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  1. Thank you for the pix. I do not post a great deal, but I do read. I am so glad that Gizmo is with you. He and his sister must be a package. Val
  2. My boy Nodens is on some rather weird meds that gave him constant diarrhea. He now eats the Turkey and potato, grain free. Well formed poops. I read about the food here on Greytalk. Val
  3. I forgot that you are the same litter as Gizmo. Happy Birthday! Val
  4. Love the Pix! Looks like Bandita does not know what to do with the pink thing in her mouth. Val
  5. I rotate the toys. I remove some old ones and then Give him a "new one" that has been put away. To him it is a new toy and he plays with it. But then my boy has 20 or 25 toys. Val
  6. Words fail me. I am so sorry for your loss. Val
  7. That is a greyt pix of her. TX for posting it again. Val
  8. Please add my Heart dog: Silver Tyrant. He crossed to the bridge 3/4/15. Val
  9. Susan, words fail me. I always enjoyed your pictures and Georges' comments. Val
  10. That happened to by boy Silver too when we first got him 7 years ago. Simple fix, bath mat on the floor of his crate. This way they have to step into the crate, not run and slide. No problems for 7 years. Val ps welcome to the world og Greys.
  11. OMG the Ebil one still likes (bothers) George! Val
  12. Words fail me. I am sorry for your loss. Val
  13. Silver used to take DH's hair brush and put it in his bed(the Dog's). It got so that DH would brush his hair and put the brush back on the dog bed. He stopped taking things about 3 or 4 months after we got him. Val
  14. Typical grey owner addiction. I have had my boy for 7 years and I have bought him 3 or 4 collars a year. Welcome to the club. Val
  15. Both dog in the Kennel or right off the track require work. These dogs do not know "home". They do not have any idea about house breaking or how to be a "pet". A dog that has been in foster care does know how to act in a house, but they will still test you. They may know not to counter surf, but they will try any way. They may be house broken, but you may not read their "I gotta go out signal". Go visit with the dogs. One may pick you. Enjoy your Grey. Val
  16. I use them for Silver's treats. I get Sam's Yams big boy chews and Mother Hubbard large dog biscuits. They are the best price around. And I get the stuff in 2 or 3 days. Val
  17. Why am I thinking of the "Cadbury" egg commercial?
  18. OH No, She just had a birthday not that long ago. Marc words fail me. Val
  19. I am deciding which shirt or bag I want. The painting is so cool!!!! Val
  20. Thank you for the video. Made me smile. Had to watch it more than once! Val
  21. My boy wears one of the Bolo tag collars from Long Dog Leather. They are about $10.00 each. Val
  22. OMG it is like you are preparing for a battle. May the powers that be keep you and your houndies safe. Val
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