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  1. Inappropriate. They could have said they wished you brought her in yesterday but the continued scolding was inappropriate. If it was a receptionist or tech tell the vet you didn't appreciate the guilt trip Hope everything works out
  2. Dallas just got home from his ultrasound and is enjoying his breakfast The official results wont be in until tomorrow but the vet did say no funny stuff is going on and there are NO LUMPS and BUMPS on his spleen!!!! They said his liver and pancreas looked to be OK too... They did say however his spleen is enlarged and he'd let us know tomorrow the official results and what the next step is, if there is one!
  3. I am so sorry What you are giving him is the most selfless and most loving gift that you could ever give. Sending you hugs and strength
  4. Yup, since starting the Rimadyl he seems to be feeling MUCH better. He played with Lizzie a bit today. Obviously no running until we know what the heck is going on in there. I'll tell you one thing, the day this dog doesn't eat will be his last day on the earth. He LOVES to eat and is still doing so with enthusiasm. He's also milking us with his charm... You dont want to know how many cookies he's had today Can't say no to him
  5. Well we just got the phone call *FINALLY* His blood is PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So we've scheduled an ultrasound for Tuesday morning. The dr. is cautiously optimistic at this point. VERY CAUTIOUSLY. The Chanting worked so far! Keep it up guys!!! If he needs to have his spleen out we will find a way, somehow to fund it. Mom said she might have to go back to work (shes retired) not really but you know how it is WOOHOOO!!!
  6. Thanks for the thoughts! Waiting SUCKS! We broke the news to our adoption group (pres and vice pres) and they are very upset. They almost kept Dallas when he was bounced twice and no one was looking at him, I finally begged and home he came for a "trial run" and he never left Dallas is the poster dog, LITERALLY, they have posters of him So this is hard on the whole "FOG" family. With all these prayers and good thoughts we better get some good news today, say it with me guys, No liver no pancreas.... Make a chant out of it if you have too! We started him on therapeutic doses of Rimadyl so he's feeling good and no pain "outbursts" since we started! Thats great! I called Walmart and Tramadol is on the list so Im going to as for a Rx. We've dropped a lot of $$ already so saving anywhere we can is going to be great! Lets hope we get to schedule an ultrasound today! No Liver No Pancreas....
  7. Well the vet got Lizzies blood and urine results but not Dallas's he's a bit PO'ed about that. But good news is Lizzie is just fine, her kidney values are PERFECT which is great because about a year and a half ago at this time she was in the first stages of kidney failure, so everything we're doing for her is working. We hope to get good results on Dallas tomorrow so we can move forward with his treatment. The vet invited me in to look over the xrays with him and stuff so Ill take him up on that after we get the blood results. Dallas has cried twice today so the Dr. had us give him a Rimadyl so he's in sleepy land. Is Tramadol on the walmart 4 dollar list? if it is I think Ill ask him for a Rx to save us some cash
  8. Im home. If this dog is sick he's hiding it well. He's playing and eating like a champ, he's also sprawled out on the bed sound asleep We should hear from the vet tomorrow.
  9. Thanks guys.... His vet is my old boss from when I was in high school. So Im going to go in and have a heartfelt conversation with him. He'll tell me how it is straight up no BS and Ill be able to make more decisions from there. The vet knows how I feel about prolonging things that we just shouldn't so I trust him to make the right decisions in his care. Ill be home with him in a few hours. We appreciate your thoughts,prayers and hugs more than you can imagine
  10. Im actually leaving for Spring Break tomorrow, so its good timing that I'll be there for his tests, if needed. Email me your number again so I have it in case I have an update so you can post it if I cant/
  11. I will say that the vet says if its the spleen thats affected he is optimistic we can remove it without issue. The lungs are clear, thats good.... I keep repeating that
  12. Well it doesn't look very good... They said they see a mass somewhere on his Liver, spleen or the pancreas. Lung Xrays are clear. We'll know more Friday or Saturday when the blood work comes back. If liver values are normal (indicating the liver is not the problem) they will do an ultrasound to see what exactly is going on.
  13. They're still at the vet, she told me she'd call when she's out of the vets office
  14. He did his screaming bit this morning about 6:30 and that was the last time... Shes obviously still taking him to make sure theres no obstruction or anything. He's pooping and peeing normally, no vomiting, and is eating and drinking normally
  15. My mom called to let me know that Dallas has been randomly crying out in pain a few times (like 3) since last night, and when he does his tail is tucked and he wont let her touch around his abdomen. She says once he stops he's fine and he'll let her probe and he doesn't make a peep. She made him an appointment for 5pm to see what the heck is going on. Shes petrified he has cancer or something (strider passed away from cancer) so please think good thoughts for him.
  16. I think that is the most touching tribute I've ever read
  17. Thanks for the read, Lizzie was put on KD in early kidney disease and I was wondering what the cost of low protein in her urine would be. Looks like its still the correct decision and shes doing great!
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