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  1. I have seen two or three all white Greyhounds.
  2. We said goodbye to Missy Soul yesterday. She came to us from the brood farm in Kansas March 24, 2017, the day before her eighth birthday. She was a wonderful companion, and is greatly missed. Thanks to Shelley Lake for finding her for us, and all who cared for during her careers as a racer and brood for making her the amazing pet she was.
  3. Missy Soul likes the blue bag--Mature chicken.
  4. To insure the safety of my Greyhound and other dogs, we only use the dog park when there are no other dogs present. Soul is tremendously competitive.
  5. Gini's products are made to stand up to cold Midwestern winters. Now if I could just convince Missy Soul that coats are not evil beings to strangle her!
  6. I saw a brand called "Barkworthy" in a store today.
  7. Soul really hates muzzles. As best I can figure, she went outside and rubbed it vigorously on the ground, breaking the part where the behind the ears strap attaches. She then gave it a chomp for good measure. Poop cups have been ordered.
  8. Well, I have good and bad to report. Good: muzzle prevented poop eating. Bad: Missy Soul managed to break it in less than a week. Then she truly showed her dislike by chewing it some. Rats. Guess I'm in the market for some poop cups.
  9. Thanks to all who posted. The Irish muzzle is exactly what I've been looking for. Will let you all know how it works.
  10. Know it's been posted sometime in the not so distant future. Missy Soul hates her muzzle but loves to eat poop. Am thinking one of these would come in handy.
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