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  1. Update on Lexi. Synovial cell sarcoma. Slower growing then bone. Anyone have experience with this?
  2. Lexie is 12 1/2 and her left rear foot wasn't touching the ground. Gapapentin for a week or so with some relief Xrays done today and 99% sure bone cancer. My poor girl we will keep you comfortable for as long as we can.
  3. My Lou experienced this months before he passed. Excessive barking, whining not knowing what he wanted. Up during the night pacing. Vet asked me a few questions about him when the vet felt it was his time. Vet said "he is tired" and that was that for me. Good luck.
  4. I had the same consideration when I had to take Lou to the vet. Many times I canceled because he was having a bad day. My vet was very understanding. When we were able to visit we waited in the car until they called us. I also took a small bed with me. My vet would get on the floor to exam Lou. I would look into a mobile full service vet in your area.
  5. The first word for that comes to mind for Lou is STRONG. He was a strong racer, winning many races and was adopted out at 5 years old. He was strong willed, smart, and loved being lazy and sleeping. He even told me when it was time to come out of his confined space in the kitchen when he decided to eat the formica countertops!!!!! (His way of communicating). He was silent but you knew he wanted to be top dog on his walks. In his home, he accepted neighbors, visitors and of course a sibling greyhound although he looked at me with the expression "why did you do that, I am perfectly content being alone". He was. He fought the best fight, his body gave away and he was not happy. You are the best Lou and will miss you much. Thank you for all those years. My STRONG boy. Love you.
  6. TK LUMIERE aka my Lou The greatest, strongest greyhound. 12/23/01-11/3/2016
  7. taking Lou to vet for update with kidney disease. paws crossed
  8. gabipentin,adequan injections,tramadol when needed,enapril ,(sp)
  9. He gets very excited when it is time to eat.
  10. My boy will be 15 in Dec. He has hind leg weakness, kidney disease. He eats well and loves to go in the yard. I have to help him get up and ly down. He poops in his sleep. I got that covered. However he grunts and groans. I dont believe he is in pain but pissed he is not working right!! More frusration then anything. Is this a good quality of life? He will be going to get for check up on his kidney disease next week. Any experiences?. He is on pain meds and meds for kidneys.
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