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  1. Macoduck, thank you. Late, as I have not been here for a bit. Surprise surly knows your respect of adding him to the list. We miss him dearly. Hashtag Pasadena has a new really really big boy as a friend. She has taught him all Surprise had taught her, except how to bury bones. That was special between her and Surprise. Thru "Hashtag Pasadena" and now "Into the Future," "Surprise" continues to live forever in our hearts. Greyhounds have a way of giving us love eternally. Greyhounds Never Forget.
  2. It took me time to post this. Because of his love, we have another new friend for Hashtag Pasadena My Sweet Surprise: The Best of Times He was born in a van on the way home from the vet. His siblings were birthed at the vets. Hence the name” Surprise”. He was raised on the Greyhound farm. He got a number, but did not need to race. We adopted him. His coat was a thick black fur. Four white paws, Tip of his tail was white And one more unmentionable was tipped white His chest was white appearing as to Wear a tuxedo, ready for the ball. He arrived 10/10/10 With his love HeartSweet (Heart Suit) They were like music together Always in harmony. They danced together into the night Until 2014 August late She gained her wings and over the Rainbow she went to Dog Bone Town San Tan Snuggles joined him 9/7/14 Their time was short. On 11/19/2015 She gained her wings and over The rainbow she went to Dog Bone Town. Surprised loved his walks, Scratching like a cat after his duty. He loved rolling in the snow, running in the snow And making snow angels. Surprise loved opening his Christmas Presents and would show others this by Tearing into the paper and shaking His squeaky toys with all his might. Most of all Surprise loved the beach Surprise loved digging deep in the sand and Laying in it. He loved the waves and the warm Salt air. He was my barker, my protector and The loving teacher to all of them. He was again joined by another young Sweet baby. Hashtag Pasadena. Showing her how to continue to dig Big holes into the ground they all had Shared.. She showed him how to bury bones. However way too soon, even at almost eleven, It was time for him to gain his wings and fly Over the rainbow to Dog Bone Town. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BW7gIaRlrSQ (paste into browser to listen.) In honor and Dedicated with love to our Sweet Surprise. Surprise 2/22/2008-10/3/2018 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ This is also dedicated To my friend up North, Mr. Bob who shared with us things concerning Snuggles and Surprise and Pasadena. I could never thank him enough for all he did for our Sweet Surprise and Snuggles and most of all his friendship.
  3. Husband takes 1 100 mg in mid morning for his osteoarthritis and also gets PT. BB in morning and bed time. It works for him.
  4. https://vcahospitals.com/know-your-pet/giardia-in-dogs
  5. You do not want to mess around with bumps and lumps. But the whining and barking all the time is just not right. Something is bothering him and he is trying to tell you the best that he can. What is bothering him may have nothing to do with the lumps and bumps, but may be something internal that you can not see. I would take him to the vet while the reason may be smaller than if you wait and the reason becomes so much bigger and more expensive. Please keep us posted. Best wishes to you both. Praying that it is not serious.
  6. Up date on your grey's lump and limping? hope things are fine now. 12 years old is greyt.
  7. I would make the trip to the neurologist at least once and explain to them before you get there, that they had to do a real good exam in one visit since you live so far away. Ask to talk to the neurologist, not the receptionist in your case. You could also consider some universities nearby if you have some nearby and call them to see if they could help you and your greyhound. There are so many things that can happen. I have had three greyhounds that had seizures for three different reasons. At least if you knew the cause, than the neurologist can work with your nearby vet or even a mobile vet if you have one in your area to help them treat your sweetie a little more precise. Prayers and hoping all goes well..
  8. The sooner you take him to the vet to get the help he needs, the less it will cost you and the more sleep you will get. Waiting is hard enough on humans waiting for a doctor appointment and he is trying to tell you the best he knows how with his whining. . Surly you have your hands full now, but if he gets what he needs now, it will be a lot easier for you when the new baby comes. Wishing the best for both of you. Joining Pet Assure and using one of their vets can save you twenty five percent on their inhouse treatments may be a solution to saving some dollars if you do not have pet insurance. I get some of our pets meds in AZ and they ship over night. I have saved hundreds of dollars that way as well. Costco is also cheaper than the vet and some more popular drug stores. My vet gives me a prescription so I can get their meds elsewhere and save as well. Ask if your vet is savvy about greyhounds. There have been times that I have had to tell a vet about how different greyhounds are in their physical make up and where. Most do not mind, as it helps them treat the greyhound better. Hoping to encourage you to see the vet and to help your family to get some much needed sleep.
  9. I once had VPI and they hardly covered anything. Long story short, Healthy Paws are the group now that seems to have the best reviews. So my younger one started on healthy paws. Not my boy as he had pre-existing conditions by the time I learned of HP.
  10. Thanks Jen for your comment. Both my husband and I feel that she should have at least looked at Surprise before he was shaved and put under. She apparently did not. On top of all of that stuff, I just discovered that they did not give me a copy of the correct x-rays I asked for for Surprise and for Pasadena. I always get copies of their labs and x-rays no matter where we go if they are done. They did not give me the pictures of the current x-rays they were supposed to have taken on 11/4/17 for Surprise and for Pasadena taken on 11/17/17. . So tomorrow I will have to call and get the current x-rays for each of the dogs. This is absolutely nuts. Both CD's I received are copies of x-rays Surprise had back in June 2017 they got from me in the first place. They gave me no xray at all of Pasadena, but labeled the CD as Pasadena but it contained Surprises 6/2017 x-rays.
  11. This will gross you out. Back in the late 80's we had our first girl greyhound. She was a wild girl. Very cat like. Very much a tomboy and independent. She hunted everything. But never left home. She was so awesome. This was before there was the internet in our area.We got her for free. They did not give much information back then. Just a few handwritten note scratches. We were walking along the wooded trail and my husband looked at her butt and something was coming out of it. This is crazy. It was the end of a small hemp rope. No idea where it came from. She was trying to go, so he said he just had to do what he had to do. He pulled it out and it was about six inches long. She made one sound like whooooooo and it was over. No problems ever with her butt. We missed a bullet on that one for sure. But a little chocolate probably did not hurt, not like that rope anyway. Look for strange sounds when it comes out. to follow.
  12. Here in Maryland they are very strict. Even if your dog has cancer, to license, one must do rabies. Even with an exemption from the vet oncologist. Have you checked to see if they could do a titer? Our state is so strict, that when one of my new greys was vaccinated in Arizona, they made her get a new one here, even when it was not her time to get one. Otherwise they would have taken her away. The laws should be revised to allow titers. I do not vaccinate for things that are not in our area. Will do a vaccination for things if going somewhere where they may have contact with dogs we do not know. Otherwise forget it. If they had a previous vaccination for anything else, titers can be done and should be done by an outside lab, so you can tell if it is necessary. Our dogs should stop being experimented on.
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