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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all! I'm new here 😁 We have just adopted a houndie by the name of Annie. She's 2.5 and a big puppy. She's also really clever and with a huge personality, we really love her! But she has this weird thing she does during play in the backyard only. She'll chase her rubber pig around and do some mad zoomies, then flop on her side and hyper-roach. She'll flip on her back and really twist and turn as if she's trying to get up but can't. We've seen her recover from it and get up, and tail's wagging but it's like she goes into overdrive, flips herself over and then gets stuck and panicked about it. She only does this in the backyard after big zoomies with her pig, never any other times, although it does sometimes take her a bit to get out of bed in the morning. When she's stuck out in the yard, she's also a bit more mouthy than other times...doesn't growl/snap/bite down but she's definitely grabbing things in her mouth. Is this just play? Compulsive behaviours? Remnants of race training? Something way more serious? Our previous greyhound never did this (but also didn't have Annie's endless energy levels). Thanks in advance for your input!
  2. Hi All: You've been so helpful with insight into our new grey's freezing issues. We're at the three month mark now and while it's still an issue, I do believe we are finding solutions and it is gradually beginning to improve (fingers crossed). I've noticed that over the past months, she's showing less and less interest in toys and she also seems less playful generally while in the house. It is of course February, and it's constantly grey and cold, so that may be playing a role. But I'm wondering if this is just normal settling in behavior or if it could suggest boredom or even depression? We have to keep her walks on the short end and nearby because of the freezing, but we take her to all day doggie day care two days a week (which she seems to love) and try to let her run once a week (though that's weather dependent). Is she just getting more comfortable? Adjusting to being a single dog? Or could it be signaling that she is less than happy in her new environment? She is 6.5 years old, so not a puppy. But she had a reputation for being playful with her foster, and that just seems to be less and less the case. Thanks so much for fielding all our questions as newbies - there' so much to learn!
  3. I'm sure they do! But what toys or play things would you recommend having available for a newly adopted greyhound/galgo? Chewy things, stuffed things, food games, balls, ropes? How do they generally like to play? Anything to avoid?
  4. Hello-- I hope someone could help with our issue: My husband and I got a greyhound 2 months ago. He is a very tall boy, has a super high-prey drive, loves people (no cats, no small dogs -- really no dogs in general (he lunges at them after growling). He is not allowed on furniture. He gets 1.5 hours of exercise (leashed walks) a day. He has seemed to "claim" me; He doesn't even like it when I close the door when using the restroom. He whines for pets often. He used to growl when we pet him and this has drastically shifted the last 3 weeks. He wants to be the BOSS -- very vocally demanding, always herding us, always stopping abruptly during walks and fighting us when we pull him. Now... to my issue... My husband and I are newlyweds and very playfully physical with each other: we tickle, wrestle, he likes to pick me up... yadda yadda.. also, we have our more "intimate moments". Whenever we are playful with each other, Brock (our greyhound), will immediately begin rooing VERY loudly--it's really more of a yell than a roo-- even if he is in the other room. Rooing with a wagging tail, Brock will run to wherever we are, yell right in my face then start biting my arm, hand, head, wherever. I know about nitting, and sometimes he does that to me when I get his leash out, and this is not it. He BITES me and shakes me. It hurts and leaves marks and bruises. I've tried to "yelp" in a high pitched voice, and this doesn't deter him. We have to push him off and yell and even grab his muzzle because he will still be trying to get at me. It's like he is treating my arm as he would a toy when he bites it and throws it around. I'm 100lb and he is 80lb. My arm honestly hurts typing this. He doesn't do this to my husband. He likes my husband but he clearly likes me more which is strange that he hurts me. What is the deal with this? We are TERRIFIED to introduce him to our 2 year old nephew -- he gets overly excited around small children and jumps at them.
