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  1. Hi all, I'm heartbroken and seeking advice (also new here.) My partner and I adopted Jumper 3 months ago. He's a 4 year old ex-racer. Everything has gone very smoothly -- we've both bonded with the dog, he's doing well with obedience training and we've spent a lot of quality time together. We love him to pieces, and he is very affectionate, cuddly and loving. He always wants to be right next to me (classic velcro dog.) Over the weekend, Jumper bit me (or rather, nipped me pretty good) in the face. I have a black eye and one puncture near my tear duct where his tooth made contact. When it happened, he had come over to sit next to me on the couch. He laid down in a strange position, and his butt was stuck in between couch cushions. I attempted to readjust his butt to make us both more comfortable, and before I knew it... I was knocked over by my snarling dog. In hindsight, I should never have tried to manipulate his body, especially approaching him from his backside. I know this was a mistake. I also believe we granted furniture privileges too soon. Saying I adore this dog is an understatement, and I want to make the right changes to avoid these stressful situations for both of us. Moving forward, I plan to enroll in more formal obedience training classes to help rebuild and strengthen our bond and trust. Any other advice, concerns or thoughts would be very much appreciated. Greytful to have this community. - Rae (28 y/o, female)
  2. my grey had a small rash on her that has since faded but she has this dark lump on her stomach. is this a tick?? or any ideas on what it is? i tried to remove but no luck. she doesn’t seem bothered by it.
  3. I noticed this odd rash on my greyhound tonight, she’s not itching it or anything...any ideas on what this could be?
  4. Hey, so I’ve posted about our one year old greyhound/Irish wolfhound mix Enzo we adopted three weeks ago. Enzo has been generally great and calm since we got him. He has been sweet to the dozens of dogs he has met on our walks/at the park and loves strangers. He even has been letting me brush his teeth with a finger brush and also clean/lift his paws whenever we come in from outside. He isn’t food aggressive, I have literally taken food out of his bowl as he has been eating, and wasn’t toy aggressive with 5 previous toys. We take his toys away from him after 20 minutes or so and put them away. We gave him a new toy yesterday that he was clearly in love with. This was a dog toy with a very high pitched squeaker that only dogs can hear, the first time he has ever had one. My boyfriend went to take it away and got bit on the forearm. He was off to the side of him when he grabbed it, not face to face. He drew blood and it was a small puncture wound. We’ve been doing training everyday since we got him (stay, lay down, wait, heel, etc) but haven’t worked on this because we thought there would be no need. I talked to a trainer in my area over the phone and she gave me some ways to work on this: desensitizing him around toys (having him on a leash and not lunging at toys as they’re thrown around the house/walking around them etc). She also recommended hand feeding and making him do commands to work for his food. We are also not using this toy again and I will only be allowing him to have chew toys while they are used for “drop it” work in training time. Otherwise he can use mental stimulation toys (ball with holes and treats fall out when he moves it). So we have a game plan but my boyfriend and I are just so disappointed and hurt. Any tips or advice is appreciated. Also it’s a small wound that is closed up but I’m worried about infection? Since he is our own dog and we have no children in the house can he go to urgent care/a Walgreens minute clinic and get treatment without us having to report the bite? thanks for reading this 🙏
  5. First time grey owner here! Apologies for the long post but I'm a bit desperate... We've had Ivor for 3 months and he has been an absolute star throughout. Friendly with dogs and strangers, a gentleman at the vets and can't get enough of cuddles with us. But today, he managed to get hold of an avocado stone and I panicked about him choking on it so tried to grab it out of his mouth. He growled and I ran to get some treats to distract him (hoping he would drop it) but before then my husband also tried to get hold of it and Ivor snarled and lunged at him, biting him in the arm. It almost broke this skin, but not quite. He then dropped the stone and I was able to call him into his crate. He quickly calmed down and seems to have forgotten the whole thing but it scared the life out of me. I'm trying to tell myself that he did everything right (growled to warn us, only snapped when we didnt back off) and I know it was our fault for panicking and crowding him. But I'm terrified it will happen again, or that somehow we're ruining him and will turn him into a 'problem' dog. I've had a few dogs before (not rescues, from puppies) and I've never had to deal with aggression, so I'm finding this really scary. Am I over reacting? Is it possible for this to be a one-off or is it a sign of a serious problem?
