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  1. I couldnt even get passed dear diary without losing it... Im so sorry Mare, You are in my thoughts Oscar, say hi to my boys for me and Winnie too... Remember to send mom a sunbeam once and a while ok?
  2. StridersSis


    Oh my god Im so sorry Oscar You will be greatly missed
  3. Im so sorry... My heart goes out to you
  4. I also missed the begining, but Im glad to read the good news!!!!
  5. Just saw this.... Sending prayers and positive thoughts
  6. I dont even know what to say... Im so sorry
  7. Wendy I dont even know what to say... Im off all weekend if you need ANYTHING let me know :grouphug Im so sorry Im honored to have met him, if only for a short while, my prayers to you and Kevin
  8. Im so sorry :grouphug
  9. Im so sorry You could always do something like "In Sky I found Heaven" Kinda has a two way meaning.... My thoughts are with you
  10. I know how you feel... Tex was gorgeous...
  11. And it hurts just like it was yesterday... I miss you Big Man and I think about you everyday... I love you Bubba :weep My boy with Dallas Oh the humility My silly man The way you'd usually find him Only toy he'd ever play with Smile His Famous GT siggy picture I miss you so much baby boy
  12. Jeff I sent one but didnt see where to add my user name, then I saw on my receipt it was already there... Hopefully you know who its from
  13. StridersSis


    I just saw this... I am so sorry :grouphug
  14. Im so sorry for your families loss. Ceaser seemed very special. How wonderful of the wait staff at that restraunt to do that for you. Ceasar definiately sent James to you
  15. Heather and Ken I dont even know what to say.... Im so sorry Run Free Erin
  16. Wow... I have no words. I saw bob and Marilyn at a greyhound event in Tampa not long ago... Heaven has a very special angel tonight.... My prayers for the whole GAF family
  17. Dana I can't believe its been a year either
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