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  1. Wow 20! What a wonderful life she lived, my heart goes out to her family and to all those she made an impact on. I was not lucky enough to meet her but I can imagine how inspiring she must have been. GodSpeed sweet babe
  2. Yes I did! they emailed me when it was ready! It does take quite a while
  3. Im sorry to hear this white light and prayers to his family God Speed Dublin
  4. Thank you for sharing your memories. Ivey reminds me so much about my Winnie. Winnie had the same story. Same ending, her heart. When people asked me what happened I told them she gave me her whole heart, and left nothing for herself. She was selfless. We tried and fought for her too. Sometimes the final gift is the best gift you can give. Im sure Winnie will comfort her as they wait for us. No one but us... God Bless you in this hard time, but you will get through it and don't stand by her grave and cry, shes not there shes with you...
  5. Yesterday while waking up from her spay, Silk was taken away from us, she is our first dog to ever die making it all the more difficult as our group is only 2 years old. When I walked into work (at the vets) one of the guys I work with sat me down and told me. The vets fought for her life for 30 minutes longer than they'd ever fought before, but she wouldn't come back. The tech she died on had never had a dog die in 11 and a half years under his watch and he feels terrible, I told him god had other plans, but he said she never had a chance to feel love.So while we all mourn our loss, especially the vet on call, who was so very upset and still is, can you say a little prayer for Silk, just so she can feel the compassion of a human soul, as she waits for her rescuer at the bridge. Run free sweet babe, Run free...
  6. Im sorry to hear that, and Im glad someone was there to help him on his final journey home... He will always remember you as you will remember him
  7. Im so sorry Becka. God Speed Spade Winnie will guide you and play with you until your heart is content. She'll be a mommy to you while you look down and protect yours. Tell My "POOH" bear I say hi and mommy loves her. Run free
  8. Im sorry to hear this. Hugs from me Strider and Dallas
  9. Nan I am sorry to hear of your loss. God speed Bo, run sweet babe until your heart is content
  10. Im sorry to hear about your loss. Your new angel will guide and tell you when it's time. Although a new grey or any animal will never take her place they can help heal that hole in your heart and when Lovey feels your ready there will be the perfect grey sitting there waiting for a mommy. Take it day by day and remember it's ok to cry.
  11. StridersSis


    Wow 16! God Bless you Victor! Say hi to my kids for me Rocky, Smokey,Lucky, and Winnie... Please look after all the young ones whose lives are taken before they have the chance to open their hearts to a human, tell them they can always run to me when I cross. Run free Victor
  12. StridersSis


    Im so sorry for your loss. Hugs Kim Strider and Dallas
  13. Remind yourself and your husband that time heals all wounds, When Dusty feels your ready he will send another grey your way to help with that healing process. Winnie sent me Dallas and although he will never replace her he helps everyday Im starting to be able to see her and smile. A recommendation to you would be some volunteer work. If I hadn't volunteered I would have never met Dallas. So maybe you can contact a local rescue and volunteer and only if its just sitting in a cage working with a dog it would be very theraputic for both you and the dog. That might be the best step for you and your husband it will allow him to open his heart up a little and see there are more greys out there looking for forever homes and when it comes time the right one will be there.
  14. StridersSis

    Clay Paw

    Thats a beautiful tribute to Roo. Now you can see Roo and remember him. It will get better just hang in there
  15. Im so sorry for your loss. Sometimes when you love someone you have to let them go, time will heal your heart and Belle is looking down at you smiling, happy, and free of pain
  16. My sympathies to you and your family. Im sure she understands and thanks you for your final gift. Dove is running and playing at the bridge with Winnie and all the others who have passed before waiting for their owners to come for them. Think of the happy times and remember her as she would want to be remembered.
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    Sorry to hear this. Run free Roo...
  18. Even though it is hard to cope with a loss sometimes you need to sit down and think of happy times. Birthdays, gotcha days and so on. It truely does help. After I lost Winnie I thought the world was going to end. She helped me through so much she was me and I was her we were inseperable when I wasn't at school or work. One day my mom came home the same time I did and told me there was bad news. Winnie had been put to sleep that day. She had a stroke and my mom rushed home and then the vet where they said there was no time for me to come it needed to be done. SO there I was standing at the door to a house where my heart and soul was no more. I walked in and there was a silence. I heard Strider jingle but that was it. I cried, hey I still cry but in those times I think of the time we had and how happy we were and it fills some of those spots, you know the guilt of not saying goodbye...Someday I'll be able to think of her and smile not cry because shes alive. I read a book that said No one truely stops living so no one should cry at the funeral. Everyone lives on in the past, present , and future. The past is a time that can not be erased so in the past they are immortal. So they wait, at the bridge waiting to see your face to dry your tears, so their hearts will be whole again too. Dallas came into my life and he's my new boy. I love him. He will never replace her but he will mend the broken pieces of my heart. It will be ok...
  19. It was the first Christmas with out Winnie this year and my first with Dallas. I want her to know she'll never be replaced and will always have that special spot in my heart for her she wasn't my first grey but she's the first one at the rainbow bridge. I miss you pooh bear all my volunteer work is for you sweetie no matter how many I save my heart still aches for you.Though you have sent Dallas my way to help me it will be a long time until I can think of you without crying. Every stormy night I think of how scared you were and hope someone is there to calm you the way I did. I miss you and I always will. Until the day we meet again I love you forever... To Rocky buddy I miss you silly little antics and the way you always cleaned the floor who needed a vaccumm cleaner! Everytime I see a beagle I think of you. Your bear is still here and Dallas loves it!!!! And my kittys I miss you too.
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