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  1. I just spoke to my vet in Florida and he has confirmed that he does not conduct the procedure but referenced me to another vet who may know but not 100% sure. Has anyone ever done this procedure on their greyhound in Florida? If yes, please let me know with whom so I can get additional information and most likely proceed with it. My baby is miserable and I cannot sit back and do nothing.
  2. I have tried everything. He had surgery six months ago where they went deep in and pulled the root but it came back even stronger now with the limping. He does not even want the therapaw boot on. When I touch his paw he pulls back so quickly. This is why I am seriously considering the Antonomy procedure. I cannot see him like this in pain again.
  3. I am looking for a vet who has done the surgery where the cut the greyhounds tendon from the toe so that they do not feel the pressure of the corn. Has anyone had done with a vet in florida and if so with who?
  4. My grey had a corn remove more than 6 months ago and just lately I am noticing he starting to limp on that leg again as though his corn is coming back. What is your opinion on the new surgery that everyone is doing with the toe and if anyone knows of a vet that has done that surgery in south florida on their grey. I am thinking I may have to go that way next if their are success stories.
  5. I am trying to find out what brand of CBD oil is everyone giving their greyhounds. I was getting King Kanine which did wonders for both of my dogs. Than they had an issue with their credit processor in Florida which is where I live. I went to another company by the name of CBDMD and their products have peanut butter and I think it may be affecting my dog. So I am looking for another company and asking to see what everyone is using on their Greys.
  6. U hope that is the case and he can be treated because it really crushed me when stated possible tumor in the spine. I don't think I can handle that. I just had a scare with my other greyhound for possible bone cancer which after all the testing, biopsy etc, came back negative. My other baby just had a metal plate taken out of his leg less than 6 months ago and just had a corn removed a month ago. So Iam praying that this is treatable and he can live a normal life. These are my two babies and they mean my whole world to me.
  7. I just got back from the neurologist with my dog. She says it may be 2 things. Either a disc with a pinched nerve or a tumor in the spine. At this time she wants me to continue the diazepam and prednisone and see if it helps him. She checked his neck and squeezed on it hard and he does not help. He is fine when he is on these meds, she wants me to slowly ween him off these meds. If it does not go away she suggest MRI. I notice that he walks slowly and sometimes here and there I can here his nails on his left leg. She does not want to rush to an MRI yet but keep him on these meds and see if they help. I am hoping that this works and I have switched to a body harness now.
  8. I have a 6yr old retired greyhound. He started yelping when he gets up from lying on his side. When it started I noticed it affected his front right leg. He has been put on Diazepam and prednisone twice already. He will be fine was on that but it comes back when he is done. He went to the vet to have x ray done of neck. Nothing came out and since they had him under I ended up cleaning his teeth. They ended up pulling a moler. They put him back on the prednisone and diazepam since yesterday but he still yelps when he gets up. They recommended for me to go to a neurologist. I need suggestions so I do not get taken advantage of which I am fool like that when it comes to my babies.
  9. No. His leg does not swell up or different in tempature from the other. He does already have an appt with the vet next Monday for a neck xray and teeth cleaning. Si center they have to put under I want his teeth to be cleaned. He is fine once he is given pills for inflammatory, nothing is wrong with him. But I need to get to the bottom of this. I am also looking to put them on something for joints. What brands does everyone use for their greyhounds?
  10. I had my greyhounds corn removed from his paw including as much of the root the vet can get. It has been 3 weeks but he is still limping as if though he never had it done. I did notice that he had to remove some of pad so he has a thin strip for a pad. Will his toe ever toughen on the bottom or his pad grow back? I also did some research and they say that Vetericyn will help his pad heal. Any suggestions will be appreciated.
  11. My greyhound sometimes gets up and starts to yelp and won't put his right leg down and whimpers for a while as if though he gets this pinch nerve. This happen a month ago I went to the vet and they gave pain killers and inflammatory pills and it went away. It happen a week ago and gave him the same meds it went away and he went to daycare last Saturday and ran with his brother and jumped etc. He was fine. Today he started again with the pain and his right leg so I gave him a vetprofin I had and gabapentin. Do you think this is a pinch nerve and why does it keep coming back. I happen to have a vet appt tommorrow anyways for both my grey's. Has this ever happen to anyone.
  12. I am purchasing from www.kingkanine.com. they test their cbd oil through a third party certifies lab for the potency and to make sure it is pure and no metals or foreign items in it. It is also pesticide and solvent free. It is also pharmacist formulated in artic krill oil. But my problem is they only have 1 or bottles. I was trying to find out if anyone has had their greyhound on cbd oil that they trust that have bigger bottles than 1 oz. I give it to my greyhound because he seems to be slow now he has had a corn and I heard a lot of good things about it for dogs. The company I purchase has also been on CBS and animal shows as well on how natural their product is.
  13. Good morning everyone. I have to make retired greyhounds that are 78 lbs each. They are both broken legs and the older one has had a metal plate taken out less than 1 yr ago and just two weeks ago had a corn removed. They have both been through a lot. I purchased CBD oil from king kalm CBD oil 300mg. However, they only have 1oz bottles and their instructions per weight is 1ml per dog and I am giving it to them every other day. This bottle will only last me a week and they do not make larger bottles. What CBD oil brands is everyone using for their greyhounds and how much given and if everyday?
  14. I have also transition them more into the raw diet and less of the dry food. They are down to two cups of dry food twice a day instead of four cups a day and more of the raw diet now. I do know what heartworms look like in dogs. They have always been on bravecto and heartguard. They were do on the 15th of this month but I kept hearing that it is poison for dogs and that it has been proven it does not work 100%. That is why I took this route just recently. One of my dogs wont even take the bravecto, I have to force it down his throat. I have decided to make an appointment with my vet and bring in everything I give them to see what he feels about it. One of my greyhound has been through a lot in several vets hands. They thought he had bone cancer so he went through the whole thing of biopsy, xrays etc. Came back negative which I am sure he was taking precaution. He had a metal plate in his leg just taken out recently because he was limping and they thought the metal plate by doing it or the bone cancer and that is why they did xrays, biopsy etc. He kept limping now what has come through is a corn on his paw. These are well know doctors in the greyhound world, I spent a fortune to find out that maybe his metal plate should have never come out. To put my dog through all of this pisses me off. I have lost trust in most of the vets now. It is hard to make decisions sometime because you get pulled into the chemical side and into the natural side and all u want is the best for your dogs.
  15. I think what I am going to be doing is an appointment with my vet and take him everything that I have been giving my dogs and see what he says. He is specifically on greyhounds he actually treats the dogs from the tracks in Florida. I get very upset when people tell u one thing and other people tell u other things. Everybody keeps telling me these flea and heartworm pills carry a form of pesticides in them which is bad for your dog so I go the other way. Go other way and they say they dont work. I appreciate every ones advice dont get me wrong but it can actually drive u crazy not knowing which way to go. But I think my best bet is to have a sit down with my vet and take him everything I have been giving my dogs.
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