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  1. Irene - I am so sorry for your loss of Wendy. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We understand your pain. Hugs Cora
  2. Hugs to Wendy. Twiggy was our miracle girl. So So sorry for your lose.
  3. Does anyone know anything about having gold beads implanted thru acupuncture in a dogs head to help with seizures?
  4. We paid $50 a day for a full time vet tech to stay at the house with multiple greyhounds. We also would leave extra food for them and a little extra money for food in case they would like to order a pizza. Hug to Twiggy and her mom. Keep up the good work.
  5. Wendy - Please contact Dr Couto and let him know about Twiggy. He is out of the country so it may take a few days for him to get back to you. guilledvm@gmail.com
  6. Prayers and white light for Twiggy and her mom. Older greyhounds do develop kidney problems. Cricket was dx with kidney problems at 3 years of age. Some were DX with kidney failure and passed away from old age. Cricket had 3 strokes in her old age. She passed away at 16 from old age. She wasn't in the best of shape from the strokes but we were there to serve her if she needed anything. The vet had me lean her up against the couch when she was trying to regain her balance to walk. She walked again. Not in a straight line but she walked.
  7. I would put it in their kibble. No problems with them taking it. It does have a terrible taste, I tried it. I might have wet the kibble down a little.
  8. Remember the greyhound is like having a 3 year old in the house. They will always keep you on your toes.
  9. You might want to put some ointment on them.
  10. We use a harness from Ruff Wear. He may not need one too much. He will have to get his sea legs. They usually stay at the vet until they are stable walking. Some need one day, some need a week. I like to have them wear it for my security. If you try to help too much you get in there way.
  11. Contact Cristina at the Ohio State Blood Bank for the free chemo
  12. One of our greyhounds could not walk. We gave 1/4 baby aspirin twice a day. It took about a week but he came back and was fine.
  13. Check your label on your food. We have some big boys that get 6 cups a day. You should be able to cut him back a little and see if he loses weight. We feed our's the grain free Nature's Domain from Costco, Salmon and Sweet Potato. Did you deworm him? Not that he wasn't dewormed at the kennel. Worms are to dogs like a cold is to people. It happens.
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