  6. Hi all, Have had our boy about 6 months now (first greyhound, 8th dog) and have had some incidents that have led up to a bite in the face today. He is 4 years old and he was describe to us by the adoption agency as somewhat bold, fearless and able to be an only dog. He is not affectionate and does not seem to enjoy petting from us (lip licking, turning his head away, etc). Funny thing is, he is ALL about strangers, licking them, nibbling them, melting into them and begging for petting. Since we have had him, multiple times, he has growled, Jumped up and charged at us like he was going to bite. One time it was when he was laying by the table (not asleep) and my mom accidentally pulled out the chair to sit down and bumped him. He jumped up growling and barking and kind of charged forward like he was going to bite but didn't. Another time she was trying to put his turn out muzzle on and he did the same thing. He has done it with me multiple times when I have put ointment on a scratch or even been looking at a scratch on his leg. He has also exhibited this behavior when we have accidentally stepped on him. The other day him and I were walking and he stopped dead in front of me so I accidentally walked into the back of him. He verbally went off, snarling and lunged at me and when I tried to walked toward him to pet him while I was saying "It's ok buddy" he growled at me and wouldn't let me come near him. A few days ago, my 6 year old niece who he seems to adore was over and did a cartwheel and landed on his foot and he had the same reaction. Today, I made the mistake of leaning near him to pick something up and he jumped up, growling and barking like usual only this time he bit my face drawing blood. Just puncture wounds. Hurt my heart more than anything so I went to the bathroom to clean it up and had a good cry. When I returned from the bathroom, I went to try and talk and pet him and he growled at me. I am confident there is nothing physically wrong as he just had a physical and blood work. He eats great and the only health issues seem to be hookworms which we are treating and food allergies. I am concerned because while we can control leaning over him, things are going to happen by accident like us bumping into to him or stepping on him and now he has progressed to biting. This is a bit scary and I am so sad about this. No dog we have ever has ever bit us and I am starting to feel like I have to walk on egg shells around him to avoid setting him off. Any advice? Thank you in advance!
  7. Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, I'm hoping to find some good conversation as a first-time greyhound adopter. Our newly adopted greyhound is 2 Years old. We assume that he didn't qualify as a racer, he is registered as a racer but does not have a racing record. He has a low prey drive and was turned over to the rescue group at a young age. We adopted him 3 months ago. 2 Weeks ago he bit our dog-sitter, and we have since employed a trainer to help us modify his behavior. Marco has a bit of a bite history. When we adopted him, we were told that he had bitten a young child at his previous home, and returned. They hadn't seen any evidence of this kind of behavior while he was at the rescue facility. We don't have kids, and he got along great with us and our tiny Boston Terrier, so we decided to give him a chance. He is very polite with us, and has shown a lot of trust in us since day 1. His daily schedule: 7AM - 20-30 minute walk 7:30 AM - Breakfast 12 Noon - Dog-Sitter break (while we are at work) 5:15 PM - Dinner when we get home, then another walk later in the evening Here are the events that led up to him biting the dog-sitter: Marco began to show a lot of anxiety in his crate anytime that we were away from home - he tore off the bars and destroyed his water bowl one afternoon and we feared he could hurt himself in there. At that point we let him out of the crate for short periods while we left. We monitored him with cameras and he showed far less anxiety. Now he is doing great out of the crate and is no longer anxious when alone, sleeping soundly. The dog-sitter was aware of the new situation on his first full day out of crate. However, as soon as she opened the door to enter the house, he bit her hand - requiring a trip to urgent care, a tetanus shot, and 2 stitches on her knuckle. My thought is that this was very much a fear-based bite in a new situation. I take full responsibility for not foreseeing this, but he had never shown aggression toward the dog-sitter when he was crated. She had been working with him for almost 3 months. In the past, he has shown some fearful aggression during feeding time and when new people arrive at our front door, especially food delivery. He is doing well with positive training, no longer allowed on the couch (doggy beds only), and we are working with him on his "WAIT" before feeding and when anyone moves between doors or enters/exits the house. We also installed gates at the entryways so he has plenty of time to see who is entering the house. We are committed to modifying his behavior through training, but we are anxious about future incidents, and creating a safe environment for a dog-sitter. Any thoughts that you have would be greatly appreciated. Has anyone had similar experiences?
