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Found 12 results

  1. I have read posts about older greys having trouble going up and down stairs. I have the same problem with my 12 year old male. Has anyone found an effective way to help these dogs to negotiate the stairs?
  2. We’ve had our lovely Fred now for nearly 5 months. He’s a rescue ex racer and he’s adjusted super well to his new surroundings. When first being left on his own, we watched him on the camera and he would pace and look for us. We did notice he’d scratched the door a tad but he soon grew out of that. Often we will look on the camera and he’s snoozing away. At the longest, he’s probably left for 4 hours - and that’s when me and my partner are both out at work. I’m a freelancer, so I am lucky to work from home, or only be gone for around 4 hours. During the work day, he is given plenty of walks when one of us is on lunch or a break. So last week, he was left for around 3 hours and he completely chewed our door frame. Obviously we were shocked because he’s been so so good! We thought it may have been a one off, but everyday since he’s chewed something when we’re out. He even manages to open our sliding wardrobe and takes the clothes off the hanger? He will jump up on counters and try to grab anything. He’s a super happy grey, really energetic and loves a cuddle and it’s breaking my heart he’s going through this. He will never do this when we are home. He gets 3/4 walks a day so it shouldn’t be that he needs to burn energy. We’ve tried the radio and a plug in calming defusing for dogs. We also got a last minute behavioural therapist in who has said it’s isolation anxiety and could be a noise outside that’s triggered this. The behavioural therapist has Suggested a kong, a box full of toys and treats which we have done and nothing is working, he does destroy the box, so he must focus spending some time on it. He’s also suggested diet changes, and crating and basically retraining him to be ok on his own again. Ive called the vets and they’ve suggested a different behavioural therapist which I’ve called to arrange a meeting. When I came in this morning our hallway bench was destroyed and it’s so upsetting. Obviously all these things are replaceable but it’s still our home and knowing Fred is unhappy breaks our heart. Has anyone experienced this and how did you over come it? We feel really helpless right now and we feel like we can’t leave him for fear of what he will do. my next steps will be to try a crate, but leave it open for him. The guy from the adoption centre recommended muzzeling him, but I just feel like that would make him go even more crazy! Attached pictures of damage and of our lovely Fred! I’d love some advice. Just to note we live on a ground floor apartment, which we let him have the run of. Any advice would be so much appreciated :)
  3. Yesterday I was sitting down and my dog,daisy, was standing in front of me. I noticed a little worm around her butthole, it looked EXACTLY like a pinworm. But I read that dogs cant get pinworms? Is that true? As I was inspecting it, it fell off but I threw it in the garbage, (didnt even think about taking a picture of it I should have!) and then I saw another little worm actually come out of her butthole. It looked the exact same as the other one, also looking like a pinworm. So if dogs cant get pinworms what could it be? Ive looked at all the different kinds of worms in dogs and none of the ones I came across looked like these. TIA!!
  4. Hello Greytalk! Forgive me, I am new here but I am looking for some real and honest advice from people who genuinely know greyhound behaviour and what better place than greytalk. Heres a little background: My partner and I have had our initial greyhound Achilles (Now four years old) for almost two years now and he has been an absolute dream. We got him pretty much straight from the track and it took very little time to have him settled into retirement. He was a pro couch surfer in no time, took a great liking to leisurely walks on the lead and has grown into the most affectionate and loveable hound. He was already toilet trained and has never once had an accident, sleeps in his own bed at night and we have been able to leave him to his own devices from day dot with NO PROBLEMO. Long story short - he created very unrealistic expectations for our new hound We decided to adopt our new hound Pretzel (2 and a half years old) from the same place we got Achilles, under the illusion that he would transition into retirement with the same ease and grace as Achilles and boy, were we wrong. Now we took Pretzel home yesterday and what a sleepless and exhausting 24 hours it has been. Pretzel sassed right on in to our home and decided to zoom all over the couch, all through the bedrooms, straight to the bathroom for a good slurp from the toilet bowl and found heaven in a bag of unopened dog food (which I must add, did not remain unopened for long). He did some sort of awkward fall/flip down our back stairs and left a trail of diarrhoea, before promptly racing back into the house to tear up poor Mr. Achilles favourite plush toy and retiring for a brief snooze in his bed. He later snaffled an omelette from our housemates plate and ate the egg shells left on the kitchen bench too, before another diarrhoea incident and a sleepless night of pulling everything off every table he could reach up onto. Finally, he mustered up the energy to perform some sort of gymnastics routine off the couch this morning, flipping on, flipping off, flipping on, flipping off (I'd have given a 10/10 if I wasn't so mad from being kept up all night), with his final trick being a big wee all over the living room floor. He has thankfully retired for the morning (on our bed I might add) and I feel like I have been hit by a freight train. I contacted the vet we adopted him from and she suggested we purchased a crate to have Pretzel sleep in during the night and day when we are out. But I wanted to see what everybody's opinion was on this and the best way to tackle helping Pretzel