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  1. When I signed in last year, actually every year, they ask if I want to book for the next year. I always book the same room.
  2. We have our room at Quality Inn. If all goes as planned, Wednesday through Sun. .
  3. Dewey has some beautiful Sterling for sale, Midnight Sun Beading sells Golden Hound Sterling in the Atlantic Oceanside, Shannon O Riley jewelry, again sterling at the Atlantic Oceanside, both on bottom floor. Beth Wade,, more beautiful sterling is in Dewey. Dewey has some great vendors . Don't miss vendors who chose staying in rooms. Dewey has some super shopping !
  4. Dewey has some top notch vendors. Midnight Sun is at the Atlantic Oceanside. Renee has gorgeous sterling silver jewelry and more gorgeous beaded necklaces for dogs and people. Plus earring, purses, shirts, plus more. Room.is bottom. Floor. Ann Hess, Cassie's Casuals also has top quality brooders everything. Don't miss out on some really beautiful sterling jewelry, come to Dewey. There are more then just these 2.
  5. Also had corns removed from my greys foot. Swore we would never do that again. Painful, also long time recovery. Then the corns came back.
  6. I hope he is getting back to normal. Gene has afib, and it can happen anytime. At gig we spent 1 whole day in the ER. Let us know how he is doing.
  7. If you are staying in the Eisenhower please be aware all dogs walking in the halls have to wear muzzles. Due to a mishap last year this is the new ruling. It is posted on FB GIG. Also dogs in the potty area must be muzzled. If you don't bring a muzzle everyone will be in a frenzy to buy one. I am not staying there, just posting to update info.
  8. Google cbd and read about how it works and some of the results. My vet also prescribes it. It works on pain also. My whippet has arthritis and it helps her. First start with your vet.
  9. I also do straight ivomec for many years. If dosed correctly there should be no problem. It is given in minute ( small) amount. My 16 yr 4 month old whippet sees better then I. Her hearing not so good but eyes are super.
  10. Have you considered cdb? My 16 yr and 4 month old whippet is doing much better now that I am giving it to her. Almost no sundowning, eating better, and actually comes to me to get scratched and neck rubs. She comes back to door after peeing, sometimes she walks around but seems more with it. We have to keep prompting her to eat but she eats on her own. Her eyes are more alert to us and she wants to kinda gallop some when in yard. It's not a cure but certinly gave her a more meaningful life.
  11. My new dog tested negative for worms. I thought she just was not healthy looking and not gaining. I purchased panacure from tractor supply and dosed her 3 days. Worms came out. And yet her stools tested negative. Another dog has not had good stools for about a year. We changed food, did pepcid,you name it we tried. When we dosed new dog we dosed her, and now her stools are picture perfect stools. Worms can fool you and the Dr. The 1 stool you take to dr, may be clear. We dosed new dog 3 days every 2 weeks, 3 times. She is healthier looking, hair great, gaining, no gurgles
  12. We have to leave Sun morning. We have a long haul home. Have always left Sun. If I have not bought what I want Fri or Sat, I won't buy it Sun. I agree with everything Trish wrote. If there are day trippers will it offset costs for the vendors staying another night. Or, traveling all night or farther into Monday????
  13. Tricia and Burke, so very sorry to read that Murray has left this earth. There are no words to express how our hearts feel. Having been at that place many times I understand the pain and hole that is left in your life. It is heartbreaking knowing you cannot,fix them anymore. When I knew we were going living the last month of our Ashley's life was not easy. You want each day to last hours more. Then you know it is time to free them of this world. Having been there 13 times does not make it any easier. The more you love the harder it gets. God be with you now and help you and Murray, run free an
  14. In the past I used clippers. Dogs hated them. Changed to the dremel years back and they are much happier. When I first get dogs they need to be introduced to the dremel, I will never go back to clippers. I have their nails down so they do not touch the ground. To do this I have to dremel every 5 to 7 days. It is just a tiny bit, but it takes the quick down farther and farther. With the nails being black this is a tip ( of advice ) LOL. When I dremel, I check with my finger nail on the end of the nail. You will definitely feel the soft quick. Do the dremeling and then feel with the tip o
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