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  1. I feed both chicken and duck feet. Always raw, of course. But I'll feed them defrosted, partially defrosted or completely frozen -- they good any way you give them.
  2. We run in baseball diamonds with other greyhounds. The diamonds are fully fenced except for the 2 entrances. We have portable 5' gates that we bring and install to cover those openings. Then we release the (muzzled) hounds! We run when it's cool so, at this time of year, the run would be at, say, 8:00am before it gets hot.
  3. Summer also sends her congratulations. She is very envious of Conrad's mad skillz. Normally, she manages to rustle up a few "yard meals" every spring but she's now 10 and just that little bit slower. She'll happily help Conrad dispose of his catches, though!
  4. Not quite what I was expecting to see, either. LOL! My girl would have had that bunny caught, dispatched and down the hatch before sweet Hester even got into a trot.
  5. I'm so sorry. That was a wonderfully written (and pictured) tribute!
  6. Is it a huge dose? Can you use one of those syringes that you use with Metacam? Those are great for squirting liquid down the back of the throat. I see that it can be irritating and needs to be taken with food... but can the meal not be eaten immediately afterwards?
  7. I just use a store brand -- cordless and variable speed. And I used this document as a starting point: Doberdawn BTW, I also do have clippers that I used before I discovered the glory of the rotary grinder. My lab cross had much thicker nails than my greyhound and I had no difficulty with cutting them -- are you using a good quality pair of sharp scissor-type clippers? If they are good, then your "girl strength" shouldn't be an issue.
  8. I have never dealt with this type of situation so, regrettably, I have no advice. The only thing I can say is that I would immediately stop visiting the nursing home. You can't take an unreliable dog into a therapy dog environment, it's not fair for the dog, you or the residents. Good luck with everything!
  9. You may find this article on Greyhound Crossroad's website useful.
  10. Annie might like the cooling bandanna, then. At least it would help somewhat. And since it's on her neck like a collar, she shouldn't mind it. Here's an example: Amazon Chill-It.
  11. There are also cooling bandannas. I have a few of them. They aren't anywhere near as effective as the cooling coat. I usually end up wearing the bandanna and Summer wears the cooling coat. But if you put on the bandanna snug enough to keep in contact with those wonderful large vessels in their throat, it does offer some help. Even better if you have one of those dogs who have no hair on the front of their throats, LOL. But again, they aren't as good and warm up a lot faster.
  12. Here's a link you may find useful. http://greyhoundcrossroads.com/index.php?page=weight
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