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Found 8 results

  1. Hello everyone! I'll be rehoming a greyhound in a few weeks time but am so confused regarding what to feed him for breakfast and dinner. My greyhound, Benny, is 3 years old and around 33kg. A few adoption sites in Australia, I'm from there, recommend mixing wet meat with kibble. So, the diet would look something like this- Breakfast: 250g chicken neck/ chicken frame/ chicken wing Dinner: 1.5 cup kibble + 250g mince beef. I'm unsure of whether it'll be okay to mix wet meat with kibble from some sources though. My friend recommended me the PMR raw diet and has calculat
  2. Senior dogs are the sweetest! Our senior greyhound Misty is 14 years old now. She has been through discospondylitis, kidney and urinary tract infections, anaplasmosis, and now arthritis. We have been very lucky with her health after adopting her as a two year old, but after a while, old age catches up. Right now she is experiencing another health crisis and we're not sure she will pull through considering her age. I want to share some things that we believe have helped give her a long, happy life and things we are doing now to keep her comfortable. Good quality food is a must. I've always
  3. Quick Context: Sammy is a (nearly) 11-year-old tripod who adopted us about 2 months ago. He has adjusted wonderfully to our household and has had zero issues EXCEPT FOR his problems with food. He is an old man whose mobility is fairly limited at this point and who no longer goes on walks. His "big excursions" are exploring our property during potty time. He is always supervised during this time because of his mobility issues- thus he doesn't eat mysterious/unknown things. Past Food History: 1) Sammy raced until he was five and then was adopted by an elderly couple who pretty much fed hi
  4. What do you add to your grey's food to make it more yummy? I put a whole chicken in a slow cooker with nothing else and cook it until it's falling off the bones. The best bits of meat I eat, the rest gets frozen and added to Grace's kibble in small amounts. The juices from the cooked chicken I let cool, skim off the fat and freeze the rest in ice cube trays. I can then melt one and add add it to her food. This makes Grace's food however bland into a delicacy which she really enjoys to the extent that she tries to lick the pattern off her stainless steal bowl.
  5. Looking for opinions from this greyt group! I've been lurking for a while but could now use some insight, or to be told that I'm overthinking it! We've had our new grey (Bismarck) for about a month now and have been debating changing his food, for a couple of reasons: 1) He is on Purina One SmartBlend Chicken & Rice - I know, I know, full of all the "crap" they say not to feed your dog (corn/soy/wheat). But it's what he was on at the kennel and when he came home he refused to eat anything else. We try not to give in completely to the hype about the need for super fancy dog food, bu
  6. We all know that Greyhound farts will peel the paint off the wall. Lola was eating Wellness CORE, no gas, but it gave her pudding poo. I switched her to Merrick and poops are great but gas is horrid. She does get a probiotic once a day with her dinner and the vet suggested Beano. Yogurt doesn't help. Can anyone suggest a kibble or supplement that helped their hound with the toxic fumes?
  7. Hi all, I feed the pup (raced at 71 lbs and now hovers around 72-74lbs) 3 times daily, 1 cup per feeding + a Kong once daily packed with 1/3 cup kibble and a bed time snack of 1/3 cup kibble. Stanley approaches every meal as his last and his internal clock is spot on for every meal. I take him out at 11pm and administer the bed time snack right after.....he is up at 5am crying to be fed. Sometimes earlier. Here is my dillema.... I don't want to feed him too much but I'm wondering if the only way to get him to sleep later than 5am and to have his finger generally satiated is
  8. Hello, Maybe this one should be in the food forum, but I kinda suspect it's more of a behavioural issue.. I've had my grey Ghillie almost a year (and have had lots of help from this forum along the way!) and I feel like he's almost totally settled in now. One issue that has got a lot worse recently is his food obsession. When I got him, he was a little underweight and VERY food driven. After a few weeks he started to respect boundries a little more and learnt he can't snatch etc (still a thief if food was left within his reach, but I grew up with other counter-surfers so that's no
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