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  1. Hey everyone. Don't think I'm really looking for advice as I know what I did wrong - would love to hear that I'm not the only stupid new greyhound owner in the world! I know all about positive reinforcement and have been working really hard on doing that with Jack. Today Jack was trying to lick up the open dishwasher door. I gave a firm no and moved his head gently away. He kept going back so I kept saying no. Looking back I obviously should have got a treat and lured him away with it, but I just wasn't thinking and kept saying no. He gave me a little growl and then when I said no again
  2. We adopted a 3 year old male retired racer (Otis) in August 2018. He had just retired from racing that June and was fresh from the track. We dealt with hookworms for several months that just cleared up in October. We also dealt with separation anxiety that included accidents in the house and destruction of furniture, but all issues have been resolved for the most part (he still has accidents occasionally when we leave the house, especially when it is dark outside). As far as his behavior, he has always been very friendly toward humans and strangers. He pretty much ignored other dogs, sniffing
  3. Hello. My wife and I recently adopted a 2 year old male greyhound about 6 weeks ago. Overall he has been settling in really great and seems comfortable and at ease most of the time. However, I am seeking advice whether there's anything we can be doing to help him not be so fearful or timid when meeting new people, particularly while in our home. Overall he is inherently shy and typically won't let strangers pet him. Even if he's met someone before it doesn't seem to matter. However, I wouldn't describe him as excessively fearful either - just guarded. He'll approach and sniff, but from a dista
  4. Hello everyone! My husband and I are in the process of adopting a grey. We are approved and currently waiting for the perfect pup to add to our family. I have a major concern though. We have a grandson who is 2 years old. He is respectful, but toddlers are toddlers and dogs are dogs. We were about to go meet a potential adoptee when the foster parents told us about the dog being aggressive towards her children. This happened three times with three potential greyhounds! Im starting to lose hope that we will ever find a greyhound that is kid friendly... our grandson is around probably 4-5 times
  5. Good Afternoon Greyhound Friends! I wanted to ask a quick question about Greyhound to Greyhound behavior. We have had our boy for close to a year and a half and overall, everything is going wonderfully and he has really done well adapting to his retired life in our home. He gets along with small dogs, non-greyhound dogs, and other greyhounds; however, I do have one question - Sometimes, when we are at Greyhound Events he will growl and/or air-snap at other greyhounds -- especially if the other grey approaches him "nose to nose." I am just curious what other people's experience is with
  6. Hey everyone, We adopted our 5 year old grey last April. She's been an amazing pup, but has been struck by a massive corn in her left hind leg. She's been lame for nearly a month while we waited for it to form, and now has a pulled groin as a consequence of it all. The corn was hulled today. Leading up to the procedure, she's been incredibly aggressive when approached and touched lying down. We've avoided triggering her this way as much as possible. But unfortunately - she never growls, resorting immediately to snaping & biting. She bit a friend recently and now she's become aggre
  7. Hi, I'm new to this forum and have had my retired greyhound (he's called Kai) for 1 week. I know this isn't a long time at all, but my grey has started to show signs of space aggression already and this is something we want to nip in the bud as soon as possible so that it doesn't escalate. His bed is next to the sofa in our house, as that's the only place it would fit (it's quite big!) and we've been snapped at a few times by Kai; the first couple of times due to our fault, the last one for seemingly no reason at all. The first time was because my boyfriend's dad came over and touched
  8. We've had our grey for about 5 months now. He's 4 years old and has been settling in great so far. He is small dog and cat friendly, and has always been calm and friendly with the other dogs at the dog park (we live in an apartment so we take him to the sizable apartment dog park several times a day). It's usually empty, but he's never had any problems with the dogs he's played with (more like co-existed with) there. He LOOOOVES chasing and chewing on balls so we are usually playing fetch with him there. HOWEVER, someone in our apartment recently got a lab puppy that is very in his face wh
