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  1. Hey there Greyhound peeps!! Just thought I'd post again about Vesta's shattered knee. We are still in the wait and see mode. I'm really beginning to doubt that this is what we should have done. At the time what our vet said made total sense. He said that the patella was in so many pieces and he was sure that the ligaments and tendons were shredded that there was just not going to be any thing solid to screw, pin or plate any thing else to. The current plan is to allow the patella to heal up and then go in and look at the tendon and ligaments to see what can be done. I've finally been able to figure out how to upload a photo so you guys can see just how bad her patella is. From what I can see it appears that it's in at least 4 pieces. We are going to seek a second opinion next week so now I'm in the position of trying to find an orthopedic vet that's somewhat close to home. I live in Rocky Mount, NC which is approx. 60 miles east of Raleigh, NC. I just hope we're not too late. I'm not feeling too good about my decision right now. I just want my baby girl to get better and get back to playing in the yard with her brother. Any help or advise you can give me is greatly appreciated.
  2. Hello super smart Greyhound folks, I really need your help! Approximately two weeks ago my sweet grey baby girl Vesta was chasing a bunny in our backyard when disaster struck. Of course my great huntress decided to give chase. They ran parallel to the fence with the bunny on one side and Vesta on the other. For some reason Vesta decided that she wanted to stop so she slammed on her brakes. Her drivers side rear foot went half way into the fence ripping the web out from in between the two toes. She also had a quarter size patch of skin ripped off her passengers front leg, no biggie. Of course She couldn't stop with just those two injuries. No, she had somehow, twisted her knee I guess, and shattered her patella. On the X-rays you could see a small piece of bone that chipped off and was attached to a small piece of ligament that got pulled towards the bottom of her knee. The rest of it was all kind of pulled up from where it should be and just a bunch of pieces. I'm sorry this is taking so long but I want to give you as much of the story as possible. Ok, we rushed her to the e-vet, (of course this happened on a Sunday, X-rays and all that jazz. They wrapped best they could and told me to see my regular vet in the next day or so. Got into them and my vet agreed the knee was a mess, he even consulted with an ortho vet and they agreed. They recommended that we try to keep her as calm as possible and come back in three weeks yo take a look and see how it's healing. I guess my question is, if the knee isn't healing good should I try to have them repair it or just not run the risk and have them amputate it? I'm not really excited about the prospect of having to have her leg removed but I know I have to do what's best for her. Any help you guys can throw my way is much appreciated!
  3. Congratulations on your new addition!! I'm also a firm believer in Olewo Carrots!! My poor guy went through several worm and bacteria treatments but still had soft poop. Like yours it would be OK in the morning but by the end of the day, pudding. I don't know about your pup but my Newt also poops every time we let him out! We started him on the Olewo and literally with in two days we had nice firm poops. Been perfect ever since.
  4. Oh no! I didn't mean for the Carrots. LOL! We might have to give him Tylan powder and I'd heard that it was quite bitter and others tat have given it said they did so using empty capsules. We whip up those Carrots in some water and he gobbles them right down. Thanks for checking though. Thanks for the suggestion, I might give them a call next week.
  5. I think it may have been just the Carrots. Even on the bland diet he still had the liquid poop. I'm sure the bland diet didn't hurt him but it didn't seem to help either.
  6. I'm no expert but I read on GT that to get some dogs to stay in the tub for a bath the smear peanut butter on the shower wall so it distracts them. Maybe you can someone hold some pb on a spoon?
  7. Hello all! I have a quick question for you. I got some empty pill capsules to fill with a med that I need to give to one of my dogs. I was reading the packaging instructions and it says that they are made from a vegetable cellulose. Is my dogs Stomach going to be able to break that down and get the meds he needs? I recently got some Olewo Carrots anfd read that the Carrots are processed to breakdown that cellulose so the dogs get the fiber they need. Thanks in advance!
  8. Hey all! I just wanted to check in and let you all know that we have made very good progress! We got our Olewo Carrots on Wednesday and started those with Newts evening meal. He's now had them with 6 meals and we have nice formed poop! Can't quite bounce it yet but it doesn't stick to the pooper scooper! We've also got him back on his kibble. I can't thank you all enough for your suggestions. It's nice to know that I have a whole family of Grey folks I can call on. You guys are the best!
