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  1. Happy Gotcha Day Trevor!! It seems like you've been a camper much longer!
  2. Can you wrap a poise pad around it? I've used it on bleeding wounds before. Rocky had something removed from his leg and after we got home a vein started shooting blood. I put a poise pad on it and wrapped vet wrap around that. Those poise pads hold a LOT of liquid. Sorry about your girl
  3. My heart is breaking that Paddy is gone. He truly could not have had a better home than you. I think he wanted to be an only dog and get all the attention, but he loved the others too. I really don't think he would have been happy without them, as much as he might have thought so. He was always too on top of them. And you should really be proud of yourself, how you stuck with him and worked on ways to manage the mayhem. After 15 years of placing greyhounds in homes, I guarantee that in 99% of the homes he would have been returned. You helped him shine. I know he wasn't always (or most of the time) easy. I could tell in the brief time I had him in my home that he was special. Not always good special, but special. And you know, I saw his name in a program when he raced briefly at Southland. I told Cheryl we had to follow him and track him down for adoption once he retired because his name was like my first and most perfect greyhound. He was UCME Ringneck and she was Flying Ringneck. We had no idea what he looked like or what his personality was like. I never bothered to see what color he was. I just wanted him for our group because of the name I'll never forget the first pictures Cheryl sent of him when he came off the hauler. I thought, "holy crap, this is one of the most gorgeous dogs I have EVER seen" And he still is. I've seen very few dogs that have his striking looks. And luckily very few with his personality! Thank you for loving him even though he was hard to love sometimes. I couldn't have found a better home for him, and he and Aiden have allowed us to become best friends
  4. I think 3 of my current dogs came with pretty cool names that I don't think I could top - DC Wingnut aka Wingnut Voo Doo von Bonz aka Voo Doo Nose Stradamus (he has a roman nose) aka Nosey or Romey And then there's Myokie Barb aka Barb
  5. That's so fun! You need to take them out together more often! I think Paddy enjoyed his day!
  6. It's the same 'munk And, I think it's actually pretty hard to get a skunk to spray you. I think Mythbusters did an episode they were trying to get a skunk to spray and couldn't.
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