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Brood Moms - Importance Of Blood Type

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In case I am not the only person who didn't know this, thought I'd share something I recently learned.


Normally a dog that has never had a blood transfusion can receive blood of any type with the first transfusion. It is only after that, that they develop antibodies and require matching blood going forward.


However, I recently learned that any female who has had pups also needs to be typed - antibodies can cross the placental wall.


Apparently typing only takes about 20 minutes, but what I plan to do is ask for her blood to be typed next time she has bloodwork done. Ditto Jeff since he's quite likely a universal donor like most greyhounds, and he's her son.

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I had no idea. Thank you.

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Guest Doggone

Wow! Thank you for this information!

I'm going to call her vet and see whether that was done for Autumn (mom to three litters, 16 pups altogether). If not, I'll have it done on her next visit:).

Although I pray it would never be needed, in an emergency, I can see where it's vital knowledge!

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I wonder if the antibodies effect subsequent litters as can happen in humans... infants that is not litters.

I don't know if this is really relevant - but with humans - pregnant women are always bloodtyped - and the father's bloodtype determined too. If mom is Rh negative, and dad is Rh positive - it's likely that the fetus will be Rh positive - so mom gets a shot of Rhogam (not sure of spelling) - to prevent her blood from attacking and potentially killing the "non-matching" baby. The mom's body's response usually doesn't kill the fist pregnancy (without Rhogam) - but it's on high alert after that and will attack subsequent pregnancies. Probably the reason why back in the olden days - some women had multiple miscarriages - Rh incompatability.


I'm NOT in the medical profession - so take this with a grain of salt. I'm A negative - my DH is AB positive - and I think this is what I remember from my pregnancy 16 years ago. And a VERY painful shot.


As far as antibodies affecting the mother (in humans) I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

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Does anybody else wonder if tick diseases can pass through the placental barrier and infect the pups?


They're too big to cross the placenta.

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