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  1. I hope I'm wrong but I wonder if the shortage of ex racers as more and more racing is banned is going to lead to the designer breeding of greyhounds as in other breeds of dog. Instead of being bred for the ability to run, the consequence of which is a healthy dog, they will be bred for looks. Take for example the bulldog breeds and their breathing problems, Labradors with hip problems and dachshunds and basset hounds with back problems to name just a few. So no more black hounds, no more large 90 pound plus males and any genetic mutations, if it makes the dog look cute, will be bred into the breed whether or not it is healthy. The kennel clubs and their standards have a lot to answer for.
  2. There is one available to download here but unfortunately it's not by Lenora Conlon but might do. https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/291153597/lifesize-greyhound-download-knitting
  3. I think most greyhounds come with a high prey drive warning but a lot of the time it's no worse than other breeds. Most dogs will chase anything that's moving but in a greyhounds case they will catch it Dogs pick up cues from their owners so if you stay calm the chances are so will your hound. When you walk him and see another dog don't tighten his lead or tense up because he will pick up on that but be ready with your "watch me" command if necessary. I take Grace on greyhound walks which are organised by the adoption agency and are open to all sight hounds. These let her see how the other domesticated hounds react and there were noticeable changes in her after the first couple of walks. It also lets you talk about your favourite subject without a glazed expression on the other persons face. There are no rules only guidances as each dog and owner are different. Find what works for both of you and enjoy life.
  4. Grace is also scared of sounds she cannot see where they are coming from which is probably why she's frightened of fireworks. I was at a friends house with Grace and he put on a film which had a lot of loud bangs and crashes at the beginning. Grace stood up and started whining and getting agitated. Then she looked at the TV, worked out that was the source of the noise and laid back down. She also doesn't like the sound of anyone playing football (soccer) and will strain on her lead to get away.
  5. If your hound only limps on hard surfaces but walks OK on grass then is most likely a corn. Surgically removing the corn doesn't work. It'll come back a few months later unless you're really lucky and I wouldn't go for the tendon flexotomy either for the reason greysmom said. I've tried duct tape cut to just cover the corns with partial success and now I'm using Bazuka gel in the evening which dries to a hard covering and then Burt's Bees Hand Salve covered with a baby sock and lightweight dog boot for the morning walk. Whatever you try it will take time.
  6. Giving him food is rewarding him for barking. Try totally ignoring him by hiding your face by holding up and pretending to read a newspaper or book but don't make eye contact or say anything. As soon as he stops barking give him a treat and some praise.
  7. According to http://www.greyhound-data.com/breed.htm the siblings are Kay Kay Anchor, Kay Kay Flag, Kay Kay Paging, Kay Kay Rock and Kay Kay System with two half siblings Betamerica Elite and Betamerica Perks.
  8. I agree about withdrawing the water. You can use a solution of biological wash powder to clean the area if you haven't got anything else. And yes he could be cold or is something disturbing him? Is your heating coming on and the sound of the boiler (furnace) starting up wakes him?
  9. It can take a few weeks for their poop to firm up as they get used to their new lives and become less stressed. I feed Grace Pet Greyhound Food from the Greyhound Trust https://greyhoundtruststore.com/collections/pet-greyhound-feed/products/pet-greyhound-food or Gain Maintenance from Millbryhill https://www.millbryhill.co.uk/pets-c6/gain-greyhound-maintenance-food-p5304/s18328 It also helps with coat condition If you change their diet do so gradually as a sudden change can cause runny poos. Don't let them do anything you don't want them to even if it seems cute at first. For example if you don't want them begging every time you eat or have a snack don't ever give them a titbit or leftovers.
  10. Yes I wondered if it was stud tail but there isn't any waxy/oily secretions or any other symptoms apart from the bald patch and the hairs are broken off not dropped out. I wonder if it's caused by her sitting as the area affected is where her tail bends sharply as it makes contact with the floor so it is the hairs are hitting the floor end on and breaking. If that is the case I think I'll try applying aloe vera to soften the hairs so they bend instead of breaking.
  11. Grace has a bald patch on her tail about 3 inches long but only on the side away from her body. The vet, who is experienced with greyhounds as she used to work as a vet at the greyhound tracks, said it is probably where she has been rubbing against something as the hairs are broken and have not dropped out, but she is not crated and sleeps either on her bed or the sofa. (I'll let you guess where she spends most of her time) My question is, although it's purely a cosmetic condition like her bald butt, and it doesn't bother her or me, can anything be rubbed in to her tail to stop the hairs being broken?
  12. I found this interesting article that explains how old your dog is: https://www.sciencemag.org/news/2019/11/here-s-better-way-convert-dog-years-human-years-scientists-say The dog age calculator is about half way down. My Grace is 58 years old which probably explains a lot
  13. He might think that, in his eyes, the spoodle is behaving incorrectly and gives the puppy warning which escalates the more he's ignored. Could your sister when she's playing noisily with the puppy go into another room?
  14. Another vote for checking her sight. Perhaps the lighting needs to come from a different source to increase the contrast. Have you tried getting down to her level and looking down the stairs to see if the edges stand out?
  15. Others who are more experienced will probably have other suggestions, but have you tried a quick tug on the lead, not a constant pull, and a very firm NO as soon as he notices the other dog and keep on walking? Grace used to have a keen interest in cats but using this method she only now looks but doesn't try and chase them.
  16. No problem here. Using Windows 10 laptop and tried with both Firefox and Google Chrome browsers.
  17. That's why greyhounds need large beds.
  18. Are you sure she is underweight? Greyhounds do seem to be very thin especially compared to other dogs. Greyhound Friends For Life say "The rule of thumb is that you should be able to see the outline of the last 3 ribs, the tips of the hip bones, and a bit of the spine. Usually the ideal pet weight is about 3‑5 pounds heavier than the racing weight. When the greyhound is viewed sideways, there should be a nice curve (“tuck up”) between the end of the ribs and the thighs. Allowing your greyhound to become heavier puts undue strain on the heart and on tendons, ligaments, and joints, which can lead to more problems with arthritis." If you do need to increase her weight I suggest increasing the food at meal times. If you give her bits and pieces at other times she will expect it and it then becomes difficult if you need to reduce her weight in the future. Also check the protein level of her food, it should be around 20% now she's retired.
  19. Do you take her bed, toys etc with you? I think you need to go back to basics and introduce her into this new house the same way as you did when you first got her and got her used to your first house.
  20. Luckily I have long arms and could reach her ears from sitting at her tail end
  21. I wonder if she's protecting you? When she's on her lead she's "on duty" and is protecting her pack leader but off lead it's play time. I used to have a Labrador and she would be one of the most friendly dogs going, both towards other dogs and humans, she was always off her lead when walking and would walk to heel. But if I stopped for a sit down on a bench she became very protective and would bark and growl if anything came within 6 feet of us.
  22. Grace has never been one of those greyhounds that demands a lot of fuss. If she's laying on the sofa she'll only only let me sit at the tail end and stroke her. If I sat at the head end she'd get up and go and lie on her bed. Until today.....after 18 months she let me sit at the pointy end and make a fuss of her
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