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Natural Products For My Greyhounds.

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I have been going to a natural herb store for my greyhounds and started off with CBD oil for them of 500mg giving them .25ml twice a day and I also added to that a liver and kidney cleanser,a detox powder,a joints am and joints pm and a heartworm and parasite powder which all have 100% organic. He sold me a product for super high energy formula also natural. Because I have 2 big greyhounds I was going through it quickly. So I decided to call the manufacturer to see if they have a bigger bottle. I just found out those products have not been sold in years and they should not be selling them because the have expired along time ago. I am very pissed because I trusted this individual with my dogs. I spend a fortune at his store and he even has his own dog station and lots of people go to him. But now he has totally lost my trust on everything and I will be looking for someone new asap. I live in Boynton Beach Florida and I need someone new to purchase my natural products from. I do not want to put any chemicals in my dogs so I try to do the right thing and look what happens. Please help me find someone new, my babys mean the world to me.

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Just because something is natural and/or organic doesn't mean there are no consequences when taking them. What happens if and when your dog needs real medical care and you have them stuffed full of "all natural ingredients" that preclude them getting emergency surgery or medication?


There are no quality controls on natural products, as you have discovered. And no science supporting their effective long term use. I'm not against homeopathic care, but that's a LOT of stuff to be giving any one dog. Please be careful.

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Contact your Vet and ask exactly what - if any- supplements your dog needs.


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I get very uneasy at the thought of "organic" heart worm preventative - especiallly in Florida. . Would love to know the active ingredient(s). we have been very please with Bravecto. Id does both and is once every 3 months. Of my six personal hounds and 100 or so fosters none has ever had a reaction to HW meds. One had an allergic reaction to Frontlinr Plus years ago but was fine with regular Frontline (which they probably don't make any more.

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They were on bravecto and it gives them both diareah for a couple of days. I did break the pill once in half and gave it to them on seperate days and still had diareah. The products I am using is bio vance animal health(bio compusdalete naturals) and all of his jars do have USDA with Organic right below. The heartworm/parasite powder has black walnut hull pwder,quassia bark,wormwood,slippery elm,pau d'arco, tumeric and diatomaceous earth. This powder is 1/2 teaspoon on each feeding only 3 x a week.

I am sorry, there was a misspelling on the product I use. I was trying to say it is called BioComplete Naturals and does have USDA with Organic below. Since it had USDA on it I felt more comfortable.

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Should I stop everything and request blood work on both of them. I really do not want to give them chemicals for their heart worm or flea and ticks. They get really sick to their stomachs when I give them those pills. What does everyone use for their greyhounds?



As far as I know, natural products do not work on heartworm and that is why you do not see any "test results" being provided by the manufuacturers. I suggest that you find a heartworm product that treats for heartworm rather than one that also does fleas and ticks as that would be the least amount of chemicals. As others have suggested, talk to your vet about a reputable heartworm preventative that would have the least side effects.


I have included a link to information on treatment of heartworm positive dogs. I include this so that maybe you can understand that heartworms are pretty serious and because of that, a reliable preventive is a intelligent path to select.



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I think what I am going to be doing is an appointment with my vet and take him everything that I have been giving my dogs and see what he says. He is specifically on greyhounds he actually treats the dogs from the tracks in Florida. I get very upset when people tell u one thing and other people tell u other things. Everybody keeps telling me these flea and heartworm pills carry a form of pesticides in them which is bad for your dog so I go the other way. Go other way and they say they dont work. I appreciate every ones advice dont get me wrong but it can actually drive u crazy not knowing which way to go. But I think my best bet is to have a sit down with my vet and take him everything I have been giving my dogs.

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I like to go a pretty natural route with food and things, but I truly believe that heartworm prevention is a must! Have you ever seen a dog getting treatments for heartworm? Absolutely heartbreaking....As the others said, even though they are natural doesn’t mean there aren’t side effects. Healthy diet of raw food is my main goal for my dogs

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You cam order Ivermectin only tablets from Australia. I'll go out on a limb for using natural for fleas and ticks but not heartworm. I've been ordering from AU for 20+ years with no problems .Except in herding breed the dose of ivermectin for HW is so small it is a blip. It may be the other things making their tummies act up. Let us know what your vet says.

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I have also transition them more into the raw diet and less of the dry

food. They are down to two cups of dry food twice a day instead of

four cups a day and more of the raw diet now. I do know what

heartworms look like in dogs. They have always been on bravecto and

heartguard. They were do on the 15th of this month but I kept hearing

that it is poison for dogs and that it has been proven it does not

work 100%. That is why I took this route just recently. One of my dogs

wont even take the bravecto, I have to force it down his throat. I

have decided to make an appointment with my vet and bring in

everything I give them to see what he feels about it. One of my

greyhound has been through a lot in several vets hands. They thought he

had bone cancer so he went through the whole thing of biopsy, xrays

etc. Came back negative which I am sure he was taking precaution. He

had a metal plate in his leg just taken out recently because he was

limping and they thought the metal plate by doing it or the bone

cancer and that is why they did xrays, biopsy etc. He kept limping now

what has come through is a corn on his paw. These are well know

doctors in the greyhound world, I spent a fortune to find out that

maybe his metal plate should have never come out. To put my dog

through all of this pisses me off. I have lost trust in most of the

vets now. It is hard to make decisions sometime because you get pulled

into the chemical side and into the natural side and all u want is the

best for your dogs.

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