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  1. Give him more time. His world has changed drastically and he's still getting used to his new surroundings, his new people and new distractions, so he very likely is still nervous and afraid. If it's any consolation I had/have the same problems with my grey. Adopted just 5+ months ago, she would bark, lunge and bare her teeth at any dog we met on our walks. It got to the point where I was afraid to walk her (twice she took off and dragged me along the ground!). I'm still working on this, but she has improved immensely since the early days. When I see a dog approaching, I shorten her leash
  2. Thanks for updating us Karolintschka. Glad the initial introduction went well - it's about the same as my two. I have Cleo since September and they pretty well still ignore each other. Cleo will let out a bark at Kali every now and then for no reason and poor old Kali runs for the hills. I wish they would be buddies . So Faye has been with you for a couple of weeks now. How is it going with both of them?
  3. There's little to no interaction between the two of them. My poodle is 13, very timid and laid back and isn't in the best of health unfortunately. Cleo is 9, so they're both senior dogs, but Cleo has firmly established herself as the Alpha. I'd imagine if your pinscher is a younger, energetic dog they will eventually play together. I'm not holding out any hope for my two to become best friends - I was hoping they would. Oh and I forgot to mention in my original post - keep your grey muzzled for a couple of weeks until you know her/him better and can trust him/her with your pinscher. Keep
  4. This is how I introduced my miniature poodle to my grey when she came to me about 3 months ago. My poodle is white and I was nervous that Cleo might mistake her for a rabbit . Luckily everything went smoothly and there have been no incidents. They just about tolerate each other and honestly, I think my poodle is intimidated by Cleo's size - something I hadn't thought of before adopting her. Just keep the introduction on neutral territory and I'm sure all will go well. Good luck and congratulations on your new Irish grey!
  5. It worked..... temporarily. I put a slip lead on her, dangled a cookie and she hopped off instantly. I woke up this a.m. and there she was, head on the pillow next to me!! I'm using "off" as my verbal command and hopefully in time she will learn. Oh and I also used the slip lead to get her off the couch too, so it's a work in progress for now. No duvet per se Gail, but she does have a selection of throws all over the house. On her bed in the living room, on her bed in the bedroom, and on my bed of course. Once again - thank you all for your replies and good advice.
  6. Sad news for greyhound lovers everywhere. We owe a debt of gratitude to Teddy in OK and all greyhound adoption groups throughout the US. With tracks closing all over, in time the bloodlines will be lost completely. Adopting from European sources is very cost prohibitive unfortunately.
  7. I hadn't thought of leashing her, so that's a good idea, will definitely give it a try. I can't see me using a baby gate though because I know she will whine like mad to be let in and I can't stand when she whines. FeeFee: I have a throw on top of the duvet which she lies on after she "makes her bed with it" and I had tried pulling it out from under her but she won't be shifted! Keeperdean: Too funny :-). Macoduck: She must have known I was posting about her because last night she slept in her own bed. (She rarely does that). I'll keep a slip lead handy and keep you posted.
  8. I made the mistake of letting her sleep on the bed when I first got her 3 months ago, but it's becoming a real problem now. I have a queen and she stretches across the bed leaving me about 6" of space! No amount of cajoling will get her to move and she's too heavy for me to push her off. Usually I will try to beat her to it and get into bed before she notices! Once I get comfortable I don't move (I'm not a restless sleeper) but she will growl and snap at me for no reason and of course I'm afraid she'll actually bite me when I'm asleep. She's 9 years old and was apparently "bounced" from h
  9. I'm experiencing the same issues with my grey too. She's 8 years old and I got her almost 3 months ago. She has several issues, some of which I addressed in an earlier thread in this sub-forum and I'm working on those (sleep startle being one of them). Lately though on multiple occasions when she's sleeping she growls, bares her teeth and snaps - even though I'm not touching her or near her. One time she bit me on the elbow, another time she snapped at my small elderly dog when she came too close to her. The rest of the time she is the sweetest, most affectionate dog, loves to cuddle and be pe
  10. I took her to Petsmart....once, but we didn't make it inside. The sliding glass doors freaked her out and as I had my other (non grey) dog with me it was turning out to be a spectacle. So I left them both in the car while I got their food. Home Depot up here doesn't allow dogs unfortunately (except service dogs). Thanks for the suggestions though rsieg.
  11. Those are some great ideas. I have the treat mat but some additional training time should keep her mentally active. Thank you!
  12. I've had the same problem. Pools of water all over the floor so I put a basin under her elevated water bowl which didn't work either. I found this on Amazon: https://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B07J4PJNZF/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Lifesaver! Works like a charm, no more wet floor, problem solved. That's a link to Amazon.ca but I'm sure you can find it on any Amazon site.
  13. Another Ontarian here! Well I feel a lot better having read both of your replies. Thank you! I was feeling horribly guilty for not taking her on her usual 30-40 min. walks, not that she minded! She came up from Florida and I'm sure those cold winds (and eventual snow, slush and salt) were not what she signed up for . She's got a thin coat and when I take her out for a pee break she shivers, so I don't think she has much tolerance for cold. I have fleecy PJ's on order, so they'll be her indoor wardrobe until Spring rolls around. In the meantime I'm glad I have a backyard where she can
  14. As winter is upon us here in Canada and as someone who hates the cold weather, I was wondering what you do to make sure your grey gets exercised. It's been really cold and very windy here for the past few days (the wind is the worst), and I've been letting Cleo run in the back yard. Do you think that's enough? I know as winter progresses we will have huge dumps of snow and the temps will be even colder.
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