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Help! Throwing Up For No Reason


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I've been away from GT for a while but I know if there is any wrong you are the group to turn to.


So, Tank has been with us for 4 years now and has only thrown up a hand full of times. Until the past week. He's thrown up dinner 3 times in the past week. We can't figure out why.


At breakfast he gets a cup of kibble and a quarter cup of wet food with a sprinkle of shredded cheese.


At dinner he got a cup and a few extra kibbles. Again with a quarter cup of wet food and a sprinkle of cheese.

Both last night and tonight he threw up his entire dinner within 10 or so minutes of finishing. He didn't struggle to throw up or any thing like that and acted completely fine after. About an hour later I got a cup of dry food and slowly fed it to him. No problems with that. I did notice tonight that he had a gurgly tummy before he ate but other than that seemed fine.


Is there any thing I'm missing? He's not been a gulper of food for a long time and he eats from a raised feeder. Any help would be great.


Oh! And don't worry, we never let him eat and leave him alone. I know about the risk of bloat so we are always home after he eats.


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Wetting his food a bit may help, but without knowing what the cause is, it's hard to say. You might split up dinner into two smaller meals and see if that helps.

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Odd that it has just started......and with more frequency than before....is his poo normal? I might say if it happens again, that you might want a vet to check for some type of partial obstruction.


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I'd do a vet visit to rule out an obstruction or inflammation if he continues throwing up.

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I would be thinking X ray.

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Hey everyone! I'm sorry that I haven't posted since last time but every computer I owned was fighting me.


OK., I'll, try to answer every one in order.

I forgot to add in my initial post that we do already wet his food because when he first came home he was a mega gulper.


As for vomiting vs regurtation,how can you tell the difference?


It's not a new bag of food, we're about half way thruogh one. It's kept in a closet inside a sealed can so nothing gets in it.


It's really strange because he is fine with breakfast, never thrown that up.


He's had two dinners since I posted and been fine. We've cut back a little in how much we fed him and I've cut back a little on how much "tooth cheese" (DentaTreat) that we give him also.


If he does it again or act strange at all we'll hit the bets office. Thanhfully that's only two blocks away.

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