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  1. Hello mountaingrey21, Our retired boy was similar to yours for the first week. Read the post below (by HeyRunDog) that was life changing for me to help my grey, thank you!
  2. Wow, BatterseaBrindl, HeyRunDog, and greysmom, thank you so much for all of the advice!! Today, my boy seemed so happy outside and then we took a 0.75ish (I approximate I’m not measuring or anything😂) walk on sidewalk/grass area. He seemed so happy. I think he is starting to settle in (been about a week since he came). Being patient (have not brought in another dog yet) and hope he continues to be happy outside. I will keep you updated. Thank you for the help, I cherished it and it was so helpful!!
  3. My newly fostered greyhound is scared and reluctant to go outside. But once out there he is comfortable in the back/front yard, but the back/front yard only. He doesn’t like going on structured walks where we would go on the sidewalk. Doesn’t like going near the sidewalk. Should I consider walking with another dog? My neighbor has an old, gentle, slow lab that likes other dogs. Right now, I am very patient. He loves the inside and sits next to me and is cuddly and getting more and more confident every day. Thank you for all of the advice!!
  4. Hi all, I am in a similar situation. My newly fostered greyhound doesn’t like going outside. But when he’s out there he is comfortable walking in my front/back yard but not the sidewalk. Is there anything I can do or just be patient and kind?
  5. Thank you for such a thoughtful response. He has already started to open up more outside, goes in the back yard (not the front as much). Slowly but surely! Thank you for your words.
  6. Our recently retired greyhound has been with us for a couple days now. The first day he was great with walks, the second day a loud, fast car came by a quiet street and scared him. Now he is so so so reluctant to go outside and once he’s out there he doesn’t move at all. How can I help?
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