  8. Thought the low-down on this whole process might help ease anyone else who encounters this health issue! We live next to a rattlesnake habitat so I imagine this encounter was bound to occur. The snake was a brand new baby prairie rattler, about 10" long and tiny like a pencil. My son saw it in the grass at the neighbor's house and called it out, but Stretch was on top of it in an instant and picked it up in his mouth. Then he yelped and jumped up and dropped it. Only then did we get a chance to identify that it was a rattler--it already had a teensy rattle that it shook like crazy but didn't make any noise. My wife felt under Stretch's chin and came back with two tiny streaks of blood. I had read that the babies are the highest risk since they can't control the release of venom and let it all go in the bite. So we killed the snake, bagged it in a Ziplock, and sped to the nearest emergency vet. Stretch was licking a bit and whimpering but he didn't seem overly stressed and wasn't swelling up, so I started thinking we might have been lucky and the snake didn't envenomate. In about 10 - 15 minutes we arrived at the emergency vet (maybe about 7 or 8 pm), still no swelling. They took Stretch and the snake (still moving and biting even though it was beheaded), and checked us in separately. We had a deep discussion about antivenin. In the end although the vet was very middle of the road and journalistic, her experience with many rattler-bit dogs convinced me that antivenin has mixed results and though in most cases shortens the healing time, the real life saver is hydration, meds, and the dog's natural defense system to manage the venom while under careful supervision. The antivenin costs $900 per dose, and the dog may need multiple doses. After about 10 or 15 minutes we were all set and they brought him back to say goodbye for the night and he had already started swelling under the chin considerably, 2 inches of a lump there. The ER was $1650 for 24 hours of care. This type of issue gets quite expensive quite fast--we had to make tough, critical decisions fast and I was surprised at how money became a factor in that process. I had thought emotion would have won out, but as the expenses escalate it factors in. Sad fact I suppose. They put him on an IV, put his head in a cone, and started him on all sorts of anti-inflammatory meds, pain meds, and hydration. The next day we were allowed visitations of no more than about 10 minutes at a time until he was stable. He continued to swell up throughout the day, so much it looked impossible. He couldn't lay on his chin as he prefers, so he was truly miserable, and the ER was noisy with other needy dogs. Late in the day they let him come to a room and we loved him up for about 45 minutes. Then they had to take him to put him back on the IV--by now, though, they were able to get a little food in him and he had drank water on his own. He had also been able to go outside for some relief. But they called us right after we left and said he was screaming and distressed at losing us, so we returned. Finally, 24 hours later his swelling had begun to subside and he had been weaned off of the IV, so we checked him out and took him home. He was much happier at home and slept and rested well. That night we slept on the floor in the main room with him so that letting him out or managing him would be easier with no stairs to manage. He slept all night. The next day was basically swelling reduction, meds, some whimpering, uncomfortable laying, terrible diarrhea, and surprisingly no drinking. We had moved him to a canned food diet and he was getting all the liquids he needed from that. He never drank all day, but he peed a lot. The following day was a considerable reduction in swelling and pain, and this process continued with incredible speed. He was bit on Sunday--today is Friday and he looks and acts as though nothing happened. He has a shaven spot on his arm where the IV was, and a shaven spot under his chin where they cleaned the wound. There is a 1/2" swollen spot under his chin and that's it. The vet said that most dogs receive some immunity benefits for about 6 months to a year after a bite, but the immunity simply delays the symptoms and gives you more time for treatment, maybe makes treatment easier. But another bite means the same process and same expense. Hope this helps! If your grey ever loses a 'rattle battle' you are not alone...I'm happy to commiserate with you!
