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  1. Use a good quality probiotic and that should firm things up.
  2. Rx Vitamins Clay and Nutrigest. Great supplements...
  3. Google homeopathic remedy Alumina. There’s a website called ABC Homeopathy that explains it is used for
  4. This happened with our Dylan. Robaxin (Methocarbamol) was the only thing that helped. I still think it was a neck issue.
  5. I like to go a pretty natural route with food and things, but I truly believe that heartworm prevention is a must! Have you ever seen a dog getting treatments for heartworm? Absolutely heartbreaking....As the others said, even though they are natural doesn’t mean there aren’t side effects. Healthy diet of raw food is my main goal for my dogs
  6. Thanks for everyone’s hints!! She loves the raw!!!
  7. I just transitioned Grace from Stella and Chewys freeze dried dog food to the frozen raw. The only thing that bothers me is feeding her cold food. I thaw a patty in the fridge overnight first. Does anyone add warm/hot water to take the chill off the food???
  8. Tracy, I thought the same thing about extraction. It was done at UW Madison at their dental department. I have to look up the word carnassial. Lol. Was he better after the tooth was pulled??
  9. What are symptoms of a bad tooth?? We have an appointment on Thursday with Vet. She eats hydrated raw so shes not having to chew hard kibble. She is doing this weird thing with her mouth, like her lip on her right side goes back like she has dry mouth. And also smacking lips. I found paperwork from her last dental 2 yrs ago that says, Uncomplicated crown fracture of the right mandibular fourth premolar tooth (408)-this is a fracture that goes deeper than the enamel and involves the dentin.
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