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  1. The culture was sent out, possibly to IDEXX. My vet absolutely does not believe in using antibiotics willy nilly but he had a strong suspicion about was going on which is why he started her on the amoxicillin as soon as he had the sample and the Baytril on the basis of the results.
  2. The original vet I saw felt a culture or antibiotics were not required and just had her on metronidazole, once my vet came back he did a culture and started her on amoxicillin pending results and then added in Baytril once he had the results
  3. Did your vet suggest Baytril and amoxicillin. It took 10 days of Baytril along with about 6 weeks of amoxicillin and Tylan to get my old girl's bacterial overgrowth under control. We also used RxClay to help with the loose stool sand malabsorption
  4. As Batmom says, it is the other ingredients which may be implicated, they are added to boost the protein levels, especially in exotic food, keeping the cost down but the appearance of protein high. Grains do not contain significant amounts of taurine, meat is one of the best sources of taurine, but if it's digestion is being impeded............
  5. Stunning pair, and oh so lucky, kudos to you.
  6. Thank you for the reminder. Dogs will be duly spoiled in honour of Rocket
  7. The hurt and the guilt will haunt you forever. You were not to know. For what it's worth, your courage in sharing may have saved many a dog's life. Hugs
  8. Great start line "waits". Nice job all round
  9. Probably not far enough north for your first night, but we stayed at the Red Roof Inn Santee, Old Number Six Highway, Santee, SC,on our way home from Florida. Clean room, great rate and nice clean grass for exing our dogs.
  10. Perhaps if you explained to your neighbour that you really must take Henry to the vet as there may be underlying damage but in doing so you would have to report Kevin to Animal Control. Ask to see Kevin's rabies certificate and state that you will do your best to not have him reported but they really must change the latches and make sure they know what could happen to Kevin. They sound naive but nice and I can understand your feeling caught.
  11. Barn hunt is not nosework, it is an instinct test. Although some people train their dogs to do it the same as nosework which rather the defeats the purpose. It is a safe way for the dogs to express their varmint hunting instinct, safe for the dogs and the rats. I think you have to know rats to appreciate them, they are smart and quickly work out the game. Many a rat destined for "termination" at the end of the school year has had the opportunity for a second career in our home and gone on to die of natural causes.
  12. Totally agree on the rats being well cared for and not stressed. As long as you go to events sanctioned by the Barn Hunt Association you can count on high standards. I have owned one rats for 30 years and they always seem to enjoy the break in routine to participate in barn hunt or earthdog.
  13. She should not need to be put under for either an x-ray or US but still, no food for 12 hours OOPS, guess I replied at the same time as Batmom
  14. Feeding her raw or home cooked will help keep her hydrated and reduce her thirst.
  15. Check for any Chinese herbalists or pharmacies in an area with an Asian population, they may well carry yunnan baiyao
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