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  1. Hi all, I'm heartbroken and seeking advice (also new here.) My partner and I adopted Jumper 3 months ago. He's a 4 year old ex-racer. Everything has gone very smoothly -- we've both bonded with the dog, he's doing well with obedience training and we've spent a lot of quality time together. We love him to pieces, and he is very affectionate, cuddly and loving. He always wants to be right next to me (classic velcro dog.) Over the weekend, Jumper bit me (or rather, nipped me pretty good) in the face. I have a black eye and one puncture near my tear duct where his tooth made contact.
  2. my grey had a small rash on her that has since faded but she has this dark lump on her stomach. is this a tick?? or any ideas on what it is? i tried to remove but no luck. she doesn’t seem bothered by it.
  3. I noticed this odd rash on my greyhound tonight, she’s not itching it or anything...any ideas on what this could be?
  4. Hey, so I’ve posted about our one year old greyhound/Irish wolfhound mix Enzo we adopted three weeks ago. Enzo has been generally great and calm since we got him. He has been sweet to the dozens of dogs he has met on our walks/at the park and loves strangers. He even has been letting me brush his teeth with a finger brush and also clean/lift his paws whenever we come in from outside. He isn’t food aggressive, I have literally taken food out of his bowl as he has been eating, and wasn’t toy aggressive with 5 previous toys. We take his toys away from him after 20 minutes or so and put them
  5. First time grey owner here! Apologies for the long post but I'm a bit desperate... We've had Ivor for 3 months and he has been an absolute star throughout. Friendly with dogs and strangers, a gentleman at the vets and can't get enough of cuddles with us. But today, he managed to get hold of an avocado stone and I panicked about him choking on it so tried to grab it out of his mouth. He growled and I ran to get some treats to distract him (hoping he would drop it) but before then my husband also tried to get hold of it and Ivor snarled and lunged at him, biting him in the arm. It almost br
  6. Hi all, Have had our boy about 6 months now (first greyhound, 8th dog) and have had some incidents that have led up to a bite in the face today. He is 4 years old and he was describe to us by the adoption agency as somewhat bold, fearless and able to be an only dog. He is not affectionate and does not seem to enjoy petting from us (lip licking, turning his head away, etc). Funny thing is, he is ALL about strangers, licking them, nibbling them, melting into them and begging for petting. Since we have had him, multiple times, he has growled, Jumped up and charged at us like he was going t
  7. Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, I'm hoping to find some good conversation as a first-time greyhound adopter. Our newly adopted greyhound is 2 Years old. We assume that he didn't qualify as a racer, he is registered as a racer but does not have a racing record. He has a low prey drive and was turned over to the rescue group at a young age. We adopted him 3 months ago. 2 Weeks ago he bit our dog-sitter, and we have since employed a trainer to help us modify his behavior. Marco has a bit of a bite history. When we adopted him, we were told that he had bitten a young child at
  8. Thought the low-down on this whole process might help ease anyone else who encounters this health issue! We live next to a rattlesnake habitat so I imagine this encounter was bound to occur. The snake was a brand new baby prairie rattler, about 10" long and tiny like a pencil. My son saw it in the grass at the neighbor's house and called it out, but Stretch was on top of it in an instant and picked it up in his mouth. Then he yelped and jumped up and dropped it. Only then did we get a chance to identify that it was a rattler--it already had a teensy rattle that it shook like crazy but didn
  9. We got Baxter in September and he's been the sweetest dog. I swear most of the time that he wouldn't hurt a fly. A while ago, I was relaxing on the couch and invited him on the couch with me. After a couple minutes I stretched my legs out. I thought I heard a growl but I wasn't sure. I stretched out my legs again and he started full on snarling at me. I told him no and made him get off the couch. I was really confuse because I had only nudged his belly(which he enjoys to have scratched) and wasn't even close to his private area. I let it go and didn't think much of it until it happened aga
  10. Hi All: I recently rescued a very sweet greyhound that is 5 years old from Hemopet in Southern Cal. Everything is going well, he seems to be adapting to his non- track, non-kennel environment until tonight. I have had him for 3 weeks... the only hiccup right now (and I love him dearly) is when we are laying in bed, sometimes he gets startled and growls or snaps at me at night. I read greyhounds don't like to be surprised but it has concerned me for the last week or so. Tonight it escalated big time. He was laying on the bed and I approached him, he was awake, I laid down next to him and I wa
  11. A little background about my grey... I've had him for over a year now. He's always been a bit skittish/nervous/shy, and he doesn't react well to strangers, men, other non-greyhounds... the list goes on. However, I love him, even if he is a weird little nugget. I've tried to help him come out of his shell, but mostly I just deal with his neuroses. However, after about a month of having him, he started to get bolder about being aggressive, especially in regards to high priority treats like knuckle bones, kongs with peanut butter, and rawhides. If he was given one, and someone got too clo
  12. I have a grey hound I have had for two years and I have noticed something that he does that worries me a little bit. Whenever a new person walks in, particularly a man, he follows them around chomping his teeth and will occasionally nip at the heels or their bottom. I wouldn't really call it biting, but it makes me (and typically the person he is following nervous.) He seems to almost have a smile on, but his tail isn't wagging. I can't tell if it is aggression or not. Any advice? Any one else see this? I love this dog completely, but I can't have him biting anyone either. Thanks!
  13. We have had our current dog Essie for about a year and a half, we recently adopted her sister Abbey this past week. They got off to all things considered a good start with a couple barking incidents but not much else. Our current dog is possessive of her kennel while our new dog is a toy hoarder. Now Essie doesn’t mind Abbey taking toys from her she is actually doesn’t care. Except that this time the toy was in her kennel and this caused and issue leading Abbey biting Essie and leaving a gash under her eye. Needless to say we are stressed out thinking that we have ruined our old dog’s lif
  14. Hi everyone, After 5 months, Sam finally started playing with toys, and has unfortunately taken an interest in biting other things... We have a pine wooden bookshelf and he took two good bites out of it! He seems like he wants to use his teeth more and more... Our worry now is that he does not know what he can and cannot bite, so what's next? Does anyone have any tips or how to train Sam on what to NOT eat? Also, any preventive measures we can take (for example, we only give him his bone twice a week for about 15 minutes at a time, how often do you let him have it)? Any tips are app
  15. Hi guys, this is my first post but I've been lurking around the last few weeks. I adopted my first grey, first dog ever, 2 mts ago and she was transitioning in to pet life with some issues, to be expected, but with everyday improvements. She is 4yrs old, gentle soul, kind of lazy, and very loving and loveable. Serious issue: she got a hold of a bone one day on a walk and when I tried to get her to drop it she became very aggressive. She barked, growled, snapped, and would've bitten be if I hadn't backed off. I contacted the adoption agency and they had a difficult time believing be unt
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