  5. Hello. I'm new to this forum. I just adopted a small (~50 lb) red fawn greyhound, Freya, about four days ago. She's my first grey. So far the home introduction has been good, and she's remarkably well-behaved. One behavior quite puzzles me though, and I'm wondering if anyone has suggestions/has seen this before. Un-surprisingly, Freya gets up in the middle of the night to ask to go out (whimpers and pacing). I oblige her, and then she settles down. I assume eventually she'll be able to make it through the night. However, the last two nights she hops up at 4 am, wanders through the room once, and then begins to play bow and bark! It seems she wants me and my small dog, an Alaskan Klee Kai, to pop out of bed and play. When she does this, I immediately hop out of bed, tell her a firm "no", and lead her back to her bed and wait for her to lie down, then praise her. Sometimes she'll pop up a few times before settling. Any suggestions on why she might be doing this? Am I handling this in a greyhound-worthy way? My working theory is that she just gets bored sleeping through the night. We've had temps in the negatives for several days, so she may just be stir crazy since we've had to limit outside activity.... We're starting to get daily walks in, so maybe that will help?
  6. Hello community! I adopted my sweet Sprocket about 3 months ago. Within about a week he had discovered squeaky toys. This thrilled me to no end, seeing him play and have fun. Mostly because he has some pretty intense anxiety issues that I was informed of prior to adopting him. During the time we've been together, he has made great strides in overcoming his anxiety. So in an attempt to further strengthen our relationship, and at the advice of my friend (who happens to be Sprocket's vet, and an experienced greyhound owner), I've enrolled him in obedience classes. He is doing well, though I know he likely won't ever sit, not that it matters to me either way. But I'm worried that, possibly, the stress of the class (1 hr, 1 day/week for 5 weeks) may have made him reluctant to play with his toys. I don't recall an exact correlation between the start of class and the stoppage of play, but he no longer plays with his toys, or me, like he did in the beginning. Is this just a phase, or what? I just want my boy to be happy. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi all! I've got a 5 year old male greyhound who I adopted 2 years ago yesterday. He's a pretty great boy, very quiet and sweet, loves other dogs and people, a bit clumsy, the usual. One thing I would like to work on with him is getting him to play with toys again. When I first brought him home, we had some toys for him and he would play with them a little and seemed to have a grand old time with them when he did, but then he got into my yarn (I'm a crocheter). He came running into the room with a big yarn ball in his mouth looking like it was the greatest day of his life, and I instinctively yelled NO! and took it from him. I don't think I've seen him pick up a single toy since. He'll chew rawhides and bully sticks, but no toys. Not plush or rubber or rope. I was hoping eventually the aversion would fade, but after almost 2 years, it looks like it's stuck. I feel like toys are a great way for him to amuse himself, play with me and others, burn energy, and otherwise increase his quality of life, but whenever I've tried to get him excited about toys, he gets shy and avoids. Has anybody else had this problem? Any advice to overcome it? Thanks a lot! Jackie
  8. Hi all, Since we got Sparky he's had his "crazy time" with me and my husband, running around the lounge with wild eyes, adopting a strange hunch-backed shape, and going beserk for about 5 mins. Of late, he has started doing the spinny type things I saw on a youtube video (what greyhounds do in bed?) when either tapped on the butt, or stomp foot or "go!" I love this, and kinda figured it was part of his relaxing more (we have had him about 9 months now). Today we came inside from potty break, and he assumed the posture and did some spins with me. When I tapped his butt for another however he bared his teeth and gave several deep bark/growls and air snappy towards my hand. Scared the hell out of me, I yelled "no! agggghhhhh!" and walked outside to take a few deep breaths. I am now a bit scared that it'll happen again, but also wonder if this was just part of the game and I didn't understand the dogginess of it, or whether it was genuine aggression. I don't think he got "too wound up" because he'd only done a few spins, so we hadn't been playing for long. Can someone clue me in? How do I move forward from this? Am I over-reacting, or is this a real worry? FYI, Sparky is normally a sweet, sooky goofball who just looooooves pats and attention of any kind.
  9. Our borzoi puppy has been taking up most of our time and energy, but our two greyboys are not forgotten! Here are some SUPER cute pictures of the boys having a greyt time at a local ball-diamond where we take everybody for zoomies. Rooing for joy! All bright eyes and bushy tails <3
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