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    Anything greyhound related, of course! If I were independently wealthy, I'd start a sanctuary and fly in all the galgos slated for Scooby-Medina. I love all animals, but have been a crazy cat person most of my life. I suppose I will always have a kitty attached at the hip. Anything artsy crafty, I love too. My focus has been on polymer clay for the past 20+ years. I love making jewelry and mosaics and selling them on etsy. And let's not forget creative writing; but that's simmering WAY back on the burner for the time being. Last, and most definitely the least, I bowl 5-pin. What a sad state of affairs THAT has been. This is my 4th season, and my handicap has been steadily creeping UP. A real "sucker for punishment", so I'm told, a lot!

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  1. I'm so sorry you're going through this; my heart breaks for you. When we adopted our greyhound, she was the first dog that both my husband and I had ever had. We were looking forward to being active greyhound community members; taking her to M&G’s, grey sitting for friends, and fostering for our group. But we can do none of those things now, because our girl has bitten other greyhounds in each of these situations. As a result, our girl is an ‘only’ dog. Our cat is pretty savvy, and gives Bonnie her space. But when at an event with other dogs, we keep our girl muzzled. However, muzzl
  2. Awww. Thanks for posting the pics; Charlie sure is one handsome guy!
  3. :pepper :pepperWhat GREYT news! So happy for you and Charlie! :pepper For the peppers, click on the smiley face, and the emoticons will scroll down at the bottom of your reply. Then click on the right hand arrow to scroll through the different choices and pick your peck of peppers.
  4. What a happy ending! Would love to see a pic of the patient, when he's feeling up to it?
  5. Hooray! Such GREYT news, and am thrilled to know that Charlie's going to be okay! Happy days are here again. Cheers!
  6. Don't forget your "pocket pack"! We're all pulling for you and Charlie.
  7. We'll all be thinking and praying for you and Charlie. He'll come through it with flying colours, and your boy will be right as rain! Btw, to any techies out there ~~ why is it, that the cursor jumps back to the beginning of a sentence, when you're looking for the right emoticon to insert in a sentence??? Drives me
  8. I'd say that Charlie is in very capable hands indeed, after reading that. We'll all be sending good thoughts for both you and Charlie!
  9. Maybe the vet could give Charlie a sedative, just for the car ride?
  10. You're not crazy; every pet owner should feel as you do. We're all sending prayers and positive thoughts; and will continue right on through Charlie's recovery. I heard this little phrase on GT. It really helped and meant a lot when I posted about something worrisome, and someone said it to me. So "put us in your pocket", and when you can use a little support, think of us all in there with you.
  11. Will continue to send prayers and good thoughts that Charlie will soon be back to his old self again. Hugs, xo
  12. Many thanks for posting about your experience silverfish. I was hoping to hear negative as well as positive outcomes from the surgery. I'm sorry your pup has had a difficult time of adjusting without his toe, but it sounds as though you had no choice but to have the amputation done.
  13. It's the 'characters' that really get under our skin and become our very best of friends. I am so very sorry for your loss.
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