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  1. This is interesting - I hadn't considered biological factors. You say your dog has improved, as in no more biting issues at all or they've decreased? Thanks for the response!
  2. Wow, thank you all for the information and resources! This has been very helpful and I have a lot to think about. We have slowly come to realize throughout our time with Ragnar and our behaviorists, that positive reinforcement is the most effective training method, especially with creatures as gentle as greyhounds!
  3. Thank you all for the responses! I reached out to our behaviorist so we will see what happens there. She also mentioned scolding the dog is pointless, and buys us nothing, it just always seemed counterintuitive to give the dog treats to distract him from the trash, but the majority of the advice we've received said the same thing. Also I should mention we do dog proof our home - we learned that a loooong time ago! We bought a trash with a butterfly lid as well, but Ragnar knocked it over and broke the lid off the very first day so we now keep it in the pantry where we can close the door.
  4. This sounds very similar to our situation. Ragnar and my husband had some issues at first with establishing who was alpha, and they have both since mellowed out. That's sad to think he might have been punished physically before he came to us . You said your pup mellowed out - I'm wondering if ours will do that within the next couple years. I hope so!
  5. Hi all. I posted once more on this topic, but there are some changes and this post is about something slightly different. My original post can be found here. We adopted our male greyhound, Ragnar, in August 2017. He's now 3 1/2 years old. When we first rescued him, we had issues with what appeared to be resource guarding over toys, furniture, treats, etc. We worked with some animal behavior specialists and Ragnar has improved greatly in these areas. We no longer let him on furniture to avoid the potential of him becoming entitled/possessive, but we have several very comfortable beds for hi
  6. Thanks all for the feedback. Greysmom - my husband definitely does not trust the dog as of right now, so that's something we will have to either work on or make that decision to move on altogether. I agree that I don't think it's aggressive behavior although there are times when it happens without warning signs - but perhaps because of what you said, that he skips the warning signals now and just goes straight to the bite. If we had a generally aggressive dog, this would actually much easier, but it's confusing when he can be so sweet and lovable but then capable of biting us in particular sce
  7. Hi all, This is my first post on this site - and first of all, let me say I'm so grateful a site like this exists! Here is a brief (kinda) breakdown of our issues: My husband and I rescued our greyhound, Ragnar, in August of 2017, at which time he had just turned 2. We both grew up with big dogs, but neither of us had ever owned a greyhound before. Let me start by saying Ragnar is the sweetest dog - everyone who meets him says the same thing. He will stand next to you getting pet for as long as you'll let him, give kisses, and is all around just playful and sweet with strangers and frie
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