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  1. When checked it was wet and full of small bumps on the chest. The only think new, is that I changed his CBD wellness oil to joint CBD which carries turmeric. I just stopped it today to see if it goes All
  2. My 9 yr old greyhound has been on Dermaxx for close to a year or just under for what the vet thinks maybe arthritis in the hind legs. He gets his blood work done every 6 months because I have him on CBD oil and his Dermaxx and its always come back as fine. He was fine this morning when I walked him and when I walked him tonight he started picking his hind leg up and when I took him for a close walk he spread his toes and picked up his whole leg and layer down like three times. This just came out of nowhere. When we got home, he was able to jump on my bed which is high with out a promblem. I ch
  3. Yes urinalysis was done came back normal, blood panel taken came back normal. The vet I go to is not expensive and he is a specialist in greyhounds. He handles all of the dogs from the track. What I did notice is that within the last two to three days he is no longer feeling hot anymore and seems to be more active. Ever since he was put on amoxcilian/clav so I am not sure what it could have been. My concern is that they go to daycare, would a heat stroke cause any of this? I notice that sometimes he stands there when u call him like looking into space. I am wondering if it maybe neurological.
  4. He put him on the antibiotics because his temp was 101 and they were waiting for his blood work to come back. I know something was wrong because they go to daycare and he loves it and they told me he did not want to play not even with the ball which he lives. I talk to my vet today and he says the next step would be for x ray from his chest and abdomin to see if something is spiking the hotness his body gets. One second his body is normal temp the next minute its warm. There is big difference just with a touch to his body when he is warm. But he is eating normal , drinking water and going to t
  5. I have a 7yr old retire greyhound that just recently appears to be depressed and who's body temp go from normal to a little bit high 101 and back to normal. He had a whole blood panel done and urinalysis and everything is normal. He has been put on omixcillian 500mg twice a day and he has not getting better. So my vet put him on omixcillian/Cav 500mg twice a day. Seems to be a little more active but still has the warm cold body Temps. Has anyone ever had these symptoms with their dogs?
  6. my greyhound is starting to bark over every little noise now. He was never like this. It just started after 4th of July, he got very bad on this last one. Is this becoming a behavioral or unsecured issue. If he heres a car door, the neighbor walking etc. Do I need to take him to a behavioral class to see if they can help him. I do not know what else to do.
  7. Thank you everyone. I will be switching them to pro plan sensitive stomach. I just hope that the grain fee food for so many years has not damaged my 9 yr old or 6 yr old greys. They are the world to me and I do not want to loose them to DCM. I will switch them starting tommorrow.
  8. I am wondering what everyone is feeding their greyhounds. My greyhounds are currently on natural balance limited ingredient diet and I keep hearing these horror stories on the dog food and the heart disease that grain free food is causing. I have been asking my vet if I should take them off it but he keeps saying don't worry about it. I wanted to have a taurine test done on my grey but the cost is over 300.00 to get it done. Should I be taking my greys off the grain free food? If yes, what is everyone feeding their greys?
  9. I just spoke to my vet in Florida and he has confirmed that he does not conduct the procedure but referenced me to another vet who may know but not 100% sure. Has anyone ever done this procedure on their greyhound in Florida? If yes, please let me know with whom so I can get additional information and most likely proceed with it. My baby is miserable and I cannot sit back and do nothing.
  10. I have tried everything. He had surgery six months ago where they went deep in and pulled the root but it came back even stronger now with the limping. He does not even want the therapaw boot on. When I touch his paw he pulls back so quickly. This is why I am seriously considering the Antonomy procedure. I cannot see him like this in pain again.
  11. I am looking for a vet who has done the surgery where the cut the greyhounds tendon from the toe so that they do not feel the pressure of the corn. Has anyone had done with a vet in florida and if so with who?
  12. My grey had a corn remove more than 6 months ago and just lately I am noticing he starting to limp on that leg again as though his corn is coming back. What is your opinion on the new surgery that everyone is doing with the toe and if anyone knows of a vet that has done that surgery in south florida on their grey. I am thinking I may have to go that way next if their are success stories.
  13. I am trying to find out what brand of CBD oil is everyone giving their greyhounds. I was getting King Kanine which did wonders for both of my dogs. Than they had an issue with their credit processor in Florida which is where I live. I went to another company by the name of CBDMD and their products have peanut butter and I think it may be affecting my dog. So I am looking for another company and asking to see what everyone is using on their Greys.
  14. U hope that is the case and he can be treated because it really crushed me when stated possible tumor in the spine. I don't think I can handle that. I just had a scare with my other greyhound for possible bone cancer which after all the testing, biopsy etc, came back negative. My other baby just had a metal plate taken out of his leg less than 6 months ago and just had a corn removed a month ago. So Iam praying that this is treatable and he can live a normal life. These are my two babies and they mean my whole world to me.
  15. I just got back from the neurologist with my dog. She says it may be 2 things. Either a disc with a pinched nerve or a tumor in the spine. At this time she wants me to continue the diazepam and prednisone and see if it helps him. She checked his neck and squeezed on it hard and he does not help. He is fine when he is on these meds, she wants me to slowly ween him off these meds. If it does not go away she suggest MRI. I notice that he walks slowly and sometimes here and there I can here his nails on his left leg. She does not want to rush to an MRI yet but keep him on these meds and see if the
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