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  1. Thank you TBhounds. You are now the 2nd person in about an hour who recommended budsonide. I will check on that ASAP. Morrie is getting B-12 injections weekly (that just started_. I'm freaking out because his Albumin level has dropped. It was 2.3 about 3 weeks ago and as of Saturday it was down to 1.9. I just also did some research and found out about eggs and feed 2 hard boiled eggs to Morrie tonight. You are so wonderful. This gives me something to moves towards. I do not have an internist yet. I will need one. Tha t too is my next step when the upping the prednisone to
  2. I'm double posting this because of the urgency. Our friend moved to Sioux FAlls S. Dakota and just emailed her dog's xrays. There is zero doubt that the greyhound has osteo - almost a complete gap where the tumor is. We would like to help her (we're in Chicago) find a compassionate vet who will do in home euthanasia because the dog could break his leg at any moment. Text me at 312-252-0770 Thanks, Liz
  3. Thank you so much. I just wanted some thoughts on this topic!
  4. So this is probably a goofy thought. My beautiful new friend, Morrie, is up for his rabbies. So I want to take him in for his shot. His other shots expire in October. Do I do everything together or go back in October. I'll get the 3 year rabbies (he's 4 now). Thanks!
  5. is very very cold right now - brrrrr

  6. http://i7photobucket.com/album/y269/GiJenn...ggies/Garth.jpg
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