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  1. Most greyhounds are used to wearing a coat especially if they've come off the track. Having said that Grace isn't keen on wearing one and walks slowly with one on to show her disdain. You could try putting a tea-towel on his back and telling him to "leave it" so he gets used to the feeling of wearing something. Then progress to a heavier material like a towel before trying his coat without putting his head through the neck and then fastening the strap. As with all things greyhound it's time and patience and in small doses.
  2. My Grace has a low prey drive and she won't pay any attention to a cat, squirrel or rabbit when on her lead on a walk. She's even tried to give a cat who stayed put as we approached a friendly sniff. That is until they run...... which is why I keep her on the lead even in the park as I don't think I could trust her not to go after anything small and hairy that moves even if it was another small dog.
  3. Sounds like both of you are making good progress. When you leave him alone to go out put the radio on low tuned into a classical station so there is less chance of a sudden loud noise, or if you have an Amazon Alexa device ask it to play classical for pets. Also give him a Kong filled with kibble, peanut butter or whatever takes your fancy.
  4. I'm with greysmom on having the flexor tenotomy in that if your hound develops corns on the other pads what happens then. My Grace has corns on three of the pads on her front left foot and after trying various remedies I taken the decision that it is something we are both just going to have to live with and manage. I grind the corns down first thing every other day using a cordless nail grinder and put Burt's Bees Hand Salve on the corns. I put a baby sock and boot on her foot if she's going to walk on hard ground and take her to the park in the car so she can walk on the grass without go
  5. Was für ein hübscher Windhund Blame Google translate if that's wrong
  6. I assume you are taking him out last thing at night to pee and if he's happy in his crate then I've no problem with shutting him in. Is there something that is waking him up during the night? Are you going to the loo or is the heating switching on? You could get a pet cam with night vision to watch back in the morning to find out if anything is disturbing him
  7. To answer the furniture question. By the look of it it's too late to keep her off the furniture. Teach the down command so she'll get off the furniture when you want to use it and put a throw over the sofa and like the rest of us enjoy the sight of your hound making themselves at home Greyhounds don't rule the roost as such but both sides learn to live with each other and as long as they get fed, exercised and toilet breaks at roughly the same time each day they are happy. That is so true. The first few months you'll notice a rapid change with some backward steps as she processes
  8. In my opinion he needs to build up the muscle in his other legs and only use a support harness to aid him only when he definitely needs it. Is he undergoing any physiotherapy?
  9. No hole digging from Grace but when I first had her she hid the TV remote in her bed as well as my bridge camera which she had dragged off the table. Not a mark anywhere but a bit damp around the edges
  10. Thanks for your replies Grace survived. Not that I was in any doubt she would I picked her up an hour after leaving her at the vets. She then slept most of the day but eventually felt recovered enough to have a late tea. Yes my adoption kennels have restarted clipping sessions by appointment but they are to far away just to go to get her nails clipped. Perhaps once the Covid restrictions have been lifted and the paddock is available for the hounds to run around it will be worth considering. Good idea but not sure it would work with Grace as she gets that stressed she beco
  11. I've finally bitten the bullet and made Grace an appointment at the vets to have her overlong nails clipped under sedation and today's the day. Grace suffers from multiple corns so her walks have only been on grass or wearing boots. This means her nails aren't being worn down. She won't let me cut them with clippers and the electric nail grinder is next to useless. She used to go to a local dog groomers fortnightly to get them shortened but when she started to give the Greyhound Scream of Death whenever the clippers came near her feet she wouldn't see her any more. And before you ask, no
  12. From what others have said sleep startle tends to be something you have to learn to live with. Put his crate in your main room but leave the door open so he can come and go as he wants. Put a child gate across your bedroom door so he can sleep in the main room but still hear and see you but can't jump onto your bed. When you go to the bathroom say something to him if you need to go near where he's sleeping.
  13. I guess the rest of the cow is under the sand mountain....
  14. First squirrel: "Where's your brother?" Second squirrel: "Well. You know how he used to tease the dogs in the park?" First squirrel:"Yes" Second squirrel: "Some b*****d went and got a greyhound!"
  15. Grace, despite having a thick fleece for winter, a thin white cotton one for keeping cool in summer, a thinner fleece for those in-between days and a raincoat, won't wear one whatever the weather. She prefers to adjust the length of her walk instead
  16. Do you have a picture of your loved one(s) on the home screen of your phone? This is mine
  17. As the others have said it's time and patience with a bit more of the same. Greyhounds take their time processing new situations and experiences and will seem to take a backwards step occasionally but he will get over it and change a lot from what he is now, apart from the loving and gentle bit of his personality. Oh! and claiming the couch
  18. How do you react when you see another dog? Do you tighten her lead, change pace or stop? That givers her the signal that something is wrong and she needs to protect you. Carry on walking with a slack lead but when, and only when, she starts to show interest in the other dog give a quick tug on the lead and the command NO and keep walking. You can also try the "look at me" technique.
  19. I think you've answered your own question He's associating the word walk with exercise and pee time. It's a bit like you going to the toilet before you go out because you always have done and he wants to do the same but the toilet part has been delayed but the sequence has already started and he can't cross his legs any more Go to the toilet and get yourself ready before saying the W A l K word.
  20. He sounds like he's settling in well and not all greyhounds suffer from sleep startle. I can approach and stroke Grace when she's asleep and she doesn't react even when she wakes up during it apart from going into the roach position for a tummy rub. I wonder if the growl is more of an invitation to play than a warning. "You're on my level now lets play greyhound style." But until you're sure continue to be cautious
  21. Grace also suffered with dandruff and balding thighs when I first got her so I bathed her once using ExmaRid Dog Shampoo which stopped the dandruff and itching and added Lintbells YuDERM Itching Dog to her food which she still has. Her balding thighs come and go depending on if she's moulting or not but the dandruff has stopped. She has only been bathed twice, once to get rid of the kennel smell and again to treat the dandruff. The last time was two years ago.
  22. You could put netting on the railings to stop heads going through. If it was black nylon netting, the same as used to keep fish safe in ponds, you wouldn't see it from a distance. When I went to choose a greyhound there was a large brindle male in the kennel next door to Grace's that was doing standing vertical jumps and his feet were coming three to four feet off the ground so a five foot fence with a run up would be no problem. But greyhounds are not known for their escapology (there are exceptions) but if they want to chase something or are frightened then they'll go for it.
  23. How old is Skelly? Greyhounds usually calm down from 4 years old. And what level of protein is in the food you feeding her? Retired greyhounds only need about 20% protein in their diets otherwise it can cause hyperactivity and health problems later on.
  24. Do you react to the noise? When he starts to bark totally ignore him, carry on with what you are doing and give him a reward when he's quiet again. If you shout at him or ssh him he'll think you're joining in and that he's doing the right thing because the boss is doing it too.
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