settle into his new home. I thought I was just this incredible greyhound whisperer or something after getting Achilles to settle in so quickly but I've come to realise I'm an absolute noob. For those not bothered to read my novel above, our main concerns are: Settling the sheer hyperactivity in the most positive and beneficial way for Pretzel - He is still really unsure of walking on the lead and pulls incredibly hard on the leash when we do walk, so some tips and advice with this would be amazing! As well as tips on dealing with an incredibly energetic grey. Achilles is 4 going on 30 so this is so new for us. To crate or not to crate - The benefits (or negatives) of this, how long to crate and when to put him in the crate, hit me with as much crate information as possible, I am so incredibly keen to hear your opinions. Diarrhoea - did you come up against this and how did you combat it? (We are currently on day 2 of chicken and rice with no significant changes just yet) Thank you for reading! I would be so grateful for any advice
  5. I fostered Kit, a three-year-old female, when she first came off the track in March of this year. She was quite nervous when she came to me and I learned right away that she had a fear of men. As she calmed down, she took a liking to me. She was a sweet, yet more subtly affectionate dog. She always followed me around and she would sit next to me on the couch with her head laying on me. She discovered her love of plush toys and would play all the time. As I was trying to expose her to as many types of people as I could, I learned that she did like women and children. She was actually wonderful with children. From the day that she met my mom's boyfriend's kids (ages seven and nine), she let them hug her and walk her and she would take naps with them. She was really calm and relaxed around my little cousins, too (ages one, five, and seven). I thought that she'd be a great therapy dog for children. By the end of the month, I had made the decision to adopt her. Later that week, while visiting my mom's house, my mom's cat was sitting in a chair when Kit walked up to her and bit her. The cat wasn't injured but after that, I didn't feel comfortable having Kit around the cats. I'd seen how Kit plays with her plush toys and I couldn't risk the chance of her doing the same to my mom's cat. It was hard but I made the decision that Kit needed to be in a home without cats. In April, Kit left me and went to stay in a different foster home. Later that month, I was really regretting my decision to give her up. I asked for her back but the rescue had already promised her to another home. At the beginning of May, our rescue organization had an event. Kit was still with the other foster family and came to the event. I was able to spent the entire day with her, pretending that she was my dog again. We interacted with many different people and Greyhounds and she was not afraid at all. Sadly, I had to say goodbye to her again. Shortly after, Kit went on a visit to her potential home. I had given up on ever getting her back and it crushed me. In early June, I got a phone call telling me that it did not work out with Kit's potential home. I was shocked. I didn't hesitate to take her back. I knew that there was a huge possibility that she could've developed some more behavioral issues after being bounced around but I was just so happy to have her again. I expected that it would take some time for her to open up to me again but I didn't think that she would be a completely different dog. Here's some of the things that have changed since she's been back: - She seems more afraid of men than ever. Whenever my dad and brother return home, she barks at them while avoiding eye contact and backing away. She hides in her crate whenever they come in the room. Before she had left me, she had made so much progress on her interactions with them and would actually walk up to them to be petted but now it is back to square one. - She's now afraid of almost all strangers, including women and children. There are very few people that I've had her interact with since she's been back that she's actually been okay with. - She is now completely terrified of children, including those who she had previously spent a lot of time with. She'll try to get as far away as possible if she's near any. I took her with me to visit my mom's boyfriend's kids and she refused to be around them. She wouldn't even let them get close to her. While the children played outside, she hid in the backseat of the car for the duration of the visit. - When she came back to me, she was almost completely bald on her neck, stomach, and thighs, along with some other bald spots. She had been completely furry when I first got her. - She used to walk really well and she liked to go on walks. She still gets excited when I grab the leash but once she gets outside, she doesn't like to be out there. She freezes (with no obvious trigger) and refuses to walk. - She could now go for days without touching her toys. - One of the things that upsets me the most is that now many days, she acts like she wants absolutely nothing to do with me. She'll spend most of the day just sitting in her crate, in the far corner of the room (instead of on the couch or her dog bed). If she does happen to sit on the couch and if I go to sit next to her, she gets up and leaves. If I try to interact with her she avoids eye contact, licks her lips, and starts panting. She's been back for over two months and she's only laid her head on me once. - Overall, she is just very anxious and lethargic dog now. I did adopt her and I've been working with a trainer but instead of making progress, it seems that Kit is getting worse. For the first month or so, I was just so blissful from having her back but now I am just so upset because I feel like she is a completely different dog than the one I had missed so much. It makes me so sad because I don't know why she has become like this and I feel that nothing that I am doing is making it any better. I just want her to be comfortable again.
