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  1. Oh no : Im so sorry, if there is ANYTHING I can do please PM me
  2. How are you today? I know its hard
  3. StridersSis


    Tania Im so sorry I remember being there the day you adopted her! I was the one who told you if you looked at her she'd be yours... and she was She was an extrodinary soul and had such an impact on the lives of those who met her. She was loved by many.... Our angels are together now Tania I didn't know if you had these so I revived the old Mac and got them off of there for you.... If you need anything Tania call me. Ill be home for a few more weeks. I know how bad it hurts. You're in my prayers
  4. Oh Man Angel Sophia say hi to your boyfriend for me... Did you two get married yet?? Everyone misses you two. Please watch over your whole family Sophia and send them pretty rainbows, it gives them much comfort... I know how bad it hurts Patty
  5. Shows you how much attention I pay to the front page
  6. StridersSis


    Oh Tania Im so sorry.... I remember when you first met Onyx... I told you that you wouldn't leave without her... and you didn't. She was such a sweet girl and she will certainly be misssed. The FOG family is definately in mourning... If you need ANYTHING call me or email me Run Free Sweet Girl, Play with Strider for me until we all meet again...
  7. Theres a Posted by Jeff - 08-19-03 21:36 - 0 comments on the front page
  8. Yahooooooooooooooooooooooooo Thanks Jeff
  9. Oh man Im so sorry for your loss... Batman run free sweet baby :
  10. StridersSis


    Oh no Im so sorry
  11. Oh Man Sullivan you fought a good fight.... Rest peacefully free of pain... Send your family a rainbow. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you
  12. Happy Gotcha Day Girlfriend... Strider better have thrown you a big party!! If not you let mommy know, and Ill have a talk with that boyfriend of yours
  13. Wow... Your story was very touching, and your destiny was to be together... Try to think of all the happy times and smile. Im so VERY sorry for your loss and we know and understand how you feel... If you need anything feel free to PM me. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Ill be sending my angels to show him the way....
  14. Im So sorry... My thoughts and prayers are with you and your whole family :grouphug :grouphug
  15. StridersSis

    Sad News

    OMG I dont even know what to say.... Her family will be in my thoughts and prayers
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