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  1. Hi @1Moregrey sorry i really didnt provide enough info. She is very timid and submissive at home and always on alert, when she hears even the smallest noise (ie car door) her ears prick up and she runs to the window. That being said, she is generally a happy puppy! re the box, the trainer suggested i put her food in a box to help her get used to sounds. I have never heard of this technique so I’m not sure if it even works. shes also much better with freezing and separation anxiety, both are almost non existent. When on a walk she generally wants to avoid large, loud groups of pe
  2. Hi @1Moregrey ive had her for roughly 6 months now. She was trained to race but never actually raced. I’m in the suburbs - its pretty quiet. thanks
  3. Hi, I have been taking my 2 y/o grey to training with 5 other greys and its just not working. She is too anxious to be able to do any of the tasks during the training. the trainer mentioned that she needs to get desensitised to noises and suggested i put my dogs food in a box (top open) and slowly drop food in there. unfortunately, she can’t even cope with me dropping food in and gets scared. She is always on alert that whenever she hears a car door close she runs to the window. Has anyone experienced something similar? What did you find was the best way to desensitize your grey?
  4. Hi all, We have had our greyhound for around 2 months and she is struggling with being left home alone. We have been slowly increasing the hours we leave but no matter what she still howls. I leave her treats and a kong for her to eat and enjoy but she wont touch them until we are home. When she’s anxious she doesnt want anything to do with treats. Would love some recommendations for what we can leave for her to keep her occupied! Thanks Estelle
  5. Hello, we’re having trouble with taking my greyhound for a walk, the first few weeks have been no issue. She was nervous but managed to overcome it. a few days ago we went for a walk and she kept freezing, i think there were too many cars. Fast forward to today and we went to take her for a walk and she was so scared and refused to move. Ive never seen her tail tucked in so much since then, i feel we have taken 20 steps back! shes scared of us again. she absolutely loves meeting new dogs though, is it worth a try to just pick her up and put her in the car and take her to the pa
  6. I have also another option - staying in her room with her for 10 minutes before bed or i leave. But I’m not sure if thats making a big deal out of it.
  7. Hello! We brought our new adoptee home about a week and a half ago. She is almost 2 and we are having a lot of trouble with leaving the house. She has her own room with a crate in it and has started to resist going in there at night and when we leave. We have left for 5, 10 and 20 minute stints and she doesn’t seem to be improving. I play music for her and have the tv on (only soft music at night, no tv) when we leave or at night and it doesnt seem to help with her howling and crying. Is this something we should continue to persist with? Or should we think about moving her crate to a
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