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  1. I am pro-carrot. Pumpkin, not so much success.
  2. http://www.greyhound-data.com/d?i=2189262 Raced 71 lbs Adopted 64 lbs Over 2 years later 74 lbs
  3. We went through all that and then some. I was bitten in the face twice, both times while petting him on his bed. One thing I'd suggest, get a full medical work up and get the (very) expensive thyroid test that they send to MSU. Mine came back with an exceptionally low thyroid. Even though greyhounds have different results from most breeds, they took this into consideration. We also did almost a year of Clomicalm and are just now weaning him off that. Things are far from ideal, but they are much better. I can stand by him when he eats and I can pet him when he's laying down. But I don't leave my face near his face because he doesn't like that. There are a few people he can't stand and we have no idea why. He does not like other animals. It might be as long as 18 months before you and your dog adjust to each other. I would not let my dog around infants or toddlers even with his improved demeanor.
  4. Mine did this until the hookworms were gone. Then things got better.
  5. Our adoption group told me to lift the other end of his bed when I wanted ours to get moving. That advice got me bit in the face. So, take caution before you move him against his/her will. Treats will work better.
  6. Is this normal? YES Can i teach him to be more independent? NO
  7. Mine often got sick from the Drontal. Once he was clear, it's been Advantage Monthly once a month since. He's been a bit grouchy, growly, snappy, barky since the day we got him, so hard to say if anything makes this worse. We got him tested and his thyroid is all messed up. After 8 months on thyro-tabs, this is finally improving.
  8. Panacur did nothing for my dog. Check the Hookworm thread. My treatment and a bunch of other good info are in there. Mine still growls and snaps sometimes, but is much improved around our family. Been hookworm free for almost a year now.
  9. Woo hoo!!! Thank you for bringing a fecal sample in. We have gotten those results back and no ova or parasites were seen at this time. Please continue your monthly dose of flea, tick & heartworm preventative Advantage Multi is doing the trick! 9 months in the clear. (This is the only place I can discuss my dog's poop results without appearing strange.)
  10. For ours, we put him in the crate with a peanut butter kong and leave the door open, then we leave. Most of the time, he goes upstairs to his bed that is in our room and sleeps. He still loves and uses his crate for naps. He hasn't had an accident or done much damage. I think we crated him for the first 6 months, then stopped closing the door. When we are home, he will steal shoes and get into mischief. "Look at me!"
  11. Mine does this too and after 15 months, we attribute it to fear and thyroid issues. He is on Clomicalm for fear and Thyrotabs for his thyroid. We had the super expensive 5 panel test from MSU to evaluate the thyroid. Our dog has improved, but there are certain people he doesn't like for whatever reason. Work with a vet or behaviorist to be safe.
  12. Mine HAS to sprint. If I take him in the yard, he takes off at full speed the minute I take the leash off. If he doesn't run for a few days because of weather, he often goes upstairs and runs the length of the house (sounds like a stampede).
  13. That is the protocol we used. I'll retest for hooks in January. He was clean April, May, June. My opinion is the breed has a sensitive digestive tract and mine has an even greater sensitivity. Good luck to you.
  14. My boy had hookworms and constant diarrhea. We used a combination of metronidazole, forti flora and olewo carrots. He has remained on the olewo carrots and forti flora for the past year. He now detests the carrots, but we mix them in anyway. I think it has been a combination of the products and simply time to heal a bad gut. He poops about 4-5 times a day, but stays at his racing weight, so we're not overfeeding. He just...likes to poop? In order, they go: Morning - 1. Great 2. Good Evening 3. Good 4. Soft 5. Gross! I would not use the Olewo carrots exclusively as a de-wormer. It took 4 tries with actual de-wormers for us to get a clean report. But I think they are a great product and would highly recommend them.
  15. We got the dog in October of 2017, so probably about January of this year. I will say my dog threw up the Drontal on more than one occasion. We adjusted it to give the Advantix on a Monday and then break the Drontal into 3 halves (1.5 was a dose) and spread that out over a Tuesday. But if the prison protocol is more effective than I'd go with that.
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