  9. Hi all, This is my first post on this site - and first of all, let me say I'm so grateful a site like this exists! Here is a brief (kinda) breakdown of our issues: My husband and I rescued our greyhound, Ragnar, in August of 2017, at which time he had just turned 2. We both grew up with big dogs, but neither of us had ever owned a greyhound before. Let me start by saying Ragnar is the sweetest dog - everyone who meets him says the same thing. He will stand next to you getting pet for as long as you'll let him, give kisses, and is all around just playful and sweet with strangers and frie
  10. Hello-- I hope someone could help with our issue: My husband and I got a greyhound 2 months ago. He is a very tall boy, has a super high-prey drive, loves people (no cats, no small dogs -- really no dogs in general (he lunges at them after growling). He is not allowed on furniture. He gets 1.5 hours of exercise (leashed walks) a day. He has seemed to "claim" me; He doesn't even like it when I close the door when using the restroom. He whines for pets often. He used to growl when we pet him and this has drastically shifted the last 3 weeks. He wants to be the BOSS -- very voca
  11. This week we had an in-home consult with a trainer who uses the positive reinforcement training recommended in Retired Racing Greyhounds for Dummies. I thought I’d post my notes here for others who may have similar problems. (Our boy Django just turned 2, and we’ve had him for 2.5 months.) Sleep Aggression Start be petting gently while he’s on the floor and wide awake and give him treats when he responds positively (our boy has no problem with this, so this would likely not work if anyone is not at this stage yet.) When he’s comfortable with that, gently nudge him while he’s lying down an
  12. Hi all, Have had our boy about 6 months now (first greyhound, 8th dog) and have had some incidents that have led up to a bite in the face today. He is 4 years old and he was describe to us by the adoption agency as somewhat bold, fearless and able to be an only dog. He is not affectionate and does not seem to enjoy petting from us (lip licking, turning his head away, etc). Funny thing is, he is ALL about strangers, licking them, nibbling them, melting into them and begging for petting. Since we have had him, multiple times, he has growled, Jumped up and charged at us like he was going t
  13. Hello Everyone, long time dog owner but first time grey owner here. I apologize for the novel here, but I need advice. We adopted a lovely 4 year-old ex-racer mid-February. He was a bounce from a previous adopter who only had him for 6 months, he has been off the track for about 9 months. Other than being told he was likely cat friendly (he is not), he has adjusted well to our home. Seems to adore our 3 kiddos (ages 14, 11, and 7) and meets other children eagerly, whether visitors in our home or on walks. We have seen zero aggression toward people during the 6 weeks we have had him here.
  14. Hi Everyone, This is my first post here, I'm hoping to find some good conversation as a first-time greyhound adopter. Our newly adopted greyhound is 2 Years old. We assume that he didn't qualify as a racer, he is registered as a racer but does not have a racing record. He has a low prey drive and was turned over to the rescue group at a young age. We adopted him 3 months ago. 2 Weeks ago he bit our dog-sitter, and we have since employed a trainer to help us modify his behavior. Marco has a bit of a bite history. When we adopted him, we were told that he had bitten a young child at
  15. Weve recently adopted blondie and have had her home for two weeks. For the most part she is settling in well, snd loves to go for her walks. But when she meets another dog on the street or dog park, she starts whining if we dont let her approach the other dog. When we do let her get close, she starts to smell the other dog for a while and eventually growls and then barks. If we then take her away from the other dog, she would start to whine, and sometimes starts jumping up and down. We are a bit worried about this behaviour as it seems like she wants to pkay with other dogs by whining, but
  16. My SO and I have had our greyhound for about 3 months. Every Monday-Friday, I take him out at 6:30 AM before I start getting ready for work. He was always totally fine with that, until about a week ago. He started softly growling, got louder, started barking, then snapping. I was always able to get the leash on him before any real snapping began, but today he snarled before I even got near him. I tried to pet him first, to show him it was okay, and he bit my hand. So I just reached in and grabbed his collar and pulled him up, thinking I was showing him who's boss. He showed all his teeth, his
  17. Hello! We have only had our new girl all of one week (we brought her home on May 21st), and I'd like to start off by saying that she's wonderful & I know everything we're seeing is manageable. She is our first grey though, and I wanted to get some feedback from those who have more experience with ex-racers. Our Alice will be 3 on June 7th, so she didn't do too much racing, only 38 races- and she happily gets along well with our 17lb West highland terrier who is 16 years old. I've been taking Alice out for her daily walks with me, and she is very well mannered- heeling beautif
