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    Im so sorry... My thoughts and prayers are with you
  2. I think he means if you have a problem with the boards policy dont ask the mods ask him... Like for example posting an AR PR thread that gets locked... You can ask the mod why it was locked they'll answer. If you have a problem with not being able to post a AR PR post, then you need to talk to him... I think I got that right
  3. What a beautiful legacy
  4. Jeff I take it you guys werent one of the Lotto winners? Thanks for working on your vacation
  5. Dallas and Lizzie get baths every 3 weeks or sooner if they smell, are oily, or are just plain dirty
  6. Jenn I gave a small donation this morning too, I think Jeff and Trudy are out and about today... Give them time dear PS jeff Ill give more when finances allow
  7. Hey bubba boy... You've been playing at the bridge for a year today but it feels like yesterday you were taken from me... Im happy to know your body is rid of that evil cancer that consumed you and made you hurt. I hope that Winnie and Rocky found you and that you guys are having fun together again. I know you've been watching over me, Theres no other logical explanation to why I wasn't hurt in that accident, I guess I owe you again How many is that now? My heart hurts so much still, you have no idea... I still break down and cry a lot, you were part of my heart, and its still trying to heal. Thankyou for sending Miss Lizzie to us, shes a good girl most of the time, I think you've showed her a few things, Mr Angel with your halo tipped slightly to the side. I wish this pain would go away. Everytime I think of you I have to fight back the tears. I miss you so much there aren't enough words to say that will tell you how much. Sometimes my eyes fool me when Im home, I think I see you on the couch, but your not there anymore, and it hurts so bad. You must be a very special angel because today is Easter. That makes it so much harder. I hope we can find a cure for the disease that took you from me... Its so not fair. So many innocent babies like you get taken away. Please come back and visit from time to time,and keep Mom and Dad company for me. I know grandma misses you a lot too. I know you always hated when I cried, but the tears haven't dried up yet. You took the biggest piece of my heart when you left, and I think only you can put it back... I miss you Striderman and I hope I see you someday when my time is up. I hope to see you waiting for me... So until then, send me a rainbow and send me a star from time to time. I love you and miss you more than words can say... Love, Sissy
  8. Dana Im so sorry Im sure Jam is running and playing pain free today He's such a special angel Ill send mine over to play...
  9. Barbie Im so sorry! I've been thinking of you lately hoping you are OK... If you need anything PLEASE PM me! If I can do anything for you PM me, Im still in Tampa. Run Free Sweet Bumper, Ill have Strider and Winnie come show you around
  10. Oh no : Im so sorry... I'm at a loss for words... Run Free Miss Nellie, free from pain... God bless all of you, My thoughts and prayers are with you
  11. Im so sorry for your loss... You two had a beautiful relationship
  12. StridersSis

    Jam's Story

    Im sorry Dana :grouphug Bahama Mama is an excellent kennel and how sweet of them to post that on their site about your sweet Jam
  13. StridersSis

    The Rev

    Goodbye Sweet Rev... My prayers are with you and your family
  14. That was a beautiful tribute.... Please remember her at her finest hour, and not in pain, she'd want it that way.... You were both lucky to have had each other If you need to talk please PM me.
  15. Im sorry to hear about all the bad that has happened to you this past year. I hope you have a much better 2006...
  16. Im so sorry for your loss... Fred is now waiting and playing with Benny at the bridge
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