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  1. Oh Diane Im so sorry Run with the Wind Rob Roy
  2. Im so sorry for your loss :grouphug
  3. Im so sorry Run Pain Free Billy
  4. StridersSis


    Jenn Im so very sorry for your loss. Tigger was a very special boy My thoughts and prayers are with you :grouphug
  5. StridersSis

    Ec Lori Ann

    Oh no DeVon I am so sorry
  6. That was beautiful... My thoughts are with you, Im sorry for your loss
  7. Not only is he gorgeous.... He's a Scorpio like me
  8. StridersSis


    I dont know how I missed this 3 years ago but I am so sorry Diane. Think of all the lives you've saved.... Eliza has forgiven you 100 times over dont you worry... Well Im sure she'd like some Burpdogs in heaven Her legacy lives on in every life you save and every person who reads this
  9. Edit your post before you cant so she doesnt know who you are and Ill work on it!
  10. Well that stinks! I hope those people get their packages very soon!
  11. I am so sorry :grouphug Run Free Duke
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