  9. We got Baxter in September and he's been the sweetest dog. I swear most of the time that he wouldn't hurt a fly. A while ago, I was relaxing on the couch and invited him on the couch with me. After a couple minutes I stretched my legs out. I thought I heard a growl but I wasn't sure. I stretched out my legs again and he started full on snarling at me. I told him no and made him get off the couch. I was really confuse because I had only nudged his belly(which he enjoys to have scratched) and wasn't even close to his private area. I let it go and didn't think much of it until it happened again. Last friday Baxter stepped on a beer bottle. The cut went right to the bone, cut three arteries and almost took his pad off. He was in surgery for and your and a half and got 10 stitches. The vet taught us to rebandage his foot. And that was what I was doing when he snapped the second time. I positioned myself on his bed and made sure I wasn't sitting on a leg or his tail. I was pretty high up on his leg when he yelped, tried to bite me twice and then stood up and growled. His one attempt scratched my arm. I was no where near his foot. I told him no, let him cool off for a minute, then rebandaged his foot without a hitch. If someone could maybe give me a couple pointers as to why this it happening that would be great. By the way I frequently sit on his bed with him and he doesn't seem to mind. Thanks in advance! I'd really like to resolve this before it turns into a problem.
  10. Hi All: I recently rescued a very sweet greyhound that is 5 years old from Hemopet in Southern Cal. Everything is going well, he seems to be adapting to his non- track, non-kennel environment until tonight. I have had him for 3 weeks... the only hiccup right now (and I love him dearly) is when we are laying in bed, sometimes he gets startled and growls or snaps at me at night. I read greyhounds don't like to be surprised but it has concerned me for the last week or so. Tonight it escalated big time. He was laying on the bed and I approached him, he was awake, I laid down next to him and I was petting him, in what I felt was an intimate moment. I touched his nose and held it gently, suddenly he lashed out and snapped at me, biting my head and my arm. Bleeding now. It's not too bad, I am fine. But more worried about him and why he reacted this way. Did I trigger something that happened to him on the track? Do all greyhounds have a sensitivity that I might not be aware of? Any guidance welcome. I just want to make his home perfect for him and better understand Pluto's breed. Thank you. Joe bit me:)
  11. A little background about my grey... I've had him for over a year now. He's always been a bit skittish/nervous/shy, and he doesn't react well to strangers, men, other non-greyhounds... the list goes on. However, I love him, even if he is a weird little nugget. I've tried to help him come out of his shell, but mostly I just deal with his neuroses. However, after about a month of having him, he started to get bolder about being aggressive, especially in regards to high priority treats like knuckle bones, kongs with peanut butter, and rawhides. If he was given one, and someone got too close to him while he was eating, he would growl. He snapped and snarled at me enough over some of those that finally I stopped giving them altogether. He'd even gotten to the point a few months ago that he would growl if people didn't leave him alone while he was eating. That was the last straw for me, so I started working to desensitize him to that. We started with hand feeding, and he would only get food that came out of my hand. Next we went back to the bowl, but I would stand next to him and pet him while he ate, I would reach into his food bowl and just move the kibble around with my fingers, and finally we'd gotten to a good place where I could mess with him and his food without reaction, so I backed off on being so diligent about it. Every once in a while I'd mess with him, or stand by him for a few seconds before peeling off to take care of some other task. This week, though, he's gotten straight up aggressive. Before he would only ever growl, then he'd back off and we'd hand feed after making him wait a few minutes. But earlier this week I put down his food bowl, called him over to eat, and when I didn't give him his release command fast enough, he started that deep throaty growl. I reprimanded him, but then his lips curled back in a snarl and he started barking. I immediately jerked the food away and told him NO sharply and several times. He backed down, we did some basic obedience, hand fed, and then he came over to me to get loved on after he ate. Same thing happened the next morning. I didn't move fast enough, he growled, I yelled, we did obedience and hand fed. This morning, however, it escalated very quickly. Whereas before he'd back down when I got in his face enough, today he wasn't having it. I tried to get him to go into the next room, and he started to walk away from me. I reached for his collar, and he spun around and bit me. I yelled some more, he growled some more, until finally I got him to sit, lay down, etc. Then I walked away for a few minutes to calm down before I tried to hand feed him again. What do I do??? I've had my grey for over a year, and despite my best efforts his behavior seems to be getting worse. We're in a greyhound obedience training class right now, and I can just tell from the other greys that mine is unusually timid and hard to read. But I don't know if this is my fault, or if I just ended up with an unusual personality in my grey. This is my first dog, and I thought I was prepared, but I just don't know what to do. My biggest fear is that a friend or family member is going to be taking care of him for me and get bitten, and have no idea why the dog lashed out. I'm sorry for such a lengthy post, I just wanted to be sure I was as clear as possible. Does anyone have any advice???
