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  1. Thank you so much for all of your kind and thoughtful responses. After some hard thinking we have decided to take him back to the adoption group - who have been very good about it, and are viewing it as a 'first foster' situation where they are now more informed about what he needs in a home. We are heartbroken and will take a bit of time to recover before we think about adopting again but we will be back to it! Potentially looking at an adoption group where the hounds go into foster first so that it's more of a known situation. Thank you again :-)
  2. Hello!! I'm really hoping that somebody can help here. We adopted our greyhound a few weeks ago. When we adopted him we spoke about the fact that we were first time dog owners, in a busy suburb and that he would be in close contact with other dogs frequently. Since bringing him home it's clear that he is very reactive to dogs - growling, barking and lunging regardless of whether they are big or small (all dogs we have come across have been well behaved and on leash). He starts reacting when they are really quite far away. We've tried reducing his walks to give him less of a chance to come
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