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  1. Just picked up my 7yo fawn at vet in Clearwater Dental with no extractions 590. Cutting out 2 dime size lipomas/adenomas with medication 555. Includes send off for lab check.
  2. I have been using Advantage Multi for over a year. I switched to Frontline Plus after a month of flea infestation. Now need to add Heartguard.  Sprayed the yard, sprayed and steam cleaned area rugs. Nothing is working this Spring. I spray the dogs with Adams on walks and nothing is working. I fear overmedicating them.


  3. I have found having a group member leave a confident hound for a sleep over. Could be a weekender. Or just tough it out. I have done many with Time and a bottle!
  4. With 4 dogs, none are crated. They have full run of the house all day and never a problem. Maybe I got lucky. 3 won't even get on furniture. Only crates I needed were for a few fosters
  5. I picked up the sweetest little girl from Craig's List. She is mine now! Fly Hilary Duff
  6. I think the tracks are all right turns!
  7. Going! Will be a bunch coming up from Tampa!
  8. So far 60 fosters and not a bath. I do think they got a bath at the farm or track kennel before sending them off. I needed to bathe my own grey when a foster misdirected aggression from barking dogs behind our fence ripped a hole in our 12 yo grey. He can back from ER on a Sunday with caked blood under his belly and crotch. Do not leave your grey at a groomer ( Petco) and go pay the cashier. I looked through the window and 3 groomers had manhandled my dog making him stand on a table 4feet off the ground while attempting to grind down his nails.
  9. only camping I would consider will be in a motor home. Pay attention to door safety,as usual.
  10. After having my Spook boy for a year of everything tramatic, I changed out the Almond Refrig to a black model ( ha d to match dishwasher). Stormy would not go into the kitchen for days. Years later I just had to have a French door Stainless Steel. Poor old guy just did not care anymore. Had to let him go 1 week before his 13 BD. I still laugh when I polish the fridge.
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