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Dempsey- Looks Like It's Cancer...

Guest HeatherDemps

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Guest HeatherDemps

I don't even want to type the words here because it makes it even more real...


Right after Thanksgiving, Dempsey started limping and crying one morning so we took him to the emergency vet. It was determined that it was his right shoulder area and he was given Rimadyl. He was on that for just a couple of days and we took him off to see if the limp came back because we were leaving soon on vacation. Deep down I knew what it was but I tend to be a big worrier with him so I kept telling myself I was wrong. I'm trying to let go of the guilt with that piece of it, but it's hard.


The limp didn't come back and he had been fine ever since- until yesterday morning. The limp was back and he was obviously in bad pain. Blood tests are all normal. X-rays are showing something there and he'll have a biopsy on Monday and then we'll have to make some decisions once the results are back. He's now on pain meds in addition to the Rimadyl. The limp is gone and he seems like his normal self this morning but I know it's still there...


If anyone who has been in this situation before could tell me what to expect and what decisions you made and the results, I would be really grateful. I'm trying to look online but don't get far before getting overwhelmed and just too upset. I'm trying not to make decisions based on my own selfishness but it is really hard. Dempsey is 11, will be 12 in August and has had no medical issues until now. Has anyone had a front leg amputated with an older dog and how did the dog do?


Thanks for any advice or wisdom you can give.



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Sending my many prayers and hope. :grouphug


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Guest TBSFlame

I am so sorry. I am dealing with osteo right now. So far, Beecher doesn't seem to be in any pain but his tumor is getting larger. He is 11.5 and it is on his rib.

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Guest WarmheartedPups

I am so very sorry. No advice. I had an 8 year old pup that was diagnosed, I did not do amputation...there wasnt a lot of time left.


You will find your answeres. Prayers to you and your family.

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I'm glad to "see" you here; though, I wish it was under better circmstances :(


I have no advise, except that you know you are in the right place to get all the info/experience you need to carry you and Dempsy through.


Sending big hugs to you and Demps...

Tonya, mom to May, and my angels Vinnie, Rex, Red, Chase, and Jake.

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Guest TriciasZoo

I haven't been through osteo, but I know the feeling of dread, that sense of knowing it's not "just" something else, even when others, more experienced, tried to reassure me it probably wasn't. I couldn't be comforted. When Peatie's lymph nodes started swelling, almost everyone tried to tell me it was likely a systemic infection, especially at only 5 years old. The next day we took him in, the Vet told me he was 99% sure, before the biopsy, that it was lymphoma. As you may know, we lost him just two weeks from that day, the day his blood work came back to start his chemo. I pray for you, that it's not osteo, and that your gut feeling is wrong on this. I will keep you close in my thoughts and add you to my nightly prayer candle. :hope :hope :candle :candle :bighug :bighug

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It depends on how healthy he is and has been until the osteo. I hestitate to amputate on an older dog.


Heather, I was just thinking about you and Dempsey the other day wondering how you have been doing. I am sorry to hear the news.


It's really a dog by dog and owner by owner decision. There are 3 active threads here on dogs that are going thru what you may be facing:








and several other threads on those who chose not to amputate.


I encourage you to join Circle of Greys (a yahoo group).



Diane & The Senior Gang

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We went through this exactly a year ago, also in the right shoulder. I well know that feeling of "knowing" what it is even when others are telling you it's probably something else. We decided not to amputate and treated with pain meds but we were shocked at how quickly our boy went downhill. We thought we'd have maybe a couple of months, but we only had 2 weeks. We've been second-guessing ourselves ever since about whether we made the right decision about not amputating.


I hope you find all the information you need to help you make your decision and wish you strength in the time ahead.


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My Lexi was diagnosed last year. It was diagnosed by xray. I passed on the biopsy. My vet & a 2nd greyhound savy vet both felt it was 99% cancer. I choose not to amputate for many reasons - cost, quality of life, length of time it would have given my Lexi. I just took some time off from work, spoiled her as much a I could & had her put to sleep a few weeks later. She was just in too much pain. It is not easy & I hope not to go through it for quite some time. Read as much as you can & make the decision that is right for the dog & your family.


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I'm very sorry to hear your news. :grouphug I've been through OS three times with gh's that were in the 9-11 yr. old range. From first limp to needing to be PTS due to unmanageable pain was only 6 weeks with each of them. :( I did a biopsy on Derbs and would not do that again, due to the pain it caused. Repeat x-rays within a month will tell you all you need to know if it is OS. Any chance Dempsey was exposed to Valley Fever? It presents with symptoms very similar to OS, including on x-rays. A fungal test will rule it out. Please consider joining the Circle of Grey group. You have much to consider... age, location of problem, expense, chemo or not, etc. Once you have researched adequately and made your decision, do not second guess yourself. You know in your heart what is right for your boy. Sending lots of hugs and prayers for this difficult journey. :hope:bighug

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I am sorry to hear of your boy's OS :(

Make no mistake, this disease really moves fast and that, in and of itself, is petrifying. There are a minority of greys who are lucky enough to have the slower growth version of this disease, but very few, indeed. The pain meds(tramadol, mostly) and anti-inflam like rimadyl are critical in managing this at the early stage, so you are in line there. When we decided to have Dyce's left front leg amputated, we did so believing him to be a better candidate, 6 yrs. old and in good health, otherwise. Little did we know that he would have the complications he suffered(bleeding and clotting, severe bacterial infection), and today I know that I wish we had not proceeded with this--even with chemo and artemisinin, a powerful natural based compound, the extra time you buy is limited. These wonderful hounds are susceptable to osteo, that is a fact, and their limited life burns that much brighter, like the superstars they are :heart:paw

Sending good thoughts and wishes for many more quality days to come and strength to you, your boy and your family :hope:candle:grouphug

Be at peace, life is a cycle, after all---your decision will be the right one for you and Dempsey

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Not been through osteosarcoma, so no advice to give, I'm afraid... I just wanted to send my support... :grouphug

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Guest IrskasMom

Yesterday it was 2 Years , that my Boy left us . OS is the most horrible Decease we can think of and I am

so truly sorry for what you and Dempsey going through. I do want to hug you and offer my Support.


:grouphug :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug :grouphug

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I'm so sorry your dealing with this. Sending my prayers and hope.

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Guest jurishound

I am so sorry to hear about Dempsey. Have you considered sending the radiographs to Dr. Couto/OSU? My understanding is that a biopsy can be painful, and perhaps he/they can make a DX based on the rads alone. Sending very best wishes to you and your boy.

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I have had 6 with Osteo. I have amputated three times and would have it no other way. Candy lived 8 months, Dennis (the menace) lived just over a year. My current guy Rocky was 8 months post amp Dec 13. Rocky is doing well, I know I am blessed with so many making it so long.




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