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  1. I use the hammock and I also bought a seat extender, which makes a nice wide even space to slide his rectangular bed into. The seat extender did bend over time so i still use it but stick either boxes or milk crates under it in the foot wells to keep it flat.
  2. Yes, please have them check for tick born diseases. My dog had Ehrlichiosis and it shut down his bone marrow and affected all his organs. He was constantly panting and lethargic, that's why I brought him to see the vet and that's when i found out about the Ehrlichiosis.
  3. The C6 gauges the success of treatment. The number should drop at least by 1/2 to be considered successful. My dog was first diagnosed as being exposed with the snap test. My vet then had the C6 titer done to see if that number was over 30 or if my dog was able to fight the lyme himself. his titer was 134 so she treated, even though he was asymptomatic. the next C6 was down to 16 so treatment was considered successful. For my dog, I forget how long after treatment he was retested but if the number does not fall by at least 1/2, then treatment is repeated. My dog has been treated 3 times over t
  4. the only way to know 100% that it is a hemangioma(benign) and not a hemangiosarcoma(cancer) is to biopsy it. Because it has been there for 4 months now I would go with your vet's opinion and biopsy it. It most likely will come back benign but, what if it isn't?
  5. Thank you for the response. So sorry Felix is not doing so well. I believe my 11 1/2 year old boy has chronic Lyme also. He also is starting to have back end weakness. I ordered the clay. It would be nice to have some non squishy poops to pick up!
  6. Cleptogrey I am very interested in trying the clay, as I have been using the carrots for years for my boy. It works well enough, but is expensive. About how long does a jar last you? Do you feel it works better than the carrots? How do you give it to your dog? Is it mixed in with food?
  7. Just wanted to add that it should be the product without THC, the psychoactive part of cannabis. I have read that THC is toxic for dogs.
  8. last year my 11 year old had a sudden swollen wrist and within hours the foot and lower half of is leg were swollen too and he would not put weight on it. Thought for sure it was osteo given his age. Turns out it was not osteo. he was given rimadyl and within hours of the first dose the swelling started to get better. He has been lyme positive for several years and retreated when his titer went up. reran titer and it was way up so he was treated again and now his titer is low and no further wrist problems. Guess my point is that definitely a tick born disease panel should be done if it hasn't
  9. Was bloodwork and full tick panel done? My dog's heavy breathing ended up being from Ehrlichiosis affecting his blood cells.
  10. I've been using fresh factors for about 3 months now. My boy is about the baldest greyhound I've ever seen. Although he did not grow more fur from it, the fur he has is more sleek and shiny with no flaky skin anymore. No dramatic changes, but I do think it was helpful. As far as the review of springtime that was posted goes, I'd want to know who backs this site before I made any decision about springtime.
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