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  1. We did bone marrow yesterday and she took more biopsy cells from the spleen for another look and extra blood in case a more thorough CBC is needed. His white blood cells have also been down slightly, but not enough to be a worry or a definite sign of something else. His appetite is fine and will eat anything presented to him. Though he has loss weight @ 5 lbs since the beginning of August and is now back down to racing weight. Not a big issue, there is some argument that anything over racing weight is too much. IMHO it depends on the dog. Man I forgot how boney his back feels! Energy levels are good as well. Today I work and wait to hear the results from yesterday's testing.
  2. Vet just called. No red flags with the spleen biopsy. So no real answers aside from there doesn't appear to be some form of cancer in the spleen. Next step is a bone marrow test to see if something is happening there. Good news I think...
  3. Well, platelet level took a nose dive again back to the 50s. We were referred to a place to get an ultrasound and other testing done and did that yesterday. Xrays were clean, yay, good news! Ultrasound showed an enlarged and mottled looking spleen. The Dr biopsied the spleen and sent samples to a pathologist. I should hear this afternoon what the pathology report says. May have to go back for a bone marrow test today, but won't know 'till results are in and read. No idea what the best case scenario is at this point. It all seems sort of bleak. Really I need to stop reading articles online about different way this could be going. Rex's is still eating and seems to have lots of energy, so it doesn't seem totally hopeless yet. Just so bummed it isn't something easy like a TBD.
  4. We had a vet visit yesterday. After switching antibiotics and focusing on the mystery rash, the rash is almost completely cleared up. We have halved his amount of doxy starting a few days ago. They did blood work, and his platelet numbers have gone up. From 51 to 75 in about 2 weeks. Yay!! Hoping this trend continues.
  5. We were doing the antibiotics because of the possibility of a false negative with TBD, so we were treating like we did the tests and they came back possitive. Using what has in the past been successful for my vet in other dogs. Aside from the growth above his eye and the rash on his side/belly, he's the picture of health. No bruising, appetite is great, clotted fine when they took blood the other day, no change in energy levels. Thanks for your thoughts and advice everyone. I'll keep you posted as things progress. Going to get a hold of our local greyhound guy to see what he says.
  6. A few weeks ago my boy Rex was due to have a growth over his eye removed. During the presurgery bloodwork it was discovered his platelets were very low, especially compared to records they had from a few years ago. We're talking going from 147 to 56. (Side note, he had a dental at another location about a year ago and his numbers were 131.) Since platelets help with clotting, the surgery was not performed. Originally they thought they saw one of the tick borne bacteria in his blood so a CDC panel was done. It didn't show any. We decided to treat with antibiotics, doxycycline, and a steroid, prednisone. This was about 2.5 weeks ago. During the weekend I discovered a rash on his left side below the hair line. Which brought us back to the vet yesterday where they ran blood again and his platelets went down a little more to 51. We are stopping the doxy for a week, to see if it's causing the rash. My question is has anyone else had such low platelets in their dog? Does anyone have any thoughts? Google is not your friend in these situations, so I know there are some big L words no one wants to hear that can be associated with low platelets. If it helps Rex is 9 yrs old and I've had him for almost 7 years.
  7. So sorry you had to go through this, it's a horrible event to have to experience. I've been through it 3 times luckily only once required a trip to the e-vet. Please if you haven't called the ACO yet, do it! The sooner the better. For all know this dog may have an attack history. Plus chances are if it gets out from the gate again, it will attack. Maybe next time the results will be... Well lets not go there. There needs to be a record of this attack. I don't like walking my dogs alone either anymore.
  8. I think some people just don't realize how they come across. My head is making a few assumptions on who you talked with. I've heard similar stories. Honestly I've had positive dealing with the Augusta group since adopting my first grey years ago. I've only been volunteering with them for almost a year, but if you'd like to chat/ask questions feel free to PM me. Maybe go to a M & G and talk with the volunteers there as well? There's one in Scarborough next Saturday or if you want a drive there's on in Augusta this Sunday. IMHO the typical Augusta M&G group is amazing.
  9. I have a pair of Craigie Whistler & Grey Montrose pups. Rex (Four Wheeler) is a red boy. His tail is brindled, but no where near as curly as CW and is missing the last few inches so who knows if he had a white tip or not. Brooke (Runnin Gamble) is a red brindle, but she's one of those only slightly striped brindles. Her tall does look a lot like her Papa's though, curly with a white tip. Interesting about the HB Commanders lineage and osteo connection. Guess I'm just going to hope they are too far down the line to be high risk.
  10. From what I understand. USA ships out a lot of cow hide to make raw hides to countries around the world. So it is very likely that the skin is from USA, but it was cured and chemically turned into dog chews in Mexico/Brazil/China. The big issue is with the chemicals a different country may use to cure the hides and the amount of time that hide spends in shipping. I try to only get raw hides that were "made in the USA", but sometimes I'm fooled. Usually I can only find the Made in the USA raw hides at smaller local stores and not the big national stores like Petco or PetSmart. IMHO chances are getting a raw hide from Mexico once isn't going to hurt your dog, and quite possibly they are perfectly fine, but I'd definitely keep an eye out for the small print that tells where the raw hide is made from now on.
  11. I have littermates as well. First I adopted Rex and then about 8 months later MGPS received one of his sisters, Brooke. They called me and asked if I'd be interested. How could I say no. Both have space issues when they are sleeping and don't cuddle with each other, but they love to cuddle with their humans. I find they have very similar personalities out going, fairly bomb proof, friendly, snarky when sleeping, and more. In true sibling form, they often battle over the same toys.
  12. I think we need to add a rule that if 4 or 5 days goes by and no body has posted, someone needs to post a new challenge.
  13. I think you're suppose to keep in in reserve in case 3 days goes by and no one posts a picture of their grey with a mastiff. This way you can post that picture and pick a different challenge. At least that is how I imagine it working.
  14. Please change. There are links in my signature for both if that helps. Plus there are 3 Four Wheelers listed and I'd hate for someone to change the wrong Four Wheeler. Four Wheeler (mine's DOB June 07): Now known as Rex was adopted by JoAnne Tarr and lives in Central Maine with his litter mate Brooke (Runnin Gamble). Runnin Gamble: Now known as Brooke was adopted by JoAnne Tarr and lives in Central Maine with her litter mate Rex (Four Wheeler).
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