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  1. Can you wrap a poise pad around it? I've used it on bleeding wounds before. Rocky had something removed from his leg and after we got home a vein started shooting blood. I put a poise pad on it and wrapped vet wrap around that. Those poise pads hold a LOT of liquid. Sorry about your girl
  2. My heart is breaking that Paddy is gone. He truly could not have had a better home than you. I think he wanted to be an only dog and get all the attention, but he loved the others too. I really don't think he would have been happy without them, as much as he might have thought so. He was always too on top of them. And you should really be proud of yourself, how you stuck with him and worked on ways to manage the mayhem. After 15 years of placing greyhounds in homes, I guarantee that in 99% of the homes he would have been returned. You helped him shine. I know he wasn't always (or most
  3. So very sorry. You're making the right decision. We had to make that decision with our first greyhound at age 15. Her mind was still there and she was eating like she always did, but her body just couldn't keep up. I almost called it off so many times, but I knew she wasn't going to get better. My biggest fear was that she'd hurt herself while we were at work. She was stubborn right up until the end. Our vet came to the house and she (the always proper, dignified, ladylike hound) tried to bite him as he tried to put the IV in. Not because she didn't want to be let go, but because she didn
  4. I can vouch that FiveRoooooers is one of the most awesome greyhound homes out there if you go that route! I'd send any of mine to live with her any day. Heck, I'd send myself!!
  5. Wingnut is terrified of flies. We can't take him to outdoor events in the summer. And heaven forbid one gets into the house. We have to kill it and show him the body and he still takes a while to calm back down. How he raced over 100 races in W. Memphis, AR is beyond me. I'm guessing he was running away from the flies. We haven't found anything yet that calms him down.
  6. They gave me 10 refills on it, even though I only needed it the one time, so I think I might get it filled next month just in case. Especially if the 650mg would work.
  7. Just FYI on the Tranexamic Acid, I just had to get a prescription of it for myself for an issue I was having. I didn't realize it was the same drug we'd been discussing. I was able to get it at the pharmacy at the local grocery store and they did have it in stock. My co-pay on it was $10 and the total cost was $130 for 30 pills. They were 650mg pills. It did stop the bleeding pretty much immediately.
  8. I'm not sure what they did, but the capsules I got were 500mg. I can get the name of the pharmacy if you want. The one that did the liquid is different than the one that did the capsules. They made the liquid chicken flavor and the dog I gave it to didn't mind.
  9. I've used the compounded Amicar in both liquid and capsule form and it has worked well in both cases. I don't think the shelf life of the liquid is very long from what I remember.
  10. So sorry that Andy had to leave so soon We'll miss him. He was a good boy.
  11. I should have taken her picture with her Uncle Wingnut, I didn't even think about it!
  12. She's got an awesome personality. Never a moment's shyness or being unsure about her new surroundings. Straight to throwing toys around and running around the house like a lunatic! She's going to be a fun one for sure.
  13. Poor momma dog!! Let us know when you hear how she does. Makes me glad my pre-adopts have all been boys.
  14. My first pre-adopt is home being lazy. I got to visit pre-adopt #2 yesterday, Shrubby. It will be a while (hopefully)! I've also got my eye on this guy who's just started being hand slipped - Templeton (the red boy)
  15. I'd have you vet try the depo medrol injections for lumbosacral stenosis. They either work or they don't. They didn't help Mimi, but I know several dogs that have had a huge improvement from it. Lumbosacral Stenosis
  16. I'd been thinking about doing allergy testing for Romey due to goopy, yucky poop with bouts of diarrhea. He also always had goopy, itchy eyes. I spoke to my friend that owns Treats Unleashed and she recommended this prebiotic / digestive enzyme that she's using to firm up her doxie's poop. OptaGest It's been working really well for his poop - it's almost normal. And, I mentioned to Kevin last night that even though his eyes are still goopy (they always have been since he raced) he's really not itching his eyes and face any more. Might be worth a try? We mix 1/2 teaspoon with ea
  17. Happy Birthday Seamie! You've got lots of friends there to celebrate with you.
  18. My vet told me one time that darting eyes (back and forth) could be vestibular, etc. If they're truly spinning in circles, he said that was almost always a brain tumor. We had a foster dog who had eyes that were actually going in circles. Very odd. Mimi's darted when she had vestibular. I think if it's that, they just need rest. Rocky used to have seizure like episodes. Usually in the middle of the night I'd wake up with him panting, shaking slightly and not really responsive. I don't think I ever turned on the light to see his eyes. I'd get him settled down and by morning he was f
  19. Canned Grammys Pot Pie by Merrick is great to get them to eat. We keep it on hand just in case. It seems to agree with most of their stomachs. We've had very few dogs turn their noses up at it. Grammy's Pot Pie Will she eat peanut butter sandwiches?
  20. I do! Will work on it I really think it depends on the dog. If he's not happy in the crate and is OK being left out, I'd leave him out. I've had Voo Doo for a year and she's still in a crate. I've had Barb for 10 months and she's been out of a crate since probably last September. normaandburrell, we placed Iceman's mom and sister Isabelle.
  21. I've got 4. Two are crated and two aren't. They're completely fine with that arrangement. The two that are crated get into things if they're left out. I'd try leaving him out and see how he does.
  22. Heartworms are getting resistant to ivermectin in the mid-south region. I think some of the farms are starting to alternate ivermectin with another drug (can't remember the name) every other week. Ivermectin shouldn't have anything to do with fleas though I don't think?
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