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Freezing While Walking In Traffic?

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Hi all, We just got our new foster last week and he's a little sweetheart. The biggest difficulty we have is he gets either very scared, distracted, or overwhelmed by traffic and freezes. He's totally fine while walking in the woods. Its just the traffic that gets him. He's not treat oriented at all so I can't get him moving with a treat. Most of the time I'll stop and he'll move on his own in a minute or two. A few times we've been frozen while crossing a street and I've had to pull him more than I'd like to get out of the traffic? Any thoughts or recommendations. We live in a busy area so I need to get him better with traffic. I don't want to have to drive him to the woods every time we need to go for a walk.


Here is little comet. he was never a racer but he was a hemopet for 3 years.


46846108492_328e471faf_b.jpgcomet (1 of 1) by Dom, on Flickr

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Have you tried circling him 180 degrees in the opposite direction and quickly turning him back around the other way?


Does he try to back away from you? If so, pull the leash down toward the ground so he doesn't slip out of his collar.


I've only had one greyhound out of 13 who never could go more than a halfway down the street without statueing. That's not encouraging for ya, is it? :)


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I will second the suggestion of doing a 180 degree turn then circling back. It doesn't always work, but does work in many cases. Sometimes you may have to walk the other way a few steps to get him to follow and then do the quick turnaround. The key is to not hesitate at all and just keep moving. If he senses that you hesitate, it's his cue to stop.


Petunia has only been here for 5 days now and this is day 4 of her learning our walking route. She has already started picking a spot to statue and from what I can tell it's because she wants to stand there in the sun. As long as we are on the sidewalk, I will let her rest a bit and just start moving again. Sometimes she follows, sometimes I have to do the 180 turn.


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I totally got this topic wrong ....

I was going to advise that you get your hound a nice warm coat and some booties ......

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Grace was the same. She was OK with the odd car but heavy traffic wasn't good so I used to take her to the corner of a quiet street and a busy road and just stand there with her, totally ignoring her for a minute to start with then steadily increasing the time each day. Now she will walk down a busy road without any trouble. (Famous last words. We are talking about a greyhound :))

Time and patience and he will improve.

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