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  1. With 4 dogs, none are crated. They have full run of the house all day and never a problem. Maybe I got lucky. 3 won't even get on furniture. Only crates I needed were for a few fosters
  2. I picked up the sweetest little girl from Craig's List. She is mine now! Fly Hilary Duff
  3. Thanks , He has made a wonderful pet
  4. but the track is counter clock wise
  5. I think the tracks are all right turns!
  6. Going! Will be a bunch coming up from Tampa!
  7. So far 60 fosters and not a bath. I do think they got a bath at the farm or track kennel before sending them off. I needed to bathe my own grey when a foster misdirected aggression from barking dogs behind our fence ripped a hole in our 12 yo grey. He can back from ER on a Sunday with caked blood under his belly and crotch. Do not leave your grey at a groomer ( Petco) and go pay the cashier. I looked through the window and 3 groomers had manhandled my dog making him stand on a table 4feet off the ground while attempting to grind down his nails.
  8. only camping I would consider will be in a motor home. Pay attention to door safety,as usual.
  9. After having my Spook boy for a year of everything tramatic, I changed out the Almond Refrig to a black model ( ha d to match dishwasher). Stormy would not go into the kitchen for days. Years later I just had to have a French door Stainless Steel. Poor old guy just did not care anymore. Had to let him go 1 week before his 13 BD. I still laugh when I polish the fridge.
  10. You hang around a car in parking lot that has greyhound stickers.
  11. A baby gate at the top of the stairs will prevent falls during the night. Hope the stairs have carpet. Agree with sleeping in the room wherever that ends up. My first 2 needed muzzles in the beginning, misplaced aggression happened when approaching new dogs. Good luck Visit a Meet & Greet for lots of info,greyhound folks are never at a loss for words. Welcome to the cult
  12. Happy Dance. After 8 months of positive hookworms we have 2 months clear. Soooooooooooo after fostering him for 1 year to the day, I signed the papers! How could I not. I know his quirks, he fits with my other 3 dogs and he is beautiful.
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