  12. I have a grey hound I have had for two years and I have noticed something that he does that worries me a little bit. Whenever a new person walks in, particularly a man, he follows them around chomping his teeth and will occasionally nip at the heels or their bottom. I wouldn't really call it biting, but it makes me (and typically the person he is following nervous.) He seems to almost have a smile on, but his tail isn't wagging. I can't tell if it is aggression or not. Any advice? Any one else see this? I love this dog completely, but I can't have him biting anyone either. Thanks! Jon
  13. We have had our current dog Essie for about a year and a half, we recently adopted her sister Abbey this past week. They got off to all things considered a good start with a couple barking incidents but not much else. Our current dog is possessive of her kennel while our new dog is a toy hoarder. Now Essie doesn’t mind Abbey taking toys from her she is actually doesn’t care. Except that this time the toy was in her kennel and this caused and issue leading Abbey biting Essie and leaving a gash under her eye. Needless to say we are stressed out thinking that we have ruined our old dog’s life by bringing a new dog in. Reading this board however we realize that however unfortunate this event is it has happened to several people and they have stuck it though and have dogs that coexist. Things we have read on line from time to time contradict each other so I wanted to get advice of what has worked for you on several topics. They are fine on walks so we will continue to walk them together and we will go with muzzles going forward. Our current dog sleeps in our room; however our new dog sleeps in her kennel down stairs. There were suggestions of the new dog should sleeping in the room with us so she bonds with the pack quicker. Should we allow her to sleep in the room outside her kennel? During the day when we are away they stay in crates. Is it okay that their crates are in the same room? Our new dog loves toys, if we have muzzles on should we allow her to have toys? When is there a time we can allow toys? Maybe have a play time when they are separated where we give them toys to play with? Our old dog seems a little traumatized by last night events any ideas on how to get her back to normal? Should we pay more attention to our older dog? Who do we feed first?
  14. Hi everyone, After 5 months, Sam finally started playing with toys, and has unfortunately taken an interest in biting other things... We have a pine wooden bookshelf and he took two good bites out of it! He seems like he wants to use his teeth more and more... Our worry now is that he does not know what he can and cannot bite, so what's next? Does anyone have any tips or how to train Sam on what to NOT eat? Also, any preventive measures we can take (for example, we only give him his bone twice a week for about 15 minutes at a time, how often do you let him have it)? Any tips are appreciated! Thanks in advance
  15. Hi guys, this is my first post but I've been lurking around the last few weeks. I adopted my first grey, first dog ever, 2 mts ago and she was transitioning in to pet life with some issues, to be expected, but with everyday improvements. She is 4yrs old, gentle soul, kind of lazy, and very loving and loveable. Serious issue: she got a hold of a bone one day on a walk and when I tried to get her to drop it she became very aggressive. She barked, growled, snapped, and would've bitten be if I hadn't backed off. I contacted the adoption agency and they had a difficult time believing be until....we met for a consult and when they attempted to take a crown knuckle from her she came extremely close to biting the trainer! I could see the fear in the trainer's eyes. The trainer than tried removing the knuckle with a fake arm/hand and Ami bit the hand with out hesitation. I'm scared of her now but know how gentle she truly is as long as long as nobody takes anything out of her mouth. The adoption agency said they'd work with me to try to correct or at least minimize this behavior, which they said is possible. I cried all last night because of the possibility of having to rehome her to an experienced family who can better manage her. We have no children and will not be having any which makes the situation somewhat more manageable. I want a grey that I can train and love and not manage and fear. This is me pleading for honest advice and support. Thank You D. & Ami
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