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  1. I feed both chicken and duck feet. Always raw, of course. But I'll feed them defrosted, partially defrosted or completely frozen -- they good any way you give them.
  2. I'm so sorry. That was a wonderfully written (and pictured) tribute!
  3. Is it a huge dose? Can you use one of those syringes that you use with Metacam? Those are great for squirting liquid down the back of the throat. I see that it can be irritating and needs to be taken with food... but can the meal not be eaten immediately afterwards?
  4. I just use a store brand -- cordless and variable speed. And I used this document as a starting point: Doberdawn BTW, I also do have clippers that I used before I discovered the glory of the rotary grinder. My lab cross had much thicker nails than my greyhound and I had no difficulty with cutting them -- are you using a good quality pair of sharp scissor-type clippers? If they are good, then your "girl strength" shouldn't be an issue.
  5. I have never dealt with this type of situation so, regrettably, I have no advice. The only thing I can say is that I would immediately stop visiting the nursing home. You can't take an unreliable dog into a therapy dog environment, it's not fair for the dog, you or the residents. Good luck with everything!
  6. You may find this article on Greyhound Crossroad's website useful.
  7. Here's a link you may find useful. http://greyhoundcrossroads.com/index.php?page=weight
  8. This may be helpful. http://greyhoundcrossroads.com/index.php?page=weight
  9. That's a crazy amount. My girl only gets 1 1/4 cups with water for breakfast (350 calories) and 1 can of moist for dinner (another 500-550 calories) with salmon oil. Then a few dehydrated treats during the day. Raced at 64 lbs. and currently weighs 68 lbs. But rather than the number on the scale, I prefer to go by how she looks and feels. Whether your dog is above or below racing weight in her retirement, it's more about her condition.
  10. I'm glad it's working for your boy! Summer fell at a run one day and slid on her back. A couple of weeks later, she started holding up a hind leg when she ran, so she was running on 3. I took her to a recommended chiropractor and she fixed it right up. Now we go for regular "tune ups" and I think it's great. I also went to Summer's chiropractor and was very pleased with her -- I prefer women as I just find them gentler, even when they are performing the same action.
  11. Summer had a dental in December. The price for the dental was about $450 and she had 5 extractions (3 lower front incisors and 2 upper 4th premolars). The bill was $1100 something. Her insurance covered the extractions.
  12. I'm trying Trifexis for the first time this year. I am really hoping that she doesn't have any reaction.
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