  6. Howdy, I have recently adopted 2 Greyhounds (male and female) and while our Female has settled in nicely, I quite often find our Male Greyhound crying. It's only been 2 days but I guess I am a bit worried as we haven't seen that behavior from our Female. Tell me I am just over exaggerating and that he is just struggling to adjust to his new environment and is missing his Foster family!
  7. You may have seen this list floating around social media. I don't have any experience with any of these, but it's a place to start if you need help. http://www.dogheirs.com/dogheirs/posts/6603-resources-to-turn-to-if-you-are-having-trouble-affording-veterinary-care-for-your-dog#opMK0Fcoilqvh6hG.01 Resources To Turn To If You Are Having Trouble Affording Veterinary Care For Your Dog
  8. Hi All: I recently rescued a very sweet greyhound that is 5 years old from Hemopet in Southern Cal. Everything is going well, he seems to be adapting to his non- track, non-kennel environment until tonight. I have had him for 3 weeks... the only hiccup right now (and I love him dearly) is when we are laying in bed, sometimes he gets startled and growls or snaps at me at night. I read greyhounds don't like to be surprised but it has concerned me for the last week or so. Tonight it escalated big time. He was laying on the bed and I approached him, he was awake, I laid down next to him and I was petting him, in what I felt was an intimate moment. I touched his nose and held it gently, suddenly he lashed out and snapped at me, biting my head and my arm. Bleeding now. It's not too bad, I am fine. But more worried about him and why he reacted this way. Did I trigger something that happened to him on the track? Do all greyhounds have a sensitivity that I might not be aware of? Any guidance welcome. I just want to make his home perfect for him and better understand Pluto's breed. Thank you. Joe bit me:)
  9. On June 10th, I adopted a sweet female grey named Lois. At first she was fine with everyone in my family which includes my grandparents, parents, and four sisters ages 16,11, and 5. But as time has passed, she has started to snarl and bark every time my smallest sister gets near her. The first few days, I didn't hear a bark or a snarl and now it was three separate times today. I am really confused with what to do because some posters say that being aggressive toward my grey could cause her to be more aggressive toward my sister. I really don't want anything to happen to my sister and it hurts her feelings when she is just trying to be sweet and Lois freaks out. Do you think this behavior can be fixed or will it continue? If need be, I have until Tuesday to take her back to the retired racing home that I got her from for my sister's safety. What should I do?
  10. Hello! I am a first-time greyhound owner as of three or so months ago. River, our 2.5 year old retired racer, has had some shyness problems since we got her. For example, for the first few weeks, she froze (would just stand still and not move or respond) multiple times on every walk. This problem had gotten much better until three days ago. We were outside when a bunch of teenagers about 100 ft away were skateboarding. As soon as River heard the skateboards, she did something we never saw her do before - pulled as hard as she could on the leash to go back inside. This lasted all the way through our apartment complex, and she only started to calm down once we were back in our apartment. Later that night, the same thing happened, and since then she hasn't been the same. She used to respond to "come" much more reliably, and for the past two days, has refused to go outside even when she has to go to the bathroom. We either have to pick her up if we are taking her out by ourselves, or if we both take her out, she will go hesitantly. Today (two days since the incident), she has stopped using stairs which she was fine with before, and is now not even interested in her favorite treats (milkbones, greenies, or ice cubes). We aren't sure if it's still trauma from the skateboards, or if she's just feeling under the weather. We don't want to reward her for her renewed interest in freezing on walks (giving a treat when she finally comes), but we don't want to scold her either. Should we pick her up when she stops, or just wait it out? Do you think the trauma will just take time, or is there something else we can do? Thank you! - Crystal & River
  11. Hey All, Just joined GT and I have to say, from what I've read I'm pretty excited! Now to my questions... My fiancé and I recently adopted a new Grey (2/8/13) named Penny. When we met her at the kennel she was full of energy and when outside she played with all of the other Greys. Unfortunately when we got her home, she has seemingly no energy and shows almost no emotion to anything (except maybe fear). We try to get her to play with toys but she just ignores them and mostly ignores us. The only thing she does play with is random items left on the floor and only when we leave the room. She'll pick up a t-shirt, a blanket, of a sock off of the floor and start jumping around and playing with it. But if we walk back in the room she drops it and acts like she was never playing at all. Another worry is the dog park. When we have taken her to the local dog park, she becomes very defensive and antisocial. She often just wanders off on her own to the most remote corners of the park and doesn't show much interest in the other dogs (like she did at the kennel). When another dog does approach her, she freezes and occasionally growls and snips at the dog (with her muzzle on). What's odd though, is that we also have an apartment dog park at our complex and when she is in it with just one other dog, she seems to have a blast. We are wondering if she either scared and doesn't like us, that's just her personality, or maybe she's still settling into her new home. Any advice is welcome. Thanks guys! Drew
  12. Swoop was just diagnosed (exam/symptoms/blood work). I've been reading up on it but was wondering if anyone out there who has delt with it has any advice or info you wanted to share. Thanks in advance
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