was probable Osteosarcoma. He slipped right in front of me, he got excited when I asked him to go for a walk and then the blood curling scream. It's still haunting me. I got him stabilized and to the E-vet. He wasn't in pain on the way there, thank god. We finally got into a room and my parents were there with me, my mom was holding his face and he kept looking for me, as soon as he saw me he s
  7. Thank You all from the bottom of my heart.... Dallas keeps walking around the house crying, begging to go outside because we think he thinks shes out there or that we left her outside.... How can we help him?
  8. BeBe was one of those special dogs.... She was one of the ones you only manage to find once in a lifetime if you're lucky, and she almost wasn't ours. BeBe had been on hold down at the kennel for a few months when we absolutely fell in love, it was hard to stop yourself from falling in love with this dog. It was Christmas time 2008 and we told our adoption rep what we wanted for Christmas, and then we found out she was on someone else's Christmas list. However, she had already been on hold for them and they hadn't taken her home yet, they got one option, take her or she's going to one of the
  9. Lucy, I'm so very sorry for you loss... You know I'm here for you if you need anything
  10. Wow I'll be checking this out for Lizzie.... Poor thing has them in two paws!
  11. I'm sorry for your loss
  12. sending prayers! Hopefully something minor you can fix in no time
  13. Thank You all for your support. I know this is the right decision for BeBe, if it were for me, she'd have all the surgeries in the world, but she's not designed for that. Shes a needy one, that constantly wants to be with mommy or see what this person is doing. It's amazing how the other dogs know something isn't right. Lizzie stands to BeBe's left, seemingly "on guard" so that nothing happens... Amazing. Here is BeBe's picture of the day today... On guard, in her chair that faces straight out the front window, so she can "scare" the people away from "our" house that are working across the
  14. How soon did they move you to 3x a day? BeBe is 2x a day right now and I just want to make sure she's comfy.... Sorry for the thread hiijack
  15. My vet just put BeBe on it for Osteo pain management and did tell me that sometimes large dogs don't handle it as well for some reason and told us we could go down to half a pill. Maybe ask your vet if this is an option?
  16. Thanks to all of you for your thoughts, prayers and hugs.... Unfortunately, Dr. Marin with OSU emailed me today confirming that there is definitely a malignant tumor. She sent articles and information that helped affirm my decision to keep BeBe comfortable for however long it is until her quality of life and happiness decline to a level I call suffering. She is so young and such a happy dog, I just want to scream why her, but that won't solve anything. If any of you disagree with my decision, so be it, but here is not the place to voice that opinion, all I would like here are positive thoug
  17. Dana- She started limping about 1.5-2 weeks ago, and we thought she just injured herself in the yard. Now she's full fledged hopping around on 3 legs Shes 4 turning 5 in 2 weeks....
  18. Here are the xrays, its in the L. Look at the lower bone of the knee, Here are the R and L leg images so you guys can see...
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    From the album: Xrays

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