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Treadmills And Greyhounds?

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Ok..the back story...I live in the middle of Hell AKA Phoenix, AZ. :lol I work a 3am-noon shift. Meaning since April, I get off work at noon and it is 100+, I go to bed around 7pm and it is still 100+. I get up at 2am and still in the 90s plus now during our "monsoons" the heat index at 2am is in the mid 90s. so we have all been pretty much slugs for the last 6 months. I do go to Gold's Gym and hit the treadmill there which helps me, but my "kids". I'm seriously thinking of hitting a used sport equipment store and buying a treadmill and dumping my gym membership. I can fashion some side walls to the treamill to keep the hounds from stepping off the sides and a quick stop release to the collar incase they trip. Ofcourse I would be there to supervise their "walks" as well.


I was wondering if any GTers have done this for the hounds or if any of the race trainesr would have any suggestions to help me out. I know treadmills have been use in rehab, but have no idea the speed settings or incline setting or any of that.

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The problem you may find with human treadmills is that I don't think most would be long enough for a Grey to move in a normal stride. No, you don't want them stepping off the sides but having a foot slip off the back could be just as bad.

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I've also heard, on various TV shows where dogs are on treadmills, that you need a special belt. That regular human-grade belts won't stand up to being used by dogs. I'm guessing it's the nails?


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EBay has some dog treadmills listed. That will give you some brand names and specs to research as a start.


Rocket says he's pretty sure this is a violation of the "dopshun kontrakt." :rotfl


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Guest Lovey_Hounds

We have a treadmill (people kind) for our coursing greyhound and she does well on it, we keep her to a brisk walk at the most with no incline so far the belt has held up but my dogs nails are always clipped to a good short length.

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True, that will help with weight control but exercise is also necessary for fitness.

And stimulation in general...


Zuri has used an underwater treadmill for PT so I don't see why you wouldn't be able to do this although I don't know the size of the treadmill Z was on so obviously researching dimensions that would work for a greyhound is important. It would be important to set up the side barriers I think. Also, when we first started, Z wanted to either put his paws up on the front edge to stop walking, or more often he'd try to put his legs up on the edge on either side. The underwater treadmill was large enough that we were able to use flotation devices so that he wasn't able to do that. Basically pool noodles were layed around him on all sides. You might want to think about a way to maybe attach a pool noodle across the back end so that if the dog starts to slide back, either because he slows down or stops that he gets a little encouragement to pick it up. :)


I have video somewhere of Z on his treadmill. I'll try to dig it up and post it a bit later, or feel free to PM me if I forget (or search EEG, it was in his thread). His pace was pretty SLOW. Of course we were doing it for PT and we did increase the speed slightly as he got better, but I think you'll want to start very very slow and only go for 5-10 minutes, then build up.


The only other thought I have is that being outdoors and getting sunlight are so important so I would still try to get some outside time, even if that's just soaking the dogs with cold water to keep them cool and sitting outside for a bit.


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