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  1. Thanks! I’ve found a couple of cheap duvets. They’re not that cushioned, but I think they will be once arranged by the new greyhound...
  2. Thanks, good to know. I’m so glad I asked about the cave bed. I’ll get looking for rectangular mattress type beds with easily washable covers.
  3. Thanks for this. We’re a tall skinny family who feel the cold (and yes, will look a lot like our dog 😂) but I will hold my nerve with the cold in our hallway (1960s house has a concrete base and we have hard floor in the hallway - it gets pretty cold!) and let the greyhound dictate if he needs more warmth. Washable rugs, cheap dog beds, blankets and old duvets seem like the place to start.
  4. Thanks, this is great advice and I won’t buy a fancy bed at this stage, just provide lots of options and follow the greyhound’s lead. The kennels we are getting him from are very supportive and we have someone we can contact with any questions - even in the middle of the night she said! Hoping we won’t have to do that. We’re sticking with the same food as the kennels for our initial month’s trial, but will check out the greyhound trust link - it looks like a great idea. I can’t quite believe you say “a year or more”! But it’s good to know how long it takes for a retired greyhound to truly sett
  5. Thanks for this. We have got plans for various sleep/snoozy duvets and beds around the house. I am just trying to work out the initial overnight logistics 🙂 I’ll bear pjs in mind, but maybe for next winter when we’ve got to know him. I was never good with doll’s clothes though, so blankets may end up being the thing anyway. We’ll see. Many thanks.
  6. Thanks for this. I have looked online at greyhounds making beds. Adorable, amusing - and quite a lot of space needed! I am sure we’ll work it out, even if he ends up having to sleep in our doorway or something. Other’s replies have also convinced me to start with a simple cheap range of sleeping options (will be soft and padded) which we can easily move anywhere and see where we end up. We are looking forward to being his pack. Hope we do a good job. - We’ve got two kids (teens now) and I’m beginning to feel it’s going to be just as challenging as newborns initially!
  7. Hi, we are in the process of adopting a retired greyhound from kennels near London. Quick question. Can greyhounds use blankets themselves? (I’m a total dog novice!) Our hallway is quite cold, but there’s a great place there outside our bedroom door under the stairs for a dog bed. We are happy for our new dog to sleep on the floor in our bedroom initially, but due to the TINY size of our bedroom we expect he will end up happy to sleep in the hall with our bedroom door open eventually. (Or he will regularly risk getting tripped over!) So, for warmth, do I get a cave type dog bed (expensive) o
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