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  1. Corey said they look like hot spots to her. We've got a vet visit scheduled to figure it out, I will let you know when we find out.
  2. Thanks Mary, I knew you would have some advice. I will update with the vet results. I'm inclined to think you and Batmom are right. They are definitely not on pressure areas... they seem to occur spontaneously, mostly along his spine and he doesn't roach. Thanks again for your advice. I knew after your years of Greyhounding you would have an idea. Sorry to make you venture out of 'off topic' and peafowl discussions.
  3. The pus amounts are very minimal. If we mess with the scab while in the raised crusty stage, there is some sticky seepage into the fur and on our hands that seems like pus to me. It doesn't weep on it's own if we don't touch it. What did you do with James' infections? How did the vet diagnose, and was there an underlying reason for why they would reoccur? Thanks in advance.
  4. That is interesting and something I hadn't considered. We fed him his 'foster food' when he was our foster, and he did well on it. We then switched him to the same food as our other dog and the stools got more 'voluminous', so we've switched him back to his foster food. They are both chicken based foods though, so perhaps we will try him on a different protein and see if that resolves the issue. Thanks for the recommendation! Good thoughts.
  5. After doing some research, I wonder if it may be a staph infection? It certainly doesn't look like many of the photos I've seen online, but who knows. Either way, I guess Bubba should head to the vet, but I wanted to get some opinions here first. When Bubba first came to us in late October, he had a couple of raised, crusty (non circular) scabs on his back. I assumed he just got nicked during his transport with other dogs. Indeed they healed, the scabs fell off with some fur, the fur grew back and he was scab free for a fewweeks. Since then, he seems to develop them randomly on differe
  6. Wow, I just had a few GREAT laughs. Thanks!!!
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