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  1. My Yardman had a nose similar to that. We found that Burts Bees plain lip balm, applied a few times a day worked well. When he went outside, we would put on Chapstick with SPF. We found keeping him sun protected worked best with his nose. Good luck, hope you find some healing. . Seeing that nose brought back some wonderful memories of a really great dog. <3
  2. A lot of the wineries are requesting reservations or are allowing very limited numbers. I've had friends cancel going because favorite vineyards aren't able to accommodate. Double check the wineries you want to go to, before you go. It will save some disappointment. Either way, have fun and please stay safe (and safely distanced). Be careful folks.
  3. Classy couch potatoes Collars coats and jammies.
  4. I wear Road id when running. They can be made with any info. Perhaps have something like:. My dogs are home alone please call :. Xxxx at 555-1212 to retrieve them. Might this work?
  5. Robin, I am so sorry. He was a wonderful little guy.
  6. Stealer of hearts, dealer of farts. Congrats all around. Glad to read the fleas have been snuffed. Here's hoping the SA wanes quickly.
  7. Have you checked with your vet? I'm sure they would be able to recommend s reputable dealer for the things you seek.
  8. Catch a urine and drop it off at the vet. Confirm she doesn't have a UTI. Editing to add: she may not be emptying out when she goes out. She might just be going enough to get praise and head in. After she finishes quickly, take her back around to get her to go again and empty out. Then praise. If her urine is clear, revert back to potty training 101. Start from the beginning. Go out and potty after every event. Eat, potty . Immediate before you leave, potty. As soon as you come home, potty...etc.
  9. Secret santa, always a favorite. If needed , Trudy, count me in as a back up Santa.
  10. Metamucil is psyllium husk (powder) you can find plain unbranded psyllium in most stores I know Walmart carries it, I believe target does too and you can get it on Amazon. Good luck@
  11. Royal canin had a data base issue months ago, which caused a disruption in the supply to our vet, for Marcos food. (Rc fibre response). But they have since recovered from that as far as I know. Did you try petflow or drs foster and Smith? If your vet can't get it, ask for their reps info to see if you can email directly. Sometimes the reps can get orders expedited.
  12. Pumpkin here leads to soft stools. Go figure. Start with a 1/2 teaspoon per meal. Increase (by 1/4 tsp) if the stools do not firm or bulk up after 72 hours. Add about a 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water to her food too, just to make sure she's got some liquid for it to bulk with. If she has kidney disease, talk to your vet first. Because psyllium absorbs water in the colon, it can be contraindicated. Just give your vet a shout too, to let them know you're starting psyllium just so that they can note her charts for frequency or reduction in frequency in visits for expression. Good luck
  13. have you tried just adding psyllium husk to her food. the firmer the stool, the more likely her glands will empty. dried beets and psyllium are the go-to here for firm stools when needed.
  14. Petting the dog and telling them they're good is a mark/reward. No over thinking just semantics I suppose.
  15. I half agree with this. Yes, you can do it from a book and teach a dog yourself. We all generally do the basics of assessing wants and needs on our own. However, I found that my timing in marking and rewarding the wanted command/behaviour was off. It was leading to frustration for both me and my pup. After going to a trainer (one who had a bunch of initials after their name) they pointed out my timing and my dog's frustration. After one session it was a HUGE difference. The bond we created during those 6 sessions was better than I ever imagined. I highly recommend searching for basi
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