  18. Hi All, Cyrus has been with me for about 5 months and has settled quite well. He's very much the dog I was looking for and I couldn't be more pleased. My problem is however not with him, but with the human I live with. I originally adopted Cyrus with my live in bf, who is now my live in ex-bf... I haven't moved out yet because he pays for some of Cy's care and the rent is cheap. Neither of us owned dogs before him, but I was way more committed to the idea of dog ownership than him (he's a selfish manchild). Needless to say I'm way more in tune with Cy's needs and behavior. About a mo
  19. Our longtime sitter was just attacked by our greyhound over the weekend. We took her to the hospital to get stitches, fortunately the bite missed her eye by a few inches or there would have been more serious damage. We are all shaken up by this and dont know what to do. He was not laying in his bed, but was laying on the carpet, and she was picking up the kids toys/tidying up the house a bit, and he was awake... she picked up a toy near him and he lunged forward and bit her in the face. HE has shown his teeth if you pet him when he is awake on his bed, but I understand that's his space a
  20. We recently adopted a greyhound in June, he was bounced once before. When he first came off the track he was put into a foster home that had other greyhounds and he did well there and had no issues. Then he was adopted for a little over a week, the previous adopter returned him because of separation anxiety. Apparently she would leave for most of the day (8+hours) and keep him in his kennel, he would make a huge mess inside the kennel and she would get angry. I'm not sure what she did for punishment but I do know when we first met him he had cuts on him. He went back to a different fost
  21. Hi everyone After many months of mooning after the idea of having a dog, I finally feel ready and the fiance is open to the idea. But. We have a 1.5 year old son. I decided on a greyhound after a ton of research, and falling in love with their general personalities. Couch potato! Goofy antics! Smiling and rooing! Lazy but loving! I've been lurking on here for a few weeks, and even have an application sent in to an adoption agency. My slight worry is though, I've come across quite a few posts on here about various aggressions. Food, bed space, etc. I plan on keeping the dog and my s
  22. I've had my grey for 2 1/2 years- got him at 2 years old. He's always been calm around other dogs. We have 2 cats and he hardly notices them. We've been going to a large open off leash dog park since we brought him home and he has always gotten along fine with the other dogs. So..(you know what's coming)- all of a sudden within the last few months he has gotten increasingly aggressive with other dogs. The first time I thought it was just because it was a puppy that was getting in his face- he didn't just growl or bark- he pinned the dog down. I got him away and took him home. With increasing
  23. Hello.... My name is Marc and we are on our second Grey. Our first was 14 years ago; we got her when she was 6 when she had been turned back in due to a divorce. She was great, but sadly, we lost her to cancer when she was 10. Now, our 2 kids are older and were great with our other dog (8 year old 30# cattle mix - also a rescue) that we have had for 6 years now. We had always wanted another greyhound, so figured this was a good time with the kids being older and able to help out. We ended up with Bogey, a 3 year old male back in April of last year. He has been great but had a devi
  24. On June 10th, I adopted a sweet female grey named Lois. At first she was fine with everyone in my family which includes my grandparents, parents, and four sisters ages 16,11, and 5. But as time has passed, she has started to snarl and bark every time my smallest sister gets near her. The first few days, I didn't hear a bark or a snarl and now it was three separate times today. I am really confused with what to do because some posters say that being aggressive toward my grey could cause her to be more aggressive toward my sister. I really don't want anything to happen to my sister and it hu
  25. Actually the cats are not the trouble, it's the dogs. I am crying as I post this because it's so hard to see a good outcome. We have two older cats that we've had for a long time. Both hounds that have been placed with us were tested and were rated "cat friendly." We got Zoe two years ago, and she was really "cat correctable" and we worked hard, and eventually we got to the point where she was with the cats (always supervised) and would leave the cats alone. We used baby gates up off the floor as escape routes, and always crated Zoe when we were gone. We got Mika about 18 months ag
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