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Slim Faithful Protector, Leader, Soulmate 12/21/99 - 8/15/06


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Another year Slim.....

Though blinded for a while by the pain of our separation you have taught me that you are right in front of me still.


I remember the glorious day you came to me - you were the most intriguing creature I'd ever met. You made me laugh and you made me very happy. You were like me! You liked to fight and were a warrior and it was a very fullfilling relationship for both of us. How I miss sparring with you! Something about you made me want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you. You wanted this too.


I remember the days when you were in your prime and we did many things together. I was so proud of you! You were a good friend and you took care of me. When I didn't have a lot of time for you because of my obligations, you waited patiently for me. You were always there when I needed you. You protected and cared for me so that perhaps at times I felt a bit unworthy. But I knew I was never unworthy in your eyes. I couldn't get enough of you and you felt the same about me.


I remember the last time we saw each other with earthly eyes. I tried to be brave. But you knew me so well, better than anyone else in the world. You looked at me with such pure trust and love that I yearned only to hold you close and keep you with me always. I promised that I would love you forever. You believed me.


I remember the depth of love in your eyes when you looked at me. Who created this love? Would the Creator diminish the song of our laughter that grew and flourished in this love? You are no longer an earthly figure, this is true. Your body was only part of who you really are and it would have been but a mere shell on earth if it were not filled to overflowing with your soul, your spirit and your loving light. When we met I thought you were handsome and beautiful even though you were nearly starved to death. What kind of relationship would we have had if this were all that you'd been? How could I have loved you if you'd had no spiritual substance?


I cry because I miss you. I know you understand and miss me too. But life does go on beyond the wonderful, fulfilling physical connections. You had to cross over to continue on in a new life, not because you didn't love me anymore or because you wanted something better. You crossed over because even though you were only six years old it was time for you to go to the next phase of your existence, something all living creatures must do eventually. It is the normal progression of life. You were not taken away from me because you cannot take away that which is never owned. Your presence in my life was and is a gift to be cherished and honored just as I cherish and honor you.


….when you took leave of your earthly body you told me that you left a little something behind for me. I can't touch it, hold it or examine it, for what you left behind is far too uninhibited for confinement. You left in my tender care a piece of your soul. You placed it right next to my own which is quite fitting as we were always side by side in our earthly life together. You love me too much to have left me with nothing but memories that tend to fade and grow cloudy as the years go by. You love me too much to have vanished without a trace-to remove love and light from my life.


I know you understand my tears but that you don't want me to forget the good things we shared - to remember and smile. This is an honor for us both. I know when I need you that you will be there. I picture you in my mind. I look for the signs you send me. I'll never stop being proud of you, You are a friend to be proud of and will always be my soul mate. I won't memorialize the death of your body but instead I will honor and celebrate your never-ending life for it is eternal and forever as is my love for you.

Until we meet again...

God how I love you Slim.

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Guest Gillybear

This is beautiful. Slim looks just like my Gill and I can relate to all you said, especially as I see Gill's age showing. I know it's just a matter of time, but found comfort in your words...

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so beautifully written

Jan with precious pups Emmy (Stormin J Flag) and Simon (Nitro Si) and Abbey Field.  Missing my angels: Bailey Buffetbobleclair 11/11/98-17/12/09; Ben Task Rapid Wave 5/5/02-2/11/15; Brooke Glo's Destroyer 7/09/06-21/06/16 and Katie Crazykatiebug 12/11/06 -21/08/21. My blog about grief The reality is that you will grieve forever. You will not get over the loss of a loved one; you will learn to live with it. You will rebuild yourself around the loss you have suffered. You will be whole again but you will never be the same. Nor should you be the same, nor would you want to. Elisabeth Kübler-Ross

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Every word resonates...I wish he could have stayed longer, that they could all stay forever. I am glad you have held the part he left behind close to your heart.


These words of ee cummings resonated with me so, after losing my boy last year; "i carry your heart with me (i carry it in my heart)" - that is where we keep them, isn't it...your love for him continues and he knows.

My boys, together again...




A hui hou kakou, my loves

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That was very beautifully written for an obvious special soul. The words are beautiful and love shines through. Slim was a beautiful pup, so very beautiful in so many ways.

Kyle with Stewie ('Super C Ledoux, Super C Sampson x Sing It Blondie) and forever missing my three angels, Jack ('Roy Jack', Greys Flambeau x Miss Cobblepot) and Charlie ('CTR Midas Touch', Leo's Midas x Hallo Argentina) and Shelby ('Shari's Hooty', Flying Viper x Shari Carusi) running free across the bridge.

Gus an coinnich sinn a'rithist my boys and little girl.

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sending you many, MANY hugs. I know how special Slim was to you. He's still alive in your heart, and that's what matters. HUGS :grouphug :grouphug

Kim and Bruce - with Rick (Rick Roufus 6/30/16) and missing my sweet greyhound Angels Rainey (LG's Rainey 10/4/2000 - 3/8/2011), Anubis (RJ's Saint Nick 12/25/2001 - 9/12/12) and Zeke (Hey Who Whiz It 4/6/2009 - 7/20/2020) and Larry (PTL Laroach 2/24/2007 - 8/2/2020) -- and Chester (Lab) (8/31/1990 - 5/3/2005), Captain (Schipperke) (10/12/1992 - 6/13/2005) and Remy (GSP) (?/?/1998 - 1/6/2005) at the bridge
"Always do sober what you said you'd do drunk. That will teach you to keep your mouth shut." -- Ernest Hemmingway

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:grouphug for you and your dearest friend.

Old Dogs are the Best Dogs. :heartThank you, campers. Current enrollees:  Punkin. AnnIE Oooh M

Angels: Pal :heart. Segugio. Sorella (TPGIT). LadyBug. Zeke-aroni. MiMi Sizzle Pants. Gracie. Seamie :heart:brokenheart. (Foster)Sweet. Andy. PaddyALVIN!Mayhem. Bosco. Bruno. Dottie B. Trevor Double-Heart. Bea. Cletus, KLTO. Aiden 1-4.

:paw Upon reflection, our lives are often referenced in parts defined by the all-too-short lives of our dogs.

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That is the most beautiful tribute. I have tears for how true it all is and have a feeling I will be reading this again soon when I must part ways with my Macho. Thank you for such amazing words... They truely discribe the feelings.

Mom to Macho (JS XtremeMachine 1/12/2007 -8/17/2012 ... Gotcha day 9/2/2011. I miss you BigMan)
Moonbeam (Ninos Full Moon 11/1/2009, Gotcha day 9/2/2012), Hattie (Kiowa Hats Off 4/14/2011, Gotcha day 10/13/2012), Keiva (JS Igotyourbooty 1/12/2007, Gotcha Day 1/8/2014)
Jimmy (Blu Too James 06/26/2014, Gotcha day 09/12/2015)
, a shepard mix named Tista, some cats, and some reptiles.

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