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  1. So it's not frequent food change. He has been on Eukanuba for 6 months. 2 weeks ago I slowly transitioned him off eukanuba to IAMS lamb. No problem. NOW with the hookworm it's been a very bad 3 days. My question is 2 parts. 1. Other than the diarrhea protocol which I have followed to the letter. is there anything else I can do 2. When we get to the other side, can I transition him from IAMS lamb to Purina Proplan sensitive stomach lamb.....
  2. Hi all, Gustav Klimt, soon to be 3 year old greyhound. I was feeding him Eukanuba but I stopped to move him to lamb/rice combo which I use IAMS. All was fine transition went perfect. Poop was really good. Sunday, he had a hookworm breakout (saw the shiny covering on his poop and went uh oh). So the transition was 2 weeks old so I don't think it's the food because this diarrhea is continuing. I have him on rice, and I/D Hills Turkey sensitive stomach food (canned). Today (Wednesday) this morning he was better but still not "formed". I started goat dewormer on Sunday and am continuing. Any thoughts? I was going to move to Purina sensitive stomach lamb/rice. ???? Thanks! Liz
  3. Thank you TBhounds. You are now the 2nd person in about an hour who recommended budsonide. I will check on that ASAP. Morrie is getting B-12 injections weekly (that just started_. I'm freaking out because his Albumin level has dropped. It was 2.3 about 3 weeks ago and as of Saturday it was down to 1.9. I just also did some research and found out about eggs and feed 2 hard boiled eggs to Morrie tonight. You are so wonderful. This gives me something to moves towards. I do not have an internist yet. I will need one. Tha t too is my next step when the upping the prednisone to 50 mg two times a day does not work.
  4. I'm double posting this because of the urgency. Our friend moved to Sioux FAlls S. Dakota and just emailed her dog's xrays. There is zero doubt that the greyhound has osteo - almost a complete gap where the tumor is. We would like to help her (we're in Chicago) find a compassionate vet who will do in home euthanasia because the dog could break his leg at any moment. Text me at 312-252-0770 Thanks, Liz
  5. Thank you so much. I just wanted some thoughts on this topic!
  6. So this is probably a goofy thought. My beautiful new friend, Morrie, is up for his rabbies. So I want to take him in for his shot. His other shots expire in October. Do I do everything together or go back in October. I'll get the 3 year rabbies (he's 4 now). Thanks!
  7. I am so sorry for your loss. I am sure Monty is watching over you. You have wonderful memories about all of his antics. Take care.
  8. I am so sorry to read about Specky's passing. You have my deepest condolences.
  9. I know it just takes your breath away. My deepest condolences to you and your family.
  10. I think he was holding me for the past few days. On Sunday, the sun shone soooo bright and I felt him leave me to go to his final resting place. He led a wonderful life, particularly the last 7 months. Thanks you for your thoughts. I hope the same thing. Thank you. I liked to think they came from Garth but they were certainly inspired by him. He taught me how to look at the world through his eyes with love and patience.
  11. Donna: My heart breaks for you and your family. Joe was one of a kind and a good soul. I loved hearing about his hijinks! I hope you find peace and good memories. Liz J.
  12. Marc: I have no doubt that Garth has settled in to a wonderful place where he is surrounded by dogs large and small and they run free, eating crab grass (Garth's favorite) and smelling beautiful flowers, waiting for us to join them.
  13. Yes, it is so sad. Garth was one of the original unruly boys. Thank you for your kind words
  14. I am sad to report that my sweet greyhound, Garth was put to sleep yesterday evening. He was my constant companion for seven years and lived to see his 11th birthday. I feel so sad because he was doing fine until about 3 weeks ago. Garth hurt his back playing with his other dog friends and when we went to the vet, she said it was arthritis and gave us some mexacam. Well, on Wednesday evening he was playing a jumping again, and in an instant he lost the use of his right rear leg. We had a vet visit scheduled with another vet because I was displeased with the Sept. diagnosis. An x-ray yesterday revealed that he had bone cancer in the right leg and advanced arthritis in the left rear leg. Garth would never really walk again. Today has been surreal as I have spent just about everyday of the last 3 years with him and I cannot believe I will never seem him again. He was a brave, strong, kind, gentle dog who loved all animals and people. It's both good news and bad news that he really did not suffer. Yesterday was a bear when I met with the vet and saw that my poor boy could not stand up on his own. Greytalk has been a fun place to post the various "garth things" he did. Garth is truly in a better place right now.
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