  9. I wanted to send out a quick thank you to all of you for your help! Newt is still the same. We did switch to beef and oatmeal thinking it may be the chicken. Xtrawld, I think you maybe right, we've probably been trying too much at once. We are going to try to stick with this for a while and see how he does. I'm afraid he might be losing weight though. He's still just above his race weight but it scares me. He and his sister are our 2nd and 3rd Greys. We lost out first to Osteo last August. Thanks again for all the help!
  10. Thanks KF! I read that too but we only had rice at the time but we'll try either potatoes or oatmeal next. Thanks Time4ANap! How much of the bland stuff do you feed? Newt threw up before dinner tonight. It was just some grass and bile so I think it was just because he was hungry. I want to be sure he's getting enough food. He's a 74lb boy. He's not been wormed recently. Would worms show up in a fecal? He just had one done and they didn't see anything. We've got a script for the Tylan so we'll get that ordered. Would/do you give Panacur and Tylan at the same time? Thanks MaryJane! We thought about the burger too. I'll have to hit the store tomorrow. Thanks FiveRoooooers! I forgot to mention that 3 or so months ago we switched him to the dreaded Green Bag too. Didn't seem to make a difference one way or the other. I've heard some who didn't have success on Green Bag but did on Red Bag. Thanks a million to all of you! My vet has worked some with Greys but not enough to be completely familiar with all of their quirks. It always makes me feel better to hear that my pup isn't the only one with tummy issues.
  11. OK, so the quick version...we adopted Newt and his kennel sister Vesta back last August. Both had great tummies. We were feeding Purina ProPlan Sensitive Skin and Stomach. The kennel we got them from feeds whatever they get donated. Things were good for several months then in about January Newt started having soft poops. We didn't rush to the vet but were there within a few days. Tested positive for Giardia. They said he had quite a load. We were given metronidazole and Endurosyn. That didn't seem to work that well. Needless to say we've been through 7 rounds of antibiotics over the last 6 months. Starting on Monday he's had pure liquid poop. No blood but there is mucus. Back to the vet and they say he's clear of Giardia and nothing else is wrong. We had a blood panel done and are waiting on the results. For the past two days we've fed boiled chicken and rice given immodium all to no avail. He's not losing weight and otherwise acts fine. He's also getting probiotics as we thought we may have killed off the good stuff in his tummy with the antibiotics. Is there something we are missing? We've also got Olweo Carrots on order. Any help or thoughts you can give would be greatly appreciated. Oh! Vesta is fine other than a broken toe when she decided to spin pinwheels and show off in front of Newt cause she's faster. LOL!
  12. I've got a senior hound who recently started on pheno. Lucky us, we got the dog that has the hungries as a side effect. We've been feeding him a late snack but with the added food has come the added pounds. He's not gained too much so far but if we continue it will get there. We have thought about adding in some raw meat which he loves but aren't sure how much meat should replace how much kibble. Right now he's eating 2.5 cups of kibble (he used to be getting 2) and green beans a day. If we increase the beans his poo gets soft. I read that adding protein would help him feel fuller. Thanks for the help!
  13. I was wondering if any other seizure dogs have had their taste change after they started on pheno? Tank had his seizure on May 15th. Along with that he hurt his right rear leg at some time during or after his episode. He was a bit off on his food for a while but we chalked it up to not feeling good and adjusting to everything. He then decided that he wanted to have the hungry dog side effect from the pheno. No problem. The only thing was is he was super hungry but would walk away from a full bowl of food. We'd really really have to coax him to eat. On a whim we stopped mixing his kibble with the wet food he loved. Sure enough, he went back to being the hoover dog we know and love. Speaking of hungry dog, how can I bulk up his food with out giving him more kibble? We've been adding green beans but if we add too many he gets soft poop. Thanks for any advice you can spare.
  14. I need help! My sweet 9 year old boy had a cluster seizure at 3am Thursday morning. After a trip to the evet we are home and he has been doing Ok, mostly. Yesterday and today he has been whining quite a bit. Is there a possibility that he pulled a muscle seizing? While at the vet he was pooping in the floor and his legs were slipping so maybe he pulled or strained them? He whines the most when trying to sit or lay down. I've pressed along his spine and he doesn't respond in pain. We gave him a 100 mg rymadil at 9am and he was still whining so we gave him a 50mg tramadol at 11am. Please tell me I didn't just overdose my dog.:-( Just since I've been typing this he has finally settled. I could use all the help anyone can give. Thanks from